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Monday, June 03, 2019

Democrats stuck with Russiagate

The only collusion in the 2016 election was between Donald John Trump and voters in 30 states.

But Democrats manufactured the Russian Collusion excuse after he beat them, their crone candidate, their billionaire donors, and their sycophants in the media.

For two years, Democrats promised the Mueller Report would bring him down.

But it didn't. Mueller could not find a smidgen of collusion.

This presents a problem for next year because Democrats promised their base they would impeach the Orange Man. They didn't. In the eyes of their base, they are failures and cowards.

To the rest of us, Democrats are fools who fell a hoax.

Stephen F. Cohen, a professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton, is among the Democrats who understand the damage this false accusation did to the party.

In a commentary at The Nation, Cohen said we must kill the beast.

He wrote, "One way to end Russiagate might be to discover how it actually began. Considering what we have learned, or been told, since the allegations became public nearly three years ago, in mid-2016, there seem to be at least three hypothetical possibilities."

The first scenario -- let us call it Mama Bear -- is that this was legitimate.

But Cohen says that explanation is too soft.

He wrote, "Many foreigners seek contacts with US presidential campaigns and have done so for decades. In this case, we do not know, for the sake of comparison, how many such foreigners had or sought contacts with the rival Clinton campaign, directly or through the Clinton Foundation, in 2016. (Certainly, there were quite a few contacts with anti-Trump Ukrainians, for example.) If the number was roughly comparable, why didn’t US intelligence initiate a counterintelligence investigation of the Clinton campaign?"

The second scenario is Papa Bear.

Cohen said that explanation is too hard.

He wrote, "The second explanation — currently, and oddly, favored by non-comprehending pro-Trump commentators at Fox News and elsewhere — is that Putin’s Kremlin pumped anti-Trump disinformation into the American media, primarily through what became known as the Steele Dossier.

"As I pointed out nearly a year and a half ago, this makes no sense factually or logically. Nothing in the dossier suggests that any of its contents necessarily came from high-level Kremlin sources, as Steele claimed. Moreover, if Kremlin leader Putin so favored Trump, as a Russiagate premise insists, is it really plausible that underlings in the Kremlin would have risked Putin’s ire by furnishing Steele with anti-Trump information?"

Which leads of course to Baby Bear.

Cohen wrote, "The third possible explanation — one I have termed Intelgate, and that I explore in my recent book War With Russia?: From Putin an Ukraine to Trump and Russiagate — is that US intelligence agencies undertook an operation to damage, if not destroy, first the candidacy and then the presidency of Donald Trump. More evidence of Intelgate has since appeared."

Bingo. That's just right.

Someone's been sleeping in our NSA, and there he is!

Professor Cohen said he supports Bill Barr's decision to investigate the FBI people who did this. Cohen would extend this to the media.

Cohen wrote, "We are left, then, with this paradox, formulated in a tweet on May 24 by the British journalist John O’Sullivan: 'Spygate is the first American scandal in which the government wants the facts published transparently but the media want to cover them up.'"

The first that we know of.

John Hinderaker at Powerline wrote, "That tells you all you need to know about the state of American 'journalism' in 2019."

As much as I would love to see a Carl Bernstein and Jake Tapper pay for their part in this attempted coup, Barr should understand that prosecuting the media is a non-starter. The public would rebel. We have been indoctrinated in this media spin about its importance in holding government accountable, but no one holds the press accountable.

A Politico reporter slept with a Senate Intelligence security staffer for stories. The staffer went to prison. The reporter went on to the New York Times.

Democrats made a strategic mistake in not simply accepting their defeat, regrouping and moving on. A peaceful transition of power serves the losing party as well as the winner. After refusing to accept the results of the 1860 election, Democrats were out of power for 24 years.

But Obama wanted to cover his tracks on spying on President Trump. Obama also wanted to make life miserable for President Trump. And Obama wanted to impeach him.

You could not draft a worse plan.

Remember the Obama version of the Midas Touch?

Well, he touched himself, didn't he?

Meanwhile, Donald John Trump is still your president -- and some of Obama's henchmen are going to jail.

These are the best eight years of our lives.


  1. Read the report. Collusion is documented. No evidence of criminal conspiracy. Plenty of evident of obstruction of Justice.

    Barr's summary was simply to mislead simpleminded Trump supporters who won't read the report.

    1. Set down those goal posts and give it a rest. Mueller failed to manufacture a crime.

    2. What exactly was obstructed? As the Attorney General has pointed out, the obstruction theory was one cooked up by a lawyer at the Special Counsel's office, one which was not consistent with DOJ understanding of obstruction law and thus, not a crime. As much as you may hate this, the Special Counsel remains an officer of the United States inferior to the Attorney General and part of DOJ. If that phony can say that he did not indict because DOJ policy was that the sitting President cannot be indicted, he must acknowledge that he is bound by the DOJ construction of the obstruction statute.

      What confirms that he was a phony is that the DOJ rule does not preclude an investigation and collection of evidence of a crime; that, of course, must be done. Assuming the president is reelected, the case which could only be brought after he leaves office gets no better with delay.

      Setting aside Mueller's claim that no decision was made because the president could not be charged, his failure to gather and preserve relevant evidence for a prosecution after the president were to leave office makes it clear as day that this obstruction nonsense was never about prosecuting an obstruction crime but only about finding material that Dems could use in impeachment proceedings.

      There is a view that the Congress is entitled to none of the material uncovered by the executive and must do its own investigation. I believe that is the correct constitutional view.

    3. Documented collusion exists, between Hilary campaign, the Russians, the brits the Ausies and others, but no prosecutions, prolly because no intent. Not really an investigation, more of a matter, wink, wink.
      Obama admin certainly obstructed justice. We all know. The media helped every step of the way.
      Who's the simple minded? Those who can be swayed to believe bous can be girls, in a whim, some slick surgery and medications for life?

    4. Read the report. The obstruction of justice is all in Vol II. Don't be a Fox News lemming. Barr is a liar.

    5. Careful, Anonymous, Bill Barr might start investigating YOU.

    6. It isn't obstruction of justice when the President executes his constitutional powers. Comey was a lying dirtbag and Trump fired him, as was his prerogative as President.

      It isn't obstruction of justice when a President uses the same freedom of speech the Constitution grants the President as well as the citizens to complain about false accusations. We know they were false today; Trump knew they were false when he complained about them.

      What else you got?

    7. Bless your heart. Anyone who hurls "LIAR!" and thinks they've scored an incisive debating point ought to ask that their tuition money be returned. You wuz cheated.

  2. "But it didn't. Mueller couldn't find a smidgen of collusion."

    Or any other crimes. It was an open ended fishing expedition that turned up nothing.
    Our President is some combination of squeeky clean and very careful.

    1. Remember that this President has been in real estate in NYC and NYS for years. Both have enormously intrusive investigative mechanisms so he knows that he has to stay clean.

    2. Mr Surber posted Adaptive Curmudgeon's post about A meeting the president had which illustrates, humorously, Mr Trump's MO.

      h/t AC

  3. I'll believe people are going to jail when I see them doing perp walks. Remember, rules are different for Dimocrats. Tony Podesta is guilty of the same "crimes" as Paul Manafort. Is he in jail? - GOC

  4. Impeachment will fail. Therefore it would be most useful for the Dumpster Party in Trump's second term when he will be a lame duck. Until then They will also lie about intent in order to keep Thier house majority so they can.

  5. I expect Cohen to be ostracized for writing the truth.