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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Trump cracks down on exploiting illegal aliens

In his appearance before the American Federation of Teachers, in which he fondled a 10-year-old girl, Joe Biden waxed poetically about how coyotes help immigrants make it to the United States like his great-great-great-grandfather did.

The reality is coyotes rape women and children. Amnesty International said two-thirds of the women are raped along the way.

Sasha G. Lewis wrote, "Slave Trade Today: American Exploitation of Illegal Aliens."

In 1979.

Let us not pretend that the exploitation of illegal aliens is anything less than a multi-billion-dollar industry that pays off rent-to-own politicians like Biden.

The Nvxim sex slave trial showed just how vulnerable illegal aliens are, and just how sick Democrat donors are.

The New York Post reported, "Seagram’s heiress and accused Nxivm benefactor Clare Bronfman tried to buy influence for the alleged sex cult by illegally raising money for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, a former group member testified in court Monday.

"Bronfman funneled thousands of dollars into Clinton’s campaign coffers — far in excess of legal limits to contributions — to 'curry favor' with the powerhouse political family, according to Mark Vicente, a documentary filmmaker and former member of the Nxivm group that is accused of keeping women as sex slaves."

But of course.

When it comes to enabling men to exploit women, no one is quite at the Hillary-level. She is the patron saint of sex predators. From defending a 40-year-old who raped a 12-year-old to slut-shaming the sex harassment victim of her husband to marrying off her top aide to Anthony Weiner, Hillary is the eye of the sex exploitation storm.

Those coyotes that Biden cheered bring fresh meat.

The New York Daily News reported, "A Mexican woman under the influence of an upstate “sex cult” said in court Tuesday that NXIVM’s leader used her immigration status against her to keep her in line, and ignored her when she sought an abortion.

"The woman, named only as Daniela in trial testimony against NXIVM chief Keith Raniere, said her undocumented immigrant status was constantly used to keep her in compliance as a sex slave to the man she was forced to call her master.

"'I didn’t realize it at the time,' Daniela told jurors in Brooklyn Federal Court. 'It would be held over my head the fact that they had brought me into the country, and that it was a liability.'

"But that didn’t stop NXIVM leaders from sneaking her over the Canadian border once with a shoddy fake ID, she said.

"Daniela, now 33, was the middle sister of three siblings that Raniere was having sex with, according to her testimony, including a 15-year-old girl who was under the age of consent. Not only did Daniela become pregnant as a result of her relationship with Raniere, but so did her baby sister, who had an abortion when she was 18, the woman testified."

It is not only the kickbacks from Planned Parenthood that keeps Democrats the Party of Abortion.

President Donald John Trump is cracking down on Biden's beloved coyotes.

Daily Caller reported, "Arrests of people caught providing shelter or helping illegal immigrants have sharply increased since the beginning of the Trump administration.

"There were 4,532 people federally charged with harboring and bringing in immigrants in fiscal year 2018, according to a study by Syracuse University and reported by NPR. The numbers were an uptick from the 3,902 charged the previous year and an over 30% jump from 2015.

"Much of the rise followed then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order in 2017 to prioritize enforcement of the harboring statute, which makes it a crime 'in any manner whatsoever' to help bring a foreign national into the U.S. outside of a designated port of entry."



  1. I am shocked Slow Joe got this wrong. Guess he was too focused on the 10 year old.

  2. Isn't she a little old for Joe?

  3. I stand with Joe Mama no matter what you haters say. The country’s in the very best of hands with Joe Sistah.

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