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Monday, May 13, 2019

The media must pay

Dan Bongino tweeted a message to Media Hacks on Sunday: "How does it feel knowing you face-planted on the two biggest stories of our time? You lied and told us 'collusion' was real and Obama admin spying was a hoax. The truth was the exact opposite. How does that feel knowing you failed at the one job you had?"

The media's accommodation of Barack Obama's unconstitutional spying on a political opponent damaged this nation by undermining the legitimacy of its president for two years with a bogus investigation.

The media should pay.

When President Trump told the world that Obama had spied on him, the media refused to ask Obama about this.

Instead the media mocked our president.

The Washington Post almost immediately posted, "Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower."

Reuters reported, "Trump says Obama wiretapped him during campaign; gives no evidence."

The New York Times reported, "Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones."

But two years later, we know President Donald John Trump spoke the truth.

Where is the correction? Where is the retraction? Where is the apology?

Instead the media took as gospel Obama's false affidavits that Donald John Trump colluded with Putin. The media never demanded any evidence.

Now the truth is out. The media had the story as backwards. The real colluder was Obama, who used lies by the Kremlin to frame Donald Trump in order to justify spying on him.

Instead of showing any remorse, the media congratulated itself. Journalists gave each other Pulitzers for two years of lying to the public.

The insiders at the Times and the Post knew all along that the Steele dossier was oppo research paid by Hillary, and cooked up by Kremlin insiders and campaign hacks.

The Times actually had access to the transcripts of Obama's wiretaps two months before President Trump's tweets. We know this because the Times reported on those transcripts in a front-page story on Inauguration Day.

The timing of that story was deliberate. Obama and the Times wanted to rain on President Trump's parade.

By the way, two hours after that March 4 tweet, Glenn Reynolds posted:
LBJ used government resources to spy on opponents. Why should we think Obama wouldn’t?
If a blogger 500 miles from D.C. could see it, why couldn't those oh-so-self-important journalists in Washington, D.C.?

How about less time in the green rooms at CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, and a little more time walking the beat and asking tough questions of Democrats?

Less awe of Obama and less disdain for President Donald John Trump also would help.

Finally, no man is perfect; quit acting like you are.


  1. How more people do not see that the media is a propaganda machine for the left is beyond me. Pravda looks mild next to the politicized media we have in this country.

    I look upon them with distain, and am disgusted that still far too many people believe this lying pack of wolves who are more about spinning things for the left than they are about making sure the truth is reported.

  2. As eric hoffer pointed out, all the way back to Egyptian temple paintings, on one side serfs, peasants, and slaves gathering, toting, and baling.

    On the other side, next to the government overseer with the whip, is the scribe keeping track.

    Better than old Soviets, where the scribes had to join the serfs digging potatoes out of frozen ground.

  3. "The media must pay"

    Spoken like a true banana Republican.

    1. So give us your very learned discourse of just what you think should happen to people who attempted and are still attempting to destroy a legally elected President of the United States.

    2. Constitutionally elected President.

      With the fake news being the Constitutionally known result of the Constitution as honestly complied with.

      It is for the citizens, all, of our Constitutional Republic to choose what to conclude is true, and the citizens, being impeded by those who deny free speech to some, are being violated by those who suppress, censor, suspend access to and otherwise deny our freedom of speech to anyone, the exception being Constitutional in defining.

      This "media" is paying, by the fact of them being so clearly full of political lies, fabrications, distortions, duplicities and the like, that any who choose to see, will and do see.

      The rest are notsee creatures, fascist, nazi creatures.

      The generous nature of the notsee/fascist/nazi trolls in revealing, with wanton abandon, their natures, is a gift to those who, being free, do, indeed, see.

  4. Nothnig will change without a public trial for treason.

  5. The media will never "pay". A. Constitutional amendment would be absolutely necessary,but it wil never happen because the people themselves do not care if they are lied to day and night as long as they are entertained. There is a faint possibility some private citizen like the kid suing CNN will do some damage but I doubt even that. What's a few million to an entertainment company worth 10s or even hundreds of billions? Stories people want to hear, even if made up, make money, the old.bottom line. ATT could have fired Zucker for promoting dishonesty in media. Instead he got more responsibility and probably more money. In a spasm of honesty Zucker said he tried to report on something other than Trump but then no one watched. CNN is not government funded so He had to go back to what worked. As Russel Crow asks of the toothless rabble watching him decapitate some hapless opponent with a flourish in "Gladiator" "Are you not entertained?" When the answer is yes, money or blood flows in torrents, truth or fairness becomes irrelevant.

    1. Then, it is on the citizens to help any other who is being successfully fooled by the lies the liars tell.


      That means citizens will have to actually have conversations with other citizens.

      Oh, the humanity!!!!

  6. He media will go down lying and fighting the truth til the end. The only hope is bloggers like Don and Twitter (until they shut down the conservative/true voices).

    1. I have always said that government confiscation of guns was a red line that should cause an armed uprising.
      Wholesale stifling of conservative speach by the social media platforms in the days before an election should probably be another.

  7. Y’all need to have a little bit more faith in The American people, and God.

    1. I have faith in GOD. His people failed time after time, and we are making them look astute.
      We murder children and call it choice,better a millstone...
      We tolerate homosexuality and call it a life style. GOD calls it an abomination. The list is long and we are guilty.
      I have faith we will do the wrong thing again and again.

  8. The remedy to this, and to Don's previous post on regulating social media, is not government regulation or prosecution (except in cases of libel) but to troll them. I believe the President is doing this already, and I know they troll conservative sites. Turn the 'news' people into the SNL comedy they have become. If Saturday Night Live, a comedy show, has become politicized, then why shouldn't the highly politicized news media be turned into a comedy for all to see? I just caught a BBC clip of Marr against Farage where the austere BBC is totally exposed, and Farage did it with grace and good humor.

    1. The whole wad of paper is just the Sunday funnies 2.0. The big question is how many people will keep parakeets when the newspapers are gone.