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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Democrats embrace their segregationist past

From the Civil War through the 1990s, Democrats controlled the 11 Confederate states. Not until 1994 did Republicans have a majority of the congressmen from those states, and that was 30 years after passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. State legislatures fell later.

For years, though, Democrats have peddled the lie that the segregationists flipped parties in 1964. They remained loyal Democrats.

Now Joe Biden is embracing his inner white supremacist. News One reported, "Joe Biden Fondly Recalls The ‘Civility’ Of Pro-Segregation Senators."

Sure, they denied black people the vote, forced them to sit in the back of the bus, and would not let them in their restaurants, bathrooms, or hotels, but by golly those klansmen in the Senate were gentlemen.

Biden joined the Senate in 1973.

He said, "Well guess what? At least there was some civility. We got things done. We didn’t agree on much of anything. We got things done. We got it finished. But today, you look at the other side and you’re the enemy. Not the opposition, the enemy. We don’t talk to each other anymore."

Of course they got things done. Democrats overwhelmingly controlled the House and the Senate thanks in large part to those segregationists.

Kleagle Bob Byrd was the Democrat leader in the 1980s. Hillary kissed his ring when she entered the Senate in 2001.

I am glad to see Biden come out of the closet.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stuck up for Biden.

It said, "First, when Biden came to the Senate in 1973, Southern Democrats still ruled the chamber. Eastland was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Talmadge was chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Getting along with those whose racial attitudes were different from yours was a requirement of the climate, the realpolitik of the day.

"Secondly, neither human beings nor the political systems they create are binary creatures with on-off, yes-no switches. Desegregation in the South was a process that spanned decades. It is not yet complete – ask Stacey Abrams."

So Joe is not the only one defending the indefensible.

He already is Sleepy, Creepy, Gropey, Dopey and Doc (he promised to cure cancer as president).

Let's add Bigot to the list.


  1. So they want us to believe Abrams tank was rejected because of skin color instead of being diametrically opposed to the positions of most Georgians.

  2. I support Trump, however I do not see what is wrong with what Biden said. The divide is so wide now between ideological positions that the other side are enemies and NOTHING gets done. It all depends on what is compromised to get support for something. But with many issues it is not an ideologically based bill so working with those you disagree with is not evil. That the Democrats will not support closing our southern border because the evil Trump is president hurts our country. In a way modern Democrats are worse than the old segregationists; I saw real racism under Jim Crow and hated it. Of course I'll be accused of being a racist for such a view, but I place country over party/ideology where it counts.

  3. If you check biden's early speeches you will find he got along with the segregationists because he was one of them.

  4. Strangely (or maybe not), I cannot recall seeing any vid of Joe Mama feeling up young black girls or sniffing THEIR hair. No matter. Uncle Joe 2020!

  5. Funny how Moron Plugs Biden is saying that bit about them not being the opposition anymore, but are viewed as the enemy. It was Obama who on numerous occasions called Republicans the enemy. It wasn't a slip of the tongue, it was the way he fostered the relationship between parties, it was his way to push the division between the parties ever wider.
    Biden showed his racist roots many times, including his comments about Obama before Obama was elected President.
    The Democrats showed their racist and bigoted roots in the leaked information from the DNC emails. Funny how that got brushed over by the DNC propaganda machine, and how the leaked information which likely had the perpetrator murdered in some robbery gone wrong (where nothing was even stolen from him) was miraculously changed into a Russian hack.
    The Republicans biggest faults isn't that they are racist, or bigots, it is that they have bowed down and cowered in the corner when the lying racist bigots of the left claimed they were, and didn't dare speak out against the lies. It is just one more thing which Trump excels at, calling out the lies, despite the fever pitch BS being thrown at him, unlike Republicans of the past.

  6. The Democrats have a problem given that the Vice President is ten times the public speaker that front-runner Biden is.

  7. let's not overlook the fact that after IKE and the 82nd ABN got home from kicking Nazi butt across Europe, when brown v board of education, wonderfully argued by thurgood marshall, became the law, ike once again sent the eight deuce down to the front lines to kick some democrat governor and klansmen butt.
    police dogs? Or the BIG DOGS?

  8. "Desegregation in the South was a process that spanned decades. It is not yet complete." It took that long because the Dems fought it tooth and nail.

  9. The US government was desegregated. Democrat Wilson re segregated it.

    It took till the 21st century for most Southern states to truly flip Republican.

    George W Bush was the first consistent Republican governor in Texas. The Texas legislature did not flip R till the early/mid 2000s.

  10. "Doc (he promised to cure cancer as president)."

    I look forward to Trump using that against him next year. Its like Biden saying if you don't elect me then you'll just have to suffer and die.

    But place me into power and you may live?

    What kind of monster thinks like that.

    1. "What kind of monster thinks like that?"

      A Democrat.

  11. The point people miss is Biden was talking about being civility between people in his own party. He wasn't talking about being civil to Republicans. Democrats don't see any reason to be civil to Republicans.