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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Trump to Chamber: Drop dead. It did

Brody Mullins and Alex Leary of the Wall Street Journal reported that a month before his inauguration, Donald John Trump golfed with Tiger Woods in West Palm Beach. At the end of the round, Stanton Anderson of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce stood to shake his hand.

President-elect Trump refused.

The Journal reported that The Donald told the guy, "You guys did everything to stop me. I haven’t forgotten."

If true, bully for him.

The Journal called the chamber the largest lobbying group in Washington. Why would a man who wants to drain the swamp make friends with them?

And it really is nothing personal.

It's just business.

The Journal spin was, "After eight years tussling with the Obama administration, the Chamber hoped a business-friendly administration would help reanimate its power. But Mr. Trump’s populism has refashioned the GOP agenda, and that has cut against priorities of various chamber constituencies that oppose tariffs and view immigration as a useful labor supply."

Let me make this clear: Republicans support protective tariffs. Always have, going back to Lincoln.

And Lincoln also opposed "a useful labor supply" called slavery. While the importation of illegal aliens is a far cry from slavery, nevertheless no true American should support the exploitation of people smuggled into the country to operate in an underground economy.

But Donald Trump is not alone in his disdain for the chamber.

Republican Congressman Justin Amash told the Journal, "I believe in free markets and am against cronyism and corporate welfare, and they support those things."

Chuck Schumer told the Journal, "The chamber dug themselves into a deep, deep hole when they decided to become an arm of the Republican Party and even oppose moderate Democrats."

The chamber grew big and powerful -- and inept. It not only backed the wrong pony but it mocked the winner along the way.

The Journal reported, "The same month, the Business Roundtable, a rival lobbying group, hosted Mr. Trump, Ivanka Trump, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Kudlow at their quarterly meeting in Washington.

"The chamber’s featured guest, meanwhile, was former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush."

Please clap.

The Journal also reported, "In recent years, financial support from big donors has shrunk. The number of companies contributing $1 million or more to the chamber fell to 23 in 2017 from 42 in 2012, tax records show.

"Dow Chemical Co., for instance, cut its Chamber contributions to roughly $1.1 million in 2017 from nearly $3 million three years earlier, according to company figures. The company didn’t respond to requests for comment.

"Altogether, the chamber and its affiliates received roughly $220 million from corporations and other business groups in 2017 compared with $277 million in 2014, according to tax filings. The chamber said contributions rose last year."

That revenue drop of 26% in three years puts the chamber is league with the newspaper industry -- another former politically influential group.

Failure has consequences.


  1. All the wild jackasses drink from the same mushole.

  2. I’m surprised at how the globalists have captured the chamber.

    Amazing what Trump is doing...

  3. go read lincoln quotes. he had no interest in ending slavery, just keeping the union together under tariffs that punished the south.

    1. Exactly. I don't know how many schools taught about the Protective Tariff, but I know it was shoved down my throat in 1959.

      The Tariff was the main source of revenue and the South bore it. That's why they wanted out - taxation without real representation.

      It's why Lincoln tried to impose an unconstitutional income tax.

      Which also failed.

      Abe was no hero.

    2. How did the south pay? Tariffs were ob imports, the south exported, the north imported.

    3. This "The Civil War was over tariffs" stuff always makes me laugh. I always ask the folks claiming this if they've ever read South Carolina's "Ordinance of Secession," in which they lay out the reasons for secession. Remarkably few of them have. Hardly any, in fact.

      I'll save you the trouble of Googling it. Here is the link. One thing I notice right off, the words "tariff" or "imposts" does not appear. The word "slave" or "slavery," however, appears rather a lot.

      Give me a break.....

  4. And Lincoln also opposed "a useful labor supply" called slavery.

    If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it

    Letter to Horace Greeley.

    1. Lincoln's letter to Horace Greeley would be defined
      in current terms as a "leak" to a journalist. Lincoln had to assuage
      the border states. Most important of which was Maryland.As events with the war turned in favor of the union, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. Abolition had always been a central point since Harpers Ferry.

    2. And yet Lincoln did end up freeing the slaves. I really don't care about the journey he took to arrive at that point, reaching the destination is what was important. And Lincoln got us there. Well, him and the "radical" Republicans who passed the 13th Amendment.

  5. The difference between slaves and illegal aliens:

    You have to buy slaves. You also have to feed, clothe and house them. Illegal aliens you just rent by the hour.

    1. There are millions of illegal aliens being fed, clothed, and housed by the U.S. taxpayer. - Elric

  6. Wow, Jeb Bush. How appropriate for the open borders pansies at the Chamber.

    1. Remember how during 43's presidency, the media was telling us that Jeb! was the "smart" Bush brother, and what a pity we got George instead of him? Just one more instance of why you should NEVER listen to the media.....

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