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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Ending privileges for illegal aliens

Fun time is over for illegal aliens in custody.

The Washington Post reported, "The Trump administration is canceling English classes, recreational programs, and legal aid for unaccompanied minors staying in federal migrant shelters nationwide."

This nonsense began when Carlos Holguín, a lawyer who represents illegal aliens (more on that later), sued the Clinton administration. It was a sue-and-settle suit in which Democrats gave liberals what they wanted, which a judge approved.

Holguín is upset.

The Post reported, "The move — revealed in an email an HHS official sent to licensed shelters last week, a message that has been obtained by The Washington Post — could run afoul of a federal court settlement and state licensing requirements that mandate education and recreation for minors in federal custody. Carlos Holguín, a lawyer who represents minors in a long-running lawsuit that spurred a 1997 federal court settlement that sets basic standards of care for children in custody, immediately slammed the cuts as illegal.

"'We’ll see them in court if they go through with it,' Holguín said. 'What’s next? Drinking water? Food? . . . Where are they going to stop?'

We are overwhelmed by this invasion. The story said, "More than 40,800 unaccompanied children have been placed into HHS custody after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border this year, a 57 percent increase from last year."

Holguín is an interesting case.

The ABA Journal (American Bar Association) called him "the father of the landmark lawsuit that secured basic rights for immigrant minors."

It reported, "At first, Carlos Holguín was skeptical. A well-known actor in Hollywood called seeking help for his housekeeper's daughter after immigration authorities arrested and detained the girl for being in the country illegally.

"That wasn’t unusual. Holguín represented such people often as an attorney at the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, a public interest firm in Los Angeles. And it was 1984, a time when migrants from El Salvador, like this 15-year-old girl, were coming to the U.S. in droves to escape their country’s brutal civil war."

Or another way of putting it is a millionaire got him to help out the illegal alien he was exploiting by hiring her as a maid, paying her less than a legal maid would cost.

Holguín never reported this crime, and the nation's lawyers are OK with this.

But President Donald John Trump is the one who thinks he is above the rule of law.

I expect an Obama judge will enjoin the government, and an appellate court will overrule. That has been the pattern so far.


  1. This invasion won't end until the welfare state is ended either by vote or bankruptcy.

    I did like Trump's idea of moving them to the richest zip codes on both coasts. Let them bear the costs directly upfront and personal so to speak.

  2. Destruction of America through massive peasant immigration has been a de facto policy of our federal government for decades.

    A trucker I met told of going through a Mexican border crossing 20 years or so ago. While he waited to legally cross, he saw people and even a motorcycle going through a hole in the fence right behind the Border Patrol building.

    A friend of mine grew up in a small mining town next to the Mexico/Arizona border. As a kid, Jack and his friends used to ride trail bikes down into the Mexican desert. The desert was a formidable barrier for illegals. The last time Jack went down there, our governent had developed drinking stations to make the invasion easier, and it is now a very dangerous place.

  3. English classes, recreational programs, and legal aid

    What, no trips to the zoo?

    The Lefties bitch about the debt - first time they ever roused themselves to even feign care - and here is the stuff that costs so much of it.

  4. Illegal aliens should have no "rights" at all. They should not be in the U.S. Deport them all as quickly as they can be located. No hearing, no appeals, no legal representation. Only enough food and water to sustain them until they are gone. (Do we still have surplus C Rations on hand?) Then we may have a dialogue about our immigration system. The problem needs to be solved first, then discuss any possible changes. - Elric

  5. Does the federal government provide free foreign language courses to American citizens, free recreational courses after work. free legal representation?

    Seems like illegals get everything and Americans get to pay for it.

    Burn it all down and start anew. And hang all the lawyers and politicians.

  6. When your state is giving as much of 60% of food stamps to illegals, you realize things are completely broken.