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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Wolves cry Islamophobia

Muslims in Philadelphia put out a video of young Muslim children saying of Jews in Jerusalem "we will chop off their heads."

These are American kids, or at least they were born here.

Caught, the Muslim American Society -- which produced the video -- said gee, we did not properly vet the video.

And the Council on American-Islamic Relations came to the rescue by claiming -- without proof -- that there were death threats against Muslims.

Never mind that the video was indeed a verified death threat, the Islamophobia claim gave the Philadelphia newspaper the chance to avoid condemning the indoctrination of children to kill Jews.

The newspaper reported, "Area mosques report receiving threats after video shows Muslim children reciting violent poems, songs."

The story said, "Several local Muslim leaders say their mosques have received threatening phone calls after a video was posted Friday of children reciting violent poems and songs in Arabic during a program at a North Philadelphia Islamic center.

"That prompted the Philadelphia branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to issue an advisory Monday to all Islamic institutions to increase security precautions throughout the month.

"The CAIR office in Center City was itself threatened by a caller who, referring to the 'sick video,' told a staff member that 'we will deal with you' if violence erupts, said Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, the outreach and education director. The caller also said that 'America won’t put up with that' and 'We’re from here, you’re not' and 'Bring it,' according to Tekelioglu.

"Amir Qasim Rashad of the United Muslim Masjid in South Philadelphia said he planned to meet Tuesday with police following two calls to his mosque threatening physical harm."


No apology. No regret. Hate speech for me, not thee.

Columnist Jenice Armstrong instructed readers, "Don’t let disturbing video of children at Philly site repeating awful things in Arabic smear all Muslims."

Once again, instead of focusing on the problem -- in this case, indoctrinating children to kill -- CAIR and the media are more concerned about Islamophobia.

And newspapers wonder why they matter less and less.


  1. Cry me a river. Was in downtown Manhattan on 9/11, saw the plane sticking out of the WTC and was evacuated. No forgiveness and will never forget.

  2. Don’t let disturbing video of children at Philly site repeating awful things in Arabic smear all Muslims.

    The stock Lefty response.

    When Moslems start standing up to these psychos, then I will differentiate.

  3. For their encore number, the kids do “Barack Husein Obama, Mmm Mmm Mmm.”

  4. the head of a Portland, Oregon Mosque was just arrested for being a Bin Lauden supporter.
    There's more to this IMHO...

  5. Daniel Pearl could not be reached for comment.

  6. Muslims fear backlash after tomorrow's bombing...

  7. Us:

    "Jesus loves the little children,
    all the children of the world.
    Red and Yellow
    Black and White
    They're all precious in His sight.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world"


    "We will kill the unbelievers
    All the unbelievers of the world.
    Red and Yellow
    Black and White
    They are infidels in his sight.
    We will kill all the unbelievers of the world."

  8. Do I believe there were any threats? About as likely as glowbull warming.
    Why does the media continue to do this? They are like prostitutes unable to stay off the street corner. At least the traditional whore gets rewarded for setting aside her dignity.

  9. There probably were death threats. Foreseeable if not reasonable.

    So our garbage heap of a fourth estate need only wait a day so the story can be covered as a different version of "Republicans Pounce".
    That provides better alignment to the narrative than Muslim Children Sing of Killing Jews.

    Muslims Killing Jews is kind of a Dog Bites Man story.

  10. As the inimitable Mark Steyn once quipped: "Muslims fear backlash after next week's bombing."

    1. It was actually a reader of Tim Blair's, Angus Jung, who came up with that line ( You beat me to it, though - it was my first thought too.

    2. Once I was an avid reader of Tim Blair, but he's now hidden behind a paywall so his wisdom, and that of his many excellent commenters, is lost to me. What a pity!

      If I still lived Down Under, I'd probably subscribe to the Daily Telegraph, just to get Tim's column; it's that good!

    3. @Alex, thanks for clearing that up. I must have heard Mark Steyn referencing it.


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