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Sunday, June 16, 2019

A party run by children

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the soul of the Democrat Party. She represents 50 years of indoctrination in colleges, which endangers the party because she has been fed a steady diet of ignorance.

An ABC News interview today underscored her simplistic view of the world.

AOC and her ilk want reparations. Now! AOC and her ilk want open borders. Now! AOC and her ilk want their student loans erased. Now! AOC and her ilk want gun confiscation. Now! AOC and her ilk want the end of coal, oil and gas. Now! AOC and her ilk want whatever they want, and they want it now.

They view America as genocidal, racist, sexist, Islamophobic and ignorant.

The problem is most Americans know the facts. They not only reject her views but laugh at them.

Nevertheless, Democrats are stuck with delivering on these nutty promises.

Fox News reported, "Ocasio-Cortez warned that there is very real risk President Trump will win re-election in 2020, and acknowledged that progressive frustration with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also quite real.

"The comments struck an unusually defensive tone for the 29-year-old progressive firebrand, as Democrats seek to winnow their large list of 23 presidential contenders. Ocasio-Cortez also spoke bluntly on her initiative to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which bars most federal funding for abortion -- and 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden's abrupt reversal on the issue earlier this month."

The grownups in the Democrat Party cower before these young goofs.

Specifically, she said, "I think that we have a very real risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump if we do not have a presidential candidate that is fighting for true transformational change in the lives of working people in the United States.

"I think that if we elect a president on half-measures that the American people don't quite understand -- the agenda of a president, you know, that says we're fighting for higher wages but we don't want a $15 minimum wage, fighting for education but we don't want to make colleges tuition-free, fighting for women's rights, et cetera, but we don't want to go all the way with that, then I think we have a very real risk of losing the presidency."

She's right. Democrats won't compromise with Democrats.

By "transformational change in the lives of working people," she means communist.

I don't think Bernie Sanders is lefty enough for her.

Meanwhile, black voters are going to demand a black person be on the ticket again or face another 2016 turnout problem. Black voters staying home allowed Donald John Trump to break through the firewall of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

But neither Kamala Harris nor Cory Booker are lefty enough to satisfy the communist wing of the party. Stacey Abrams is the only black communist running, and she could not get elected governor of Georgia.

This is June 2019.

The question is whether Democrats will compromise with Democrats in June 2020.

If they do, the question is whether it is a Clintonian Compromise that enough Americans are willing to accept, or is it McGovern 2.0?


  1. It's a curious thing. What is it about the freedom of others that has American Leftists foaming at the mouth? If they love Communism so much, why don't they join a commune and leave everyone else alone? Nope...they gotta' upset the entire apple cart. Nothing less will satisfy them. As Michael Savage said, it's a mental disorder. - Gary B

    1. Leftists are notorious for forcing on everybody something that they want - or conversely denying everybody something they don't want. That's one of the fundamental differences among many between conservatives and liberals.

    2. Lefties, Progressives,Socialists, and Communists, are well aware that without Other Peoples Money their schemes are doomed to failure so the only way they can achieve their goals is to bring everyone in under their control. As long as you have money they don't control they will keep trying to assimilate you.

    3. They don't seem to grasp that once they upset the apple cart, they will have nowhere to go for apples.

  2. Close to 40 years ago, I had a button (and may still have it somewhere) that read, "Conservatives need to learn the difference between a sin and a crime, and liberals need to learn the difference between a virtue and a requirement.".

    I'm still enough of a libertarian to agree with the first half of that statement, but wise enough now to know that the second half isn't quite true -- the "liberals" in that statement aren't truly liberal but instead totalitarian.

    As the Instapundit has remarked, paraphrasing that old Communist rat-bastard Trotsky, "You may not be interested in the gleichschaltung, but the gleichschaltung is interested in you." The Democrats mean to saddle and ride us, and they will stop at nothing to do so.

    My two cents' worth.

    Hale Adams
    Pikesville, People's still-mostly-Democratic Republic of Maryland

    1. Thank you. You’re take is refreshing. I’m so tired of mealy mouthed commenters constantly deriding the communists but offering no response. These guys are coming to get us. What are we gonna do about it? Vote? Great. Then when they ignore the vote what are we gonna do? It’s looking more and more like nothing. Apparently we’re gonna beat them online in the comment section.

    2. You know what the eventual answer is going to be if we don't stop them with the political process. We all do. NOBODY wants that. But it might be getting to the point where the left needs to understand that is an option.

      ...of course, they do instinctively. There is a reason they hate the second amendment. But that doesn't mean they're *consciously* aware of what kind of fire they're playing with.

      The worst part of this is that the right in general (and conservatives in particular) have no concept of active political measures. They genuinely, honestly, and inexplicably do not grasp that you need to fight political battles lustfully, constantly, and with as much dirt and wit as you can get away with. This is war, not some civilized debutante ball.

      The only people who get it are right-wing liberals. Trump is a right-wing liberal, and I'll be plenty happy to reclaim the word 'liberal' to mean what it is supposed to mean. You'd think we'd have learned from the example of left-wing conservatives--they don't exist anymore--but no. We don't. The right is either too cowardly, too hidebound, too fractured, or some combination of the three.

      Let's hope this doesn't turn into a hot civil war. It'd be nice if we had someone besides Trump who could fight back.

  3. She is a very dangerous woman-child. Even if the democrats primary her, she will still be a dangerous force. Abrams lost but is still being pumped up by the media. What a joke. AOC will continue to be dawned on by the media for years.

  4. "fighting for true transformational change in the lives of working people in the United States."

    Yeah, right. That could happen. These clowns want to shut down energy production in the US. How can anyone be that dumb. Not only would we lose the high-paying jobs in the oil patch and mining, we would be lighting candles in the cold. Morons.

    1. "How can anyone be that dumb."
      Modern 'Education'al training.

    2. Trump must eventually deal with Education. Its corruption over the decades has been the driving force behind our current situation. How many millions of useful idiots are among us? How many more are being turned out each June? - Gary B

    3. Abolish the Department of Education. We got along fine without it for two centuries, and since it's been created U.S. Education has gone downhill.

    4. Oberlin is a shot across the bow. The Covington Boys cases are still coming along.

    5. The only way to get rid of the Department of Education is to locally provide 'other' opportunities for parents to pull their children OUT of the mire and put them into home school or private ed. we are trying to legislate for a 504 plan for k-12 to help this.

  5. Actually, childishness and totalitarianism are one and the same. Both represent a regression to reptilian magical thinking which is delusional and indeed dangerous.

  6. Saw this earlier this morning. Denver, CO. She won a seat on the city council.

  7. One Glaring example: Pol Pot. Killing fields are necessary but you have to disarm first.
    AOC is to quote; "She Guevara" and just as capable of mass murder..
    I say this as a descendant of the "Overmountian men" of the revolutionary war.
    Try it sis just, try it..

  8. Aoc and her ilk want reparations...
    Don, you think anyone is going to demand reparations from all the descendants of the African chieftains who sold the slaves to the white folk?

  9. Best take this absolute crapola as seriously unserious, yet all the more appealing to would-be Commissars, Gauleiters, for that very reason.

    Why is it that these creeps-an-thugs unanimously presume that they will be in charge of PCBS firing squads? Best bear upon Coco Loco and her ichneumen ilk that they'll last one milli-microsecond once their fat-faced balloon goes up.

  10. Indeed, these liberals are NOT children, they are infants! There is no group of people more self-centered and demanding than infants! Fortunately for them, nature has provided their parents (and a few others) with a nurturing nature to overcome their inclination to commit infanticide. No such nurturing nature is present for the group known as liberals. Change their diapers if you can to stop their yowling, then set them aside somewhere until they mature into human beings.


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