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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Thank you, Brian Sims for rallying pro-lifers

Democrat state senator Brian Sims of Pennsylvania filmed himself harassing a little old lady who was praying for the babies outside an abortion mill.

Brian Sims flashes his IQ.

Sims said, "She is an old white lady, who is going to try to avoid showing you her face."

Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Sims. (Actually, it is Colonel Sims. His mother was a lieutenant colonel, as was his father.)

He called her names and asked viewers of his video to find out where she lives and picket her.

At 40, Sims is a big old bully who quit church at 16 and got elected because he's gay. He was the President of Equality Pennsylvania, and chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia.

He is also a bully.

He rationalized his bullying a woman praying for babies as pushing back against Planned Parenthood protesters.

That is an interesting concept. May we push back like that against liberal protesters?

But of course, a man who favors killing babies has no use for -- as he put it -- "an old white lady."

His tactics made the left uncomfortable because his video allowed the mask of civility to slip a little.

Atlantic magazine reported, "The eight-minute video Sims posted last week, filmed outside a clinic near Philadelphia’s Center City, in Sims’s district, shows the lawmaker berating a representative of the local anti-abortion group Sidewalk Servants, which recruits volunteers to pray outside the clinic and hand out information about abortion alternatives to those entering the premises.

"'Shame on you, ma’am, for standing out here thinking you know what’s right for other people’s bodies,' he told the woman, while she stayed mostly silent and attempted to hide her face. A clip was surfaced shortly thereafter by Live Action, an anti-abortion media organization, that showed Sims confronting a group of teenage protesters in front of the same clinic in April, and offering viewers money to identify the teenagers by name, a practice known as doxing."

The Atlantic story was written to discourage counter-protests at abortion mills. Erica Sackin, the senior director of communications for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said, "From a distance, protests and counterprotests look the same to a patient who’s just coming in to get health care."

The devil does not want to spook the marks with protests.

National Review's Alexandra Desanctis told the rest of the story.

She wrote, "After Sims tweeted the video last weekend of himself bullying the older woman, the incident received national coverage from conservative media and pro-life commentators, leading Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh to suggest on Twitter that pro-life people respond with a rally in Philadelphia.

"The response was overwhelming, and almost overnight, pro-life groups such as Live Action jumped in to organize the event. At 11 a.m. this morning, close to a thousand opponents of abortion gathered on the street and sidewalk, which was blocked off by police cars. Planned Parenthood clinic volunteer escorts stood on the corners, and one told National Review he was there to make sure women who wanted to get into the clinic would be able to do so."

For the first time in my adult life, I do believe abortion will end. Keep praying because God listens.


  1. He certainly does. I shudder to think what He has in mind for us. I pray for revival and empowerment of all His people to remain faithful to Jesus and the Holy Scriptures. Repentance begins with His people. Amen.

  2. Technology will be the tool that aborts abortions.

  3. They also raised over 100,000 grand last time I looked. I donated fifty bucks just to stick it to the freak Sims. The bonus was I supported a good cause too.

  4. One of these days he's going to pick on the wrong old person. Like say a local black pastor-Trump supporter, Viet vet. Sims would think that those Jump wings on is MAGA hat were for decoration..

  5. IQ? He is holding up one finger, and his thumb is pointing left indicating less than. I think you are spot on.
    BTW Happy Mother's Day to your mom and fine wife.

  6. The video of this cowardly creep that I saw made it clear that he was targeting young girls, there praying for the victims of that abortion mill, who I later found out were 13 and 15years old. Then he verbally attacked their mother. He is a disgusting POS.

    He said he'd give a $100 reward to anyone who could doxx the young girls; that puts their lives in danger. I wish there had been a real man there, who would've used an old-fashioned remedy against this jerk.

    This yellowbellied craven has no place in government, he should be removed from office and banished from polite company!

  7. Google "4D ultrasound" and you'll see incredibly sharp pictures of these strange creatures in the womb that look like babies, act like them, and move like them. Science says otherwise I guess seeing isn't believing for these neo scientists.

  8. I am pro-choice and always will stand up for a women's right to choose. I believe firmly in separation of church and state; tjw founders of our country believed that religion should not play a part in lawmaking. That said. what this man did to the mom and teenage girls was despicable and ignorant. They were expressing their beliefs in a nonviolent way which we all have a right to do in a free society.

    1. Your belief about the founders is utterly wrong and absurd. By your lights no Christian is eligible to vote. There is no separating a Christian form his worldview, and if elected to office, that worldview goes with them.

      Amendment one states:

      "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

      In other words, the Feds can not establish a Church, as did England, nor can the Feds keep someone from exercising that religion. In short, the wall of separation, as Jefferson stated, is one way. It restricts the government, not the citizens, or even those representing the people in Congress. In short, it protects the believer from Government, and from people like you.

  9. Unknown: Nice for a change to see a responsible person, who would appear to be liberal, recognize the rights of the individual to oppose peacefully acts which they do not believe are correct. I have receive 3 death threats in the past for doing peaceful picketing on other issues.
    We all must defend the Bill of Rights or no one will end up with any rights.