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Saturday, May 25, 2019

The press serves the Deep State

Before it was written, the American press demanded President Donald John Trump release the Mueller Report. He did.

Now the president plans to release more documents concerning the spying on his campaign by Obama. He has asked Bill Barr to do so.

The press is alarmed.

The Washington Post said, "President Trump's new executive order giving the attorney general broad authority to declassify government secrets threatens to expose U.S. intelligence sources."

That is from the newspaper that published the Pentagon Papers. The story won a Pulitzer.

The New York Times said, "President Trump’s order allowing Attorney General William P. Barr to declassify any intelligence that sparked the opening of the Russia investigation sets up a potential confrontation with the C.I.A., including over the possible implications for a person close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia who provided information to the C.I.A. about his involvement in Moscow’s 2016 election interference.

"The concern about the source, who is believed to be still alive, is one of several issues raised by Mr. Trump’s decision to use the intelligence to pursue his political enemies. It has also prompted fears from former national security officials and Democratic lawmakers that other sources or methods of intelligence gathering — among the government’s most closely held secrets — could be made public, not because of leaks to the news media that the administration denounces, but because the president has determined it suits his political purposes."

That is from the newspaper that in 2005 published a report on spying on terrorists despite pleas from the Bush administration that people would die. The story won a Pulitzer.

Suddenly keeping secrets matters more than the truth.

Politico wrote, "Under the National Security Act, a post-World War II overhaul of the country’s military and intelligence structure, intelligence agencies are legally required to protect the unauthorized declassification of their secretive sources and information-gathering tactics. But Trump’s directive seemingly gave the attorney general the power to determine what should be declassified, potentially upending decades of precedent."

Of course, presidents can declassify whatever they want. And the CIA, FBI, and all the rest work for the president. He is the nation's chief executive officer. There is no such thing as an independent government agency. The president is at the top of their chain of command.

The president's job is to oversee these agencies, not abuse them. But over the years the lines were blurred as presidents deferred policy decisions to civil service employees.

Congress meanwhile stopped legislating, instead turning over power to the executive branch through the promulgation of rules.

We call it red tape but really it is legislation. If you can go to jail or pay a fine for violating a rule, it is a law. The Constitution created an elected Congress, not civil servants, to make the law.

But the press is the servant of the Deep State which metes out stories through its leaks. Woodward and Bernstein wrote their Watergate stories not for the public but to please Mark Felt, the man Nixon passed over when he appointed Clarence M. Kelley as FBI director following the death of J.Edgar Hoover.

Please the Deep State, win a Pulitzer.

Under Obama, the Deep State was satisfied.

Then we elected Donald John Trump president and all hell broke loose. On Inauguration Day, the Times ran a front-page story about the new president's alleged ties to Russia.

Obama had shared transcripts of wiretaps of Trump campaign officials with the Times. Obama had nothing on President Trump but he sure could cast shade on the new president.

The rest of the media showed no concern at all that Obama had weaponized the intelligence community to spy on a political opponent.

And when President Trump later complained about the wiretaps, the Times and the rest of the press aided and abetted Obama's attempts to cover up his unconstitutional abuse of power.

They mocked President Trump and said prove it.

He has. Now they are parsing words. It is surveillance, not spying, they argue. Besides, the investigation was justified, they argue.

Now President Trump will show them it was all a ruse. The Deep State cries foul. Only jail will shut them up.


  1. Democrat Lawmakers, please. There is nothing democratic about Democrats.

    1. Yes, Democrat, not Democratic. Seems everyone in the press, the media, articles, everywhere, makes that mistake and it bugs me. It's the Democrat Party and they are Democrats.

    2. Bugs me, too. It's the wrong word.

      - Gary B

  2. Putin is the Don of a successful Mafia organization. He is one of the world's richest men surrounded by fully armed security everywhere he goes, even on vacation in villas of his fellow oligarchs. He has personally eliminated not a few of his opposition. The idea that there is a source next to him he is not profiting from is ludicrous. Even the Times doesn't believe this. Or, maybe, as Stalin said about himself once after having betrayed almost everyone around him "I no longer trust anyone, even myself" could as easily be applied to them. They have lied so much about Trump they probably can't tell truth from fiction. But then again in his case they never cared.

  3. I don't recall hearing or reading about this "person close to Putin" prior to Trump's decision to declassify. Could it be we might be being lied to again? I'm shocked.

  4. ...Inventor and software designer Dennis Montgomery, a CIA/DOD/DHS/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower, alerted FBI Director James Comey’s office in 2015 that President Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had turned the super-surveillance system that Montgomery designed for foreign surveillance, known as THE HAMMER, into a domestic surveillance system.

    Montgomery became alarmed when Obama and his intelligence chiefs Brennan and Clapper turned the super-surveillance system against the American people....
    ...Montgomery claims that Brennan and Clapper used the super-surveillance system Montgomery designed to spy on Article III federal judges, including the onetime head of the FISA court Judge Reggie Walton, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts: and al

  5. We have entered a target rich environment. There numerous targets in the Executive Branch, in the Legislative Branch, in the Judicial Branch, and in the Media. Once a target is identified, take it out, incarcerate, and interrogate. The people who conspired, perpetrated, and/or were complicit in this scandal are right to be getting nervous. - Elric

  6. There was a very early Dilbert that is applicable here...

    The Deep State is like toxic waste, it can be used for good or evil.

    Also, you don't want to get any on you.

    1. The only use I can come up with would be to make the Lunar surface uninhabitable for a few thousand years.

  7. "There is no such thing as an independent government agency"

    Of course there is! The FED and the media openly brag repeatedly how "independent" the FED is. The FED is a private banking cartel ruled by Presidential appointees.

    But the FED controls the list of appointees. So when Trump nominated two folks not on their list Congress went apeshit and Trump backed down.

    The people who are above audit and criticism are the source of real power.

  8. The NY Times will print whatever they are told to by the FBI. The fact that they've been publishing stories containing CHS names and their spying activities on Trump campaign people just how is it that there could be a CHS "close to Putin?" This is cognitive dissonance to the nth degree.

  9. It's all about keeping el Jefe and Bribe Me-Granny out of Leavenworth.

    Suggested New Mottos:

    "Declassification Is A Cover-Up!"
    "Tell Us Less!"
    "Stop the Brutal Transparency!"
    "All the News That's Printed To Fix"
    "Democracy Dies In Sunlight"
    "America's Most Trusted Name In News Suppression!"
    "Now, Less Than Ever!"

    Issues and Insights: "The spying came in the wake of the AP’s reporting on a thwarted Yemen-based bomb plot, which contained classified information about the CIA operation. Months later, the AP learned that the Obama DOJ had vacuumed up two-months of phone records on 21 different lines trying to find the leaker...the DOJ actually collected records on 30 phones. Columbia Journalism Review--“Disturbingly, the report does not come close to explaining why the subpoenas targeted the trunk lines of major AP offices — lines which could potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the AP’s newsgathering activities.” Bad as this was, it was just one of several examples of the Obama administration’s efforts to bully and silence the few reporters who dared challenge his spin on events. Yet, despite the occasional grumbling by an editor or a reporter here or there, most of these attacks went unnoticed. Whenever Obama spoke to the press, he pretended to be their champions. And the press, in turn, acted like teenagers in love rather than professionals threatened by a paranoid control freak."

    Obama spied on everyone except America's enemies. Because those were his friends.

    They warned me if I voted for Trump, reports of presidential wiretapping on opponents and the press would soon follow. And they were right.

  10. One of theories has to be true- either the source is already caught based on the first stories in which this source appeared over a year ago, or the story about him is total fabrication.

    Take you your pick- one of those has to be true.

  11. I mean, seriously- do you really think Putin's security people aren't clever enough to find this source based solely on the details in the NYTimes- details, mind you, that come from anti-Trump leakers in the CIA.

    If you really cared about protecting a source, the first thing you do is not tell a newspaper that he exists, much less his gender, his closeness to other people, or that he has given details about particular operations. You do those sorts of leaks, you have betrayed him yourself.

  12. No, sadly, the press, almost entirely, are political propagandists for the Democrat party.

    Journalism as we know it is dead in America.

  13. Murtha, a Democrat politician back then, also asked the NYT not to our the tracking on the money tracing program. NYT also asked about methods of gathering intelligence without enhanced methods of interrogation, then blew one of them up.

  14. The President is NOT the chief Executive Officer of the entire Nation. We are a union of sovereign States (countries). The States are not sub-corporations of the federal (general) government. The States created the general government to deal with foreign objects only and will have no authority over the States except in foreign object and foreign commerce. The president of the executive branch of the general government is not a King or Queen. It's sad that people still want a monarchy.

  15. the media not only supports the deep state they are part of it.