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Saturday, June 01, 2019

Democrats don't listen to their wisest man

Time has wrecked Bill Clinton's legacy. Democrats kicked him to the curb after his wife's colossal collapse at the polls in 2016. The Me Too movement two years later had Democrats finally calling for his impeachment.

The unkindness of history is his party's loss. Instead of seeking another Obama, they need another Bill because I maintain it is harder to go from governor of Arkansas to the White House than it was to become the first black president.

Winthrop Rockefeller couldn't do it. Mike Huckabee couldn't.

Besides, how do you top being the first black president?

Hillary failed with first woman president, and first woman of color or first gay president seem even less important.

Newsweek did a cover story, "Clintons in Exile." It's a purgatory they earned.

But as delicious as that may be to some conservatives the real pleasure is in watching Democrats ignore their smartest man. He is the Cassandra of Chappaqua who watches his party crash.

The Newsweek story said, "it had been an open secret in Clinton world that Hillary was at least considering another presidential run, though just how seriously is a matter of dispute. She was being urged on by Bill, according to two sources close to them, who was convinced she would beat Donald Trump in a rematch. To both of them, 'Trump had been predictably awful. They felt that, even with a relatively good economy, he was very vulnerable.' And a lot of Democrats still wanted to make history by electing a woman, and both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (whose supporters would have been infuriated by another Clinton run) obviously didn’t fit that bill."

The support is just not there. The party moved on.

Bill sees a vulnerability in President Donald John Trump that Bill saw in Bush 41 in 1991. If you wanted to be president, would you not seek the advice of the last Democrat to bring down a sitting president? That is what the mission is.

But no. They seek the counsel of the woman who blew a race in which she spent twice as much to have the worst showing by a Democrat since Mike Dukakis.

Newsweek reported, "in contrast to Bill, [Hillary] has been gratified that several of the current Democratic contenders have sought her advice on the 2020 campaign. That includes all of the major female candidates — Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand — as well as former Vice President Joe Biden, among others. Jennifer Palmieri, who served as Hillary’s communications director in 2016, says she expects Hillary to be 'a very visible' presence as the 2020 campaign continues. 'She has a lot to contribute and a lot to say, both in private [to other candidates] and in public.'"

A sensible party would lock her up.

Instead she is on public display.

Their road show was a disaster, but in their final tour stop, Bill said, "There are a lot of very smart, decent people out there who are a part of the ‘Make America great’ rallies. People who feel that they’re stuck in economic stagnation, social insignificance and political disempowerment."

Hillary looked upon them as a basket of irredeemable deplorables. Biden called them the dregs of society.

Newsweek pointed out that he said this in front of Hillary.

It reported, "Hillary didn’t even bother to campaign in Wisconsin during the general election, even though, according to a longtime friend, Bill had been unsettled by the number of 'Make America great again' signs he had seen there while campaigning on her behalf.

"It was a stunning moment. Of course, Bill was right. Former aides to the president say it drove him nuts that Hillary’s campaign didn’t feel the need to go after the white working-class people who, in many respects, were his political base during two successful runs for the presidency. That they ended up electing Trump 'just kills,' says a friend."

Instead of listening to him, Democrats applauded like seals when Hillary said the election was stolen.

Heck, his own wife doesn't listen to him.

But one fellow did.

Time reported on August 6, 2015, "Former President Bill Clinton privately called Donald Trump in late May when the real estate mogul was on the verge of announcing his 2016 bid for the presidency, the Washington Post reported, citing four Trump confidants and one Hillary Clinton campaign associate — all wishing to remain anonymous.

"Bill Clinton’s personal office confirmed that the call occurred, telling the New York Times 'that Mr. Trump reached out to President Clinton a few times.'

"'President Clinton returned his call in late May,' the aide told the Times. 'And, that while we don’t make it a practice to discuss the president’s private conversations, we can tell you that the presidential race was not discussed.'

"The four Trump sources, however, told the Post that Trump was candid about the run."

I don't wish Bill ill. And I really don't wish he would go away. I like that he speaks a truth his party shuns.


  1. to see the Clintons off the stage pleases me no end, but Hillary will in my opinion throw here empty chardonnay bottle in the ring one
    more time. It is her "precious" and Gollum like- it will be her fatal glass of Chardnnay...

  2. Bill knew Donald Trump was going to run because they were already wiretapping him.

    I don't think Americans will fall for the phony-Centrist trick again. It was in the 90's when Hillary first learned to use the FBI to frame political opponents. She didn't get any real pushback so it metastasized into Spy-Gate.

    Speaking of Bribe Me-Granny, Ethics Chairman Elijah Cummings says Trump is profiting off the presidency while he and his wife have their own "Clinton Foundation", selling policy and taking "Get Trump!"-millions. Oddly, they won't release the records.

  3. Slick Willie probably likes Trump's approach far more than that of the current SJW Dem party.

  4. BC watched the GOP candidates curb-stomp the Democrat candidates in three consecutive elections. He saw that they had drifted too far left and needed to move back to the center.

    He ran as a moderate and won. The far-left has never forgiven him for that.

  5. Bill calling some deplorables smart and decent is the death of him, equal to the liberals hating PDJT even more for calling some Charlottesville protesters decent people.

  6. Congrats Don. MAJOR call-out on PowerLine -

  7. Regarding Obama as first black president- uh, no. Word on the (ghetto) street is the half-white got it on his white privileged part. Time will tell about other firsts: first gay president, first muslim president (taqiyya) first foreign born president, first illegitimate president, first fugitive former president, maybe first incarcerated former president. Or Arkancided.

    1. @Doc J,

      Don't forget besides the first Black Gay President, we also got the first tranny First Lady.

    2. "Tranny" means something completely different to a mechanic. - Gary B

  8. Nothing’s stopping Vilehelm from running again, n’est ce pas?

    1. Vilehelm (nice) is running...Vileham DeBlasio.

    2. Vile ham...hahaha! I may go with that one instead.

  9. I didn't vote for Bill but I never saw any sign that he held the USA or any of it's citizens in contempt. He loves people, especially women! He was a natural politician. Hillary is so full of hate it spills out in almost every statement she makes. It even is detectable in her body language and facial expressions. Trump is like Bill in that they are both positive personalities.

    Eric W.

    1. Yes, and yes. This is why I did the post. And he actually did centrist stuff. Balanced budget. DADT. DOMA. Did some lefty stuff as well.

  10. Bill has to admire Trump for scoring Melania.

    While political cheating is second nature to Hillary, it's likely an after thought for Bill as in could've done that.

  11. Let me see, HW ran away from Reagan's legacy and broke his most infamous promise.

    About the only similarity is that the media is doing it's best to injure Trump.

    Thing is, Trump fights back, twice as hard. HW refused to believing he and his office/administration was above such petty things.

    1. Correction ... HW refused to fight back believing...

    2. was the infamous promise "No Nude Texans"?

  12. There is almost nobody in American politics of lower character than Bill Clinton. Maybe not even his wife. But you are right, Don, BJ has an understanding of the average American that not only is being lost but is actively rejected by the hardcore leftists now calling the shots for the Democrats.

    1. You cannot overstate how the Clintons have dragged their party and our polity into their gutter.

      Recommended The Cloud War by thezman

  13. Willie was never that good. when he listened to Dick Morris, things worked out. When he and Morris fell out, Willie never made a smart move.

    His legacy is Monica and Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

    He coasted on the Reagan economy.

    He let bin Laden slip through his hands.

    That's his legacy.

    1. You're probably right, don't want to give him too much credit. But at least he listened to Morris who would probably be considered a "white supremacist" by today's Dems.

  14. You may not wish Bill ill but I say eff him. His current look tells me exactly that his lifetime of scumminess is working it's toll. Never forget he allowed Red China access to our MIRV tech and God knows what else. He's a lying traitor who raped women. His room in hell is reserved right next to Teddys' May his screams ring out for eternity.