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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Democrats cannot win without Trump voters

Joe Biden's recently embraced Democrat segregationists of the past. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren began her campaign with a beer. These are the leading blue-collar candidates among the two dozen or so Democrat presidential candidates.

Hmm. Do they try to get black votes by saying how much they like watermelon?

Warren is closer to being an Indian than being a blue-collar person. I get that is her roots, but she dyed her hair elitists. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't patronize me by drinking a beer.

One of the things about Donald John Trump is he never tried to be like one of us. He does not want to be one of us. In fact, we want to be him -- living large with a gorgeous model as a wife and a three-story penthouse apartment.

Biden is worse. He thinks we are all racist. He also thinks we are all dumb and do not remember when he called us the dregs of society.

Two things endeared us to President Trump: his policies and his style. He was unscripted, funny and outrageous. He still is. His enemies are our enemies: Democrats, fake conservatives, and the media.

Instead of trying to convert us, all three have spent the last three years mocking us and hounding us. A freaking knitting chat room has banned Trump supporters.

We get it. When Hillary called us deplorable, she spoke for Democrats, fake conservatives, and the media. They ostracize and ridicule us. Liars have created a hundred hoax hate crimes to pin on us.

We are keeping a low profile. In Michigan, the final polls gave Hillary a 3.4% lead.

Donald Trump won Michigan.

In Pennsylvania, the final polls gave Hillary a 1.9% lead.

Donald Trump won Pennsylvania.

In Wisconsin, the final polls gave Hillary a 6.5% lead.

Donald Trump won Wisconsin.

That won't change. Out of 62,984,828 people who voted for him in 2016, Donald Trump will pick up at least 62,984,827 votes next year.

Oh sure. Hillary got 65,853,514 votes last time. Big deal. He took 30 states, she took 20.

To win the White House, Democrats have to take a few of those 30 states. That means they have to convince Trump voters that they made a mistake.

But watching the Democrats fire lie upon lie on the man has only made him stronger. He has more than two years of victories. Democrats have nothing.

The Mueller Report was to Democrats what Al Capone's vault was to Geraldo Rivera.

But they have learned nothing.

Democrats accuse President Trump of playing to his base, while they have 20-plus candidates not only playing to their base but playing to only the hardcore of that base.

Reparations for black people is so last Friday. No, the new thing is reparations for gays.

Democrats need something to appeal to Trump voters. Embracing segregationists and drinking a beer will not cut it.

And Democrats should worry about losing Hillary voters. Among those who said the economy was their No. 1 issue, 52% were With Her and only 42% were for Trump.

Unemployment is at a 50-year low.


  1. With illegal aliens voting (often multiple times) and with Microsoft controlling the electronic voting machines, do the Democrats really need Trump voters?

    1. Yeah, because sooner or later, it becomes so obvious, it can't be hidden.

      Remember the margin of fraud.

    2. Take your head out of the sand. REgressives BLATANTLY stole 4 elections in CA.waved their vote harvesting scheme right in our face and not a thing was said or done.

      10s of 1,000s voted here in Texas illegally and again...nada.

      This time around, do you really think they'll bother with hiding it?

  2. everyone with more than 3 brain cells knew hillary had an enemies list longer than the Washington monument.
    single spaced, four column, dress them right and cover down.

    and anyone with more than 5 brain cells knew the minute she got the power she would get to work on that list getting even.

    both her supporters and those who were not, knew full well.
    and I have to conclude after 3 years, that most of her supporters were working from that same hate list, and were expecting her to act as their proxy getting even.
    the party of hate. and if you refused their dogma, you were racist, homophobic, a heretic, and it was their mission to cast us all into the lake of fire, twittering away like carrion birds ripping the flesh from the fallen and screeching for more.

    but a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. the American people reared up on their hind legs like sore tooth grizzlies, and said clearly, and sincerely, oh, HELL NO.

    i'm so proud of them.

    and before she rolled out her deplorable comment, it was unclear.

    in my life time, I have never seen an election where so many were undecided a month before election. didn't want to vote for Hillary, didn't want to vote for trump, an unknown and former democrat.

    it's much more clear now to those who were unsure.

    hillary under pressure and disappointment showed herself to be quite the psycho. besides the normal stench of eau de corruption that clings to her like a cloud ofblue bottle flies. the sheer crazy shining from her eyes like Bunsen burners.

    and the Donald turned out to be MUCH better than expected, and considering the handicaps hung on him daily by the press, the obummer judges and the sheer stupid intransigence wallowed in daily by the dems, he is doing an incredible job. both at home and overseas. he has a spine of steel, and I pray it holds up. he has surmounted all, and the only love I can see greater than his for the American people who go to work every day, is theirs for him their gladiator, who every morning dons his Kevlar to duel with all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    God bless Donald trump.
    god bless the real Americans that I define as those who recognise something bigger and more important than themselves. family God country duty and honor.

    I predict better than 60 percent on popular vote, and 80% on electoral.


    1. Waterman, you wouldn't happen to be from Virginia, would you?

    2. no, sorry.

      got a radar ticket there once long time ago.

    3. actually, come to think on it, was a ticket for having a radar detector. my bad. 25 years ago. some things get fuzzy.

    4. Very well said. Before the election all I knew was 'a rich guy from New York'. He has won my utmost respect and admiration. Natch, I like his politics. But the way he faces the world is the way I want my kids to carry themselves. Crazy but I guess Trump is my hero.

    5. Nice post Waterman. I am looking forward to PDJT debating the democrat nominee. Should be a schlonging for the Dems.

  3. I am not comfy over this until the census question about "are you a citizen" gets OK'd by the SCUS. Here in California and Nevada if approved, the change will be dramatic.

  4. Is anyone ever going to point out that debt forgiveness = income to the debtor involved? On which income taxes have to be paid? Just sayin'.

    1. between individuals and corporations, yes.
      but the debt is to the govt. hard to predict on that. it's political, which means too much hinges on back room manipulation. the rats will divide up the spoils without troubling surly voters with sordid details.

      but then I never expected so many Chicago alderman being measured for jumpsuits. sop is maybe 1 or 2 not sharing with 20 others and getting stung.

      but ed burke? that's big. he got his wife appointed to ill supreme court. which will do him no good at all facing a barge full of fed charges. then add in a special prosecutor looking into cook county attorney favoritism...who knows what turds may float up in the punch bowl with Michelle chief of staff pulling strings.
      rumors fly that hillary is waiting in the wings to swoop in after the clown circus smoke clears. nobody patrols a battlefield bayonetting survivors more enthusiastically than hillary.

      but the only one who believes in that is hillary, and even the dems aren't willing to try that rancid burger from under the couch.
      my fear is Michelle. hopefully this Kim Foxx thing will entangle her firmly.
      impeaching Barry couldn't hurt either. remember clapper said obama ordered everything. his "I saw it on the news" won't wash this time.

    2. Unknown:"rumors fly that hillary is waiting in the wings to swoop in after the clown circus smoke clears. nobody patrols a battlefield bayonetting survivors more enthusiastically than hillary."-I agree ,but she bashes them in the head with her empty Chardonnay bottle.

  5. Democrats sure can win without Trump voters. It's called vote harvesting. The 10s of thousands of illegals streaming across our border are coming for vote harvesting numbers. Felons voting in Florida won't help too much either.

  6. LOL Don, that second paragraph made me choke! (in a good way)

  7. Man, this is like deja vu all over again. The last time the Dems tried this was 1972. Tricky Dick Nixon was vile and evil and a crook and had a five o'clock shadow. Even his dog ran away from home.

    He won 49 States with 60% of the vote.

    1. Too bad he was vile and evil and a crook. Looks like Trump is not only on America's side but he really doesn't care what the media, the democrats, and the never-Trumpers think. And he doesn't appear to be as big and the dems and the GOPe.

  8. Nixon had the misfortune to be born with a guilty look on his face.

    john dean was the lying crook who set up the burglary and the cover up. and when it got out of hand he told Nixon what was going on..then turned around and blamed it all on Nixon.

    not to paint Nixon as some kind of Angel, he was not. but on Watergate he was deans scapegoat.

    and to give him (and Kissinger) credit for turning the chicoms against the Soviets and opening china to trade. he learned from the cold wars most ruthless and deceptive master, his boss. eisenhauer. playing old uncle fudd while stalking soviet subs, reading u2 photos, desegregating southern schools, and keeping the military industrial complex firmly in hand. oh yeah and building the interstate hwy system. and convincing people he was as controversial as mash taters and gravy.
    and keeping the Dulles bros from too much mischief.

    Dwight was quite impressive if you want to delve into him.


  9. You might want to check Donny's internal polling. Firing the pollsters doesn't change their findings. The minority of American voters who voted for Donny aren't quite the number they used to be.

    Be sure to claim "illegals" voted to cover for your losses. This will be fun.

    1. A lot of the Trump voters from 2016 have changed their mind about voting for Trump. Like me. In 2016 I reluctantly voted for Trump because he wasn't Hillary. In 2020 I will enthusiastically vote for Trump because he's Trump. Motivation matters. Half the Democratic base will end up feeling cheated no matter who gets the nomination. I actually think they're setting up the current clown show so none of the declared candidates go into the convention with a clear mandate so the insiders can pick a compromise candidate who bravely steps forward to lead the party. That will end poorly for them it's

    2. I think this is 1964 redux. No Republican was going to beat LBJ because of the martyred JFK. The Rs let Goldwater get the nomination, he got clobbered and it was 16 years before a conservative (Reagan) was nominated again.

      There is an ongoing power struggle for control of the Democratic Party. Whoever gets the nomination gets the booby prize. I hope it's a lefty. I'd sure like to see the Dems regain their sanity.