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Friday, May 24, 2019

Trump judge questions Democrat wall lawsuit

The Game of Robes is on.

After somehow managing to draw nothing but Obama judges to hear their frivolous lawsuits, Democrats finally drew a Trump judge.

The Washington Post is not pleased.

It reported, "A U.S. judge on Thursday sharply challenged a House lawsuit to block construction of President Trump’s border wall after a senior Justice Department attorney said Congress cannot sue to enforce its constitutional power of the purse and that courts should stay out of political disputes between branches of government.

"The Democratic-led House filed suit in Washington on April 5 to prevent work after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused the administration of 'stealing from appropriated funds' by seeking to transfer $6.7 billion more for the effort than the $1.375 billion Congress approved, a shift of money from other projects lawmakers authorized.

"Trump declared a national emergency in February to redirect mostly military-designated funding for the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border after losing a grueling two-month fight over fully paying for it that prompted a government shutdown.

"But over nearly three hours of arguments, U.S. District Judge Trevor N. McFadden of the District said there were few cases to guide how courts should rule on a major test of the constitutional separation of powers, and pressed House general counsel Douglas Letter to point to historical precedent allowing one chamber of Congress to sue the president to settle political differences.

"Whether the House has legal standing to sue is 'problematic' and a 'significant issue in this case,' said McFadden, citing the bedrock legal requirement that a party prove it is being harmed and show that only a court can address it. 'Courts are not there to adjudicate just interesting constitutional or political questions between the branches,' he added later."


Maybe a lawyer can straighten me out on this, but isn't standing pretty basic?

If you don't have standing -- the ability to file a lawsuit -- aren't you just wasting the court's time?

And isn't filing a suit where you do not have standing the definition of a frivolous lawsuit?

Perhaps President Donald John Trump can sue Congress for legal fees, like he did Stormy Daniels.

And use the money to build the wall.


  1. Mrs. Pelosi has booked a flight to Hawaii.

    1. She should book one to Cuba... One way.

    2. She lives in a guarded compound, but does have to leave it occasionally. And dodging all the poop and needles can get tiring...

  2. There are a lot of federal judges and they all serve for life. Many of them were appointed by Bush II, Clinton, and Bush I. Somehow Trump keeps drawing Obama judges.

    It's as if someone is gaming the system to ensure that their cases will be "randomly" assigned to the right judge.

    1. I'm sure they've been shopping judges ever they started suing Trump. I think somebody just screwed up this time.

  3. But I thought Chief Justice Roberts was adamant there is no such thing as a Trump judge or an Obama judge.
    Didn't WaPo act as if that was the absolute Truth?

  4. Standing is very important. Usually a tax payer cannot sue for believed misuse of appropriations, as happened to me, and the same applies to congress; one has to show direct harm or in congress' case impeachment or proposed legislation. The NY state rep who stated that that they need to see Trump's taxes to find a crime that needs legislation; just like Beria to Stalin saying show me a man and I will find a crime.

  5. Maxine Waters' HairMay 24, 2019 at 12:12 PM

    Trump judge?1?!!1??

    Trump can't have a judge!!1!!


    1. You are beginning to be believable as being mad maxine.

      Fo shizzles!!!

  6. What Trump is doing is based on the law. If Democrats want to stop him they need to pass a law to stop him.

  7. Since an Obama 'robe' has allowed Trump's confidential financial records to be released to the Democrats it is now time for the Administration to subpoena the financial records of Pelosi, Schumer and the rest.

    The Dems have started a war which I suspect will go very badly for them, once their own financials start being examined.