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Monday, May 13, 2019

The price of sidewalk poop

San Francisco stopped enforcing hygiene laws, including a ban on pooping on the streets. Several cities in California help junkies shoot up by providing them with needles. The state is a magnet for vagrants. The Golden State has become the Poop State.

That is on top of the state's sanctuary cities which attract illegal aliens.

If not enforcing hygiene or immigration laws were good policy, then California would flourish, however, the Sacramento Bee discovered the opposite is happening.

The Bee reported, "California’s population is growing more slowly than expected, making it increasingly likely it will lose at least one congressional seat in 2020 — and maybe more.

"'Right now, the current numbers that are coming in look very much like California is on track to lose a seat,' Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Research Fellow Eric McGhee told the Sacramento Bee.

"McGhee’s assessment came after the state released its latest demographic report on May 1. The report, produced by the California Department of Finance, estimates that California added 186,807 residents in 2018, a growth rate of 0.47 percent. That is the slowest in the state’s history, the department noted, which it attributed to 'a significant decline in births,' as well as lower student enrollment and a rise in deaths as California’s Baby Boomers continue to age.


Middle-class Californians are leaving California because the state's Democrats do not want a middle class because the middle class are too daggone successful to be wards of the state.

Junkies, vagrants, and illegal aliens need government assistance, and Democrats are providing it. Sleepy Creepy Joe said we are obligated to give free medical care to illegal aliens.

I have news for California: it gets worse.

As long as Democrats are in charge, California will deteriorate. Taxes will rise. Services will fall. Debt will climb.

I saw it happen in West Virginia. We suffered more than eight decades of Democrat control of the Legislature, the judiciary, and the executive branch with an occasional Republican governor. Our state lost half its congressmen to the Census in that time.

Letting people poop on the sidewalk carries a price.

California will pay it beginning in 2022 when it loses at least one congressional seat and at least one vote in the Electoral College.


  1. If they stop counting illegal aliens, they'll lose a few more.

  2. Like my mother used to say, eventually you have to pay the piper, I mean pooper.

  3. The actual current cost to San Francisco is 5 full-time workers to clean up the poop by washing it down the drain. Considering benefits and other costs, I calculate that that is about a quarter million dollars a year per worker. Way to support Democrat Unions!!!

    1. We just spent $10 million to separate storm sewers from poop (sanitation) sewers in Poca. San Francisco is turning its storm sewers into poop sewers.

  4. Public health was one of the major justifications for the progressive project. They've been running out of pretexts to advance an agenda lately. Maybe they hope they can get some kind of restart going.

    "Help desk?"
    "The progressive project has stopped working."
    "Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?"
    "Gee. Never thought of that. Thanks."

    1. Tell them you need to leave it turned off at least 2 national election cycles so it can properly reset. If that doesn’t work, try 4 more cycles... ;-)

  5. Census Bureau: "You'll have to enforce the hygiene laws or give up a congressional seat, California."

    California: "We ain't givin' up sh*t!"

  6. The "Granola state".
    Fruits, nuts, and flakes have ruined California.

  7. I'm in the process of leaving the "Poop" state and anxiously await closing on the sale of our house. It's an incredibly mismanaged state.

  8. All of my family is here, so leaving CA isn't an option. However, it's loss of influence will be a very good thing for the state as well as the country.

  9. The core problem is not people like Nonny the Ninny shitting in the streets. that is a symptom. The problem is that the people who voted in the nut cases who voted for this are now unhappy with the result, packing up and moving. When they land in an area populated with saner people, they then want to change every thing to how it was in the shit hole they just left thereby turning a beautiful place like Colorado into a liberal shit hole.
    We need to rethink the Constitutional requirement regarding state citizenship. People should be citizens of the state where they came of legal age, or their place of birth, then regardless of where they move, they would only be able to vote in their home state and home city elections and not spread their retardation across the entire continent.

  10. San Fran provides a road map on how to destroy your city. Quit enforcing your laws and ordinances, which encourages criminals to flock to your city. Make your City a Sanctuary which attracts even more criminals. The elites are unaffected while the vulnerable suffer the most. LA, San Fran, Portland, and Seattle are in a race to the bottom. San Fran is leading but the others are trying hard to catch up.

  11. ...and then there's Seattle...I'm just sick.


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