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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Trump must fight for free speech

Donald Rumsfeld taught us that there are the knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns.

But there is a fourth category: the unknown knowns, which are the things you do not realize you know.

For example, we know about the bans on conservative commentators come from pressure from Democrats.

We know this because Democrats know President Donald John Trump thumped them in 2016 by using social media.

The likely culprits are the Obamas. We know this because Obama violated the Constitution to spy on the press, political opponents, and Donald John Trump.

We also know that Michelle loves to throw her weight around like some wives of post commanders. She got Roseanne Barr fired over a bad joke, and charges dropped against Jussie Smollett.

But the Obamas are just part of the fascist left's crusade against civil rights. The American press also is championing the silencing conservatives as it is virulently opposed to free speech.

The press used to support letting everyone speak.

40 years ago, the press championed allowing neo-Nazis to speak in Skokie, Illinois.

20 years ago, the press supported allowing klansmen to speak in Cleveland.

But now the press has supported mob censorship of people who spoke against renaming a park in Charlottesville, Virginia. The press favors silencing people in the name of protecting people from hate speech.

Readers may not think much of CNN, but journalists revere it.

CNN reported, "Trump tweets support for far-right figures banned by Facebook."

CNN made it appear as if Louis Farrakhan is a "far-right figure."

Farrakhan is a friend of O.

Instead of standing up for freedom, these fascists want to silence free-thinkers.

CNN used the excuse that some of these people push conspiracy theories.


CNN pushed the bizarre conspiracy theory that President Trump hired hookers to pee in a bed that the Obamas had slept in.

If social media is going to ban kooks, it should start with CNN.

We shall see if President Trump takes up the free speech cause.

Because the press no longer does, and Obama never did. Those are now known knows.


  1. IMO, there is no legal basis for hate speech. I may not like it, but freedom and our Constitution requires we/I have tolerance for what we find abhorrent. Just ignore it. We do NOT have thought crimes in our country, regardless of who is accused. Those crimes reside in the book "1984".

    1. Did you mean to say no legal basis for banning hate speech?

  2. Sadly, it goes beyond free speech on apps like Twitter and Facebook.
    It goes beyond lefties banding together to post negative reviews on Amazon, or "report" people they don't approve of to Google or to the people's employers.

    Now lefties want internet hosting companies to deny service. And banks to refuse to process credit card transactions. The targets of these attacks have broken no law. But lefties treat Conservatives, well, like Dems treated blacks in the pre-Civil Rights era. You know: segregation, second class citizenship, curtailed rights, hostility, terror acts and the like.

  3. They're just picking off competitors who comprise the alt. media. Its now forbidden fruit meaning it will make them even more attractive. Newcomers will want to know what ideas the ruling class is trying to stop from spreading.

    An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any government or corporation.

    And Twitter is censoring people from Venezuela and Palestine whose ideas expose the media narratives/fake news. Most of you here support that because you love Trump policing the world.

    In other words, a republican should but a democrat should never. That hypocrisy.

    As if Obama didn't turn Libya, Syria, and Iraq into shambles policing those nations. Because its now Trump its okay. Surber still has tingles down his leg after Trump declared Jerusalem the new capitol! Its hypocrisy of the highest order. I guess you ideologues here think Israel is the 51st state. If people refuse to accept that then they must be racist. Both sides love to play race cards to avoid debating an issue.

    So we see you folks aren't much different from the Leftists you complain about ad infinitum.

    1. Most of you here support that because you love Trump policing the world.

      Can't say what planet you live on, but down here on Earth, Trump is getting us out of that business. Zippy was the one trying to start new wars.

  4. 40 years ago, the press championed allowing neo-Nazis to speak in Skokie, Illinois.

    By that time, the Lefty press was already turning anti-Semitic.

  5. Twitter alternatives


    Google search alternatives

    Duck duck go

    Chrome browser alternatives

    Comodo dragon (chrome without Google )

    YouTube alternatives


    Facebook alteratives

    Gmail alternatives (costs @ $10/mo for 20-30 accounts)

    If you are using Twitter et al you need to stop complaining about. It is your fault for allowing them to do this to you.

    Walk away now.

    John Henry

    1. I heard Vimeo is censoring conservatives, too.

    2. You forgot a big one - android operating system on phones. Alternative - iPhone. Apple is not clean, but they beat google spying by a long shot.

    3. Good list. Thank you for posting it.

      Don't know about Vimeo. But with all these things, we must always be watchful -
      Semper Vigilans

    4. JH gets it.

      JH sees.

      JH knows this is not about us being saved by, but, rather, us saving ourselves.

      Us preventing the subversion of our Constitutional Republc.

      Us choosing to not be puppets, pawns, putz brained lackies, etc.

      Us doing it.

      We, the people.

      Making MAGA.

  6. I know that there is not much that Trump can do, but he should at least be hammering the social media companies constantly so people understand what is happening. I wonder if Trump even knows how viciously his supporters are being silenced.

  7. There is a lot PDJT could do and he could do it tomorrow

    1) Set up accounts on Mastodon and Gab. Announce publicly that he is worried about being banned on Twitter and will henceforth be posting on all three platforms simultaneously.

    2) Google has refused to perform work for the government. I know for the military, I think for the federal govt in general. Reason is disagreement with policies.

    PDJT should use that as a reason to remove Chrome from all govt computers. Ditto, block Google as a search option.

    The effect of this will be twofold:

    1) It will reduce Twitter's and Google's customer bases in govt by millions or tens of millions.

    2) It will show people outside of govt that there are alternatives that do not censor. It will give them "permission" or a bit of a push to leave those unfriendly platforms.

    I can see it, potentially, costing Google and Twitter more than 100 million regular users in the us and probably even more abroad.

    That might get them thinking about how they treat us deplorables.

    John Henry

    1. John Henry!!!!


    2. Excellent idea, John Henry!

      Thanks for that list of alternatives, too!

  8. Don,

    I love your blog and visit daily. What will you do if Google decides your speech is offensive and needs to be banned? Will I come one day and find your blog no longer exists?

    Do you have a backup plan? It is easy to set up a non-Google blog. It might cost you a few dollars but if you say the word I will be happy to chip in. I am sure other readers will be too.

    Ditto Twitter. Do you have a shadow account on Gab or Mastodon? If not, you should get one now.

    Mastodon particularly if for no other reason than to follow Thomas Wictor who was banned from Twitter.

    He's tooting up a storm there at

    As always, fascinating to read. Thank you again for introducing him to me via your blog last year.

    John Henry

    1. The feckless corporate cunts all should become the shadow accounts.

      And will be, when true MAGA citizens make it so.

      MAGA is the Quality.

      MAGA is becoming the Quantity.

      It truly is only a question of: will you power the MAGA train, ride the MAGA train, or, if really retarded, get run over by the MAGA train?

      MAGA is Constitutional Republic of States thus United.

      All else is shit.

      All other nations' citizens' envy Contitutional Republic. ALL of them.

  9. Ditto Gmail, Don.

    Get another non Google email address. Keep the Gmail for those who know it but point it to your new address and phase it out over time.

    John Henry

  10. Don't forget Don Lemon spe3culkating that the Malaysian airliner flew into the fourth dimension or something.


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