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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Willie Brown throws shade on Kamala Harris

The most successful Democrat politician in the state of California gave a bad review to his state party's presidential candidate on Sunday. This should be national news.

Add the fact that they were once lovers, and this should be National Enquirer news.

Kamala and Willie 20 years later.

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle as he does each Sunday, Brown said, "The last few days have been a clear example of why Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign is wobbling.

"Let’s begin with the former district attorney’s visit to her home ground for the 75th anniversary celebration of the Sun Reporter, the town’s African American newspaper.

"Harris worked the pre-party crowd with charm, sharing jokes and memories with everyone she came across.

"But when she took the stage, we got a 30-minute lecture on the importance of the First Amendment. An inspiring subject, but she went on way too long and without any reference to where she was or who was in the room."

Translation: She's boring.

Brown said, "When asked by reporters at a town hall meeting there for her thoughts about possibly sharing the Democratic ticket with former Vice President Joe Biden, Harris joked that Biden would make a fine running mate — for a ticket that had her at the top."

She replied, "As vice president, he’s proven that he knows how to do the job."

Brown said, "Great line, great delivery. But rather than leave it at that, her campaign people fumed about the subject even coming up. Some even hinted that reporters wouldn’t be asking if Harris were a white man."

Translation: Race card? Kamala, please.

Brown said, "Talk about overreaction. Let’s review: Biden is at 39 percent in the polls. Harris is at 7 percent. Yes, it’s early, but the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket — with Biden on top — is hardly off-limits.

"Harris needs to get back to who she is, remember where she is, and tell the support staff to chill out."

Translation: Take command of the campaign.

But if you have to tell someone that, they really are not presidential timber.


  1. It doesn’t matter what your sex or race or skin color is, an empty suit is an empty suit.

    1. We've had enough empty suits to last a lifetime.

    2. Among the whole Democratic Presidential field right now, is there even a single accomplishment?

    3. Can't the Dems do better than a woman who slept her way to the top & was richly rewarded for her services? Willie Brown's former mistress? Are the feminists & the MeToo movement OK w/ that?

  2. Especially if you look good in your empty suit. Then people start to wonder, "How did you get that empty suit?"

  3. A dumb ho will always be a dumb ho.

  4. You misspelled timber, Don. It should be timbre. Excellente poste as per use.

  5. " Yes, it’s early, but the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket — with Biden on top — is hardly off-limits."
    That is a picture I didn't need this early on the west coast.

  6. I am trying to remember where I read it, but I think the moniker "America's Ex-Wife" really works here.

  7. "Translation: She's boring."

    More to the point: There's not a single person on the Left that understands or supports the 1st Amendment.

    Her audience must've thought they'd inadvertently stumbled into a Heritage Foundation event.

    It would be like going to hear Ted Cruz speak and being subjected to a lecture on how abortion was, somehow, a Constitutional "right".


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