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Friday, May 03, 2019

Tariffs work

Not a whole lot more to add.

Every Republican president from Lincoln through Reagan supported protective tariffs. Indeed, it was the 12th of the 17 planks in the original Republican platforms that elected Lincoln president.

Lincoln was a strong supporter of protective tariffs.

Two days before Lincoln's inauguration, Democrat President Buchanan gifted him by signing the Morrill Tariff, which passed through Congress as Southern states withdrew their congressmen and senators at the outset of secession, which was the Pussyhat Resistance of the day. Southerners opposed tariffs.

Republican Congressman Justin Smith Morrill wrote it but he is best known for his land-grant colleges which set up universities across the land including West Virginia University. He is a reminder that we used to send people to Washington who were not knotheads.

Lincoln signed the land-grants bill into law in 1862. Lincoln also set up construction of the first transcontinental railroad. The Civil War ended slavery, and tariffs and railroads built the post-war economy.

Reagan also used protective tariffs to revive the economy.

The Neocons cried "free market" to tear down the walls of tariffs that protected our economy.

But the market is not free. Other countries subsidize their industries. We tax ours.

President Trump went back to the roots of the party.

Let the Neocons rant. No one cares because unemployment just slid to 3.6%. Wages now average $27.77, which is more than $57,000 a year. Inflation is low. The economy is growing at 3%-plus.

The experts all said no one wins a trade war, and yet Americans are doing their best since the 1960s. Things have not been this good since the Beatles broke up.

We have an American president who puts America first.

The people in the media and the federal government cannot stand him.

What does that tell you about those two institutions? Maybe we should ship them to Red China where they would be happier.

But I would rather ship to Red China steel made in Pittsburgh. Thanks to President Trump that may happen some day.


  1. Biden got the firefighters to endorse him in Pittsburgh. Will Trump get the steelworkers?

    1. I retired as a Steelworker. My union supported Obama even when he tried to wipe out high-paying union jobs in our coal fields.

  2. People that don't understand self sufficiency are slaves to others.

  3. Protective taxes are just another form of wealth redistribution.

    So a few thousand folks might get temporary jobs while millions of us will pay much more for our cars and trucks. Wow that's putting Americans first?

    These jobs won't last because robotics will replace them meanwhile we'll still be paying more for cars. People like Surber are economic imbeciles.

    He believes a trade surplus for China means money out of his pocket. He can't prove that of course its an article of faith to him. It makes him feel good.

    Kinda like AOC in that regard.

    1. Need some clarification:

      Define “temporary jobs.” (ALL jobs are temporary, ultimately, as technology advances, unless you work for the Federal Government).

      “Pay much more.” How much? A round number will do.

      Do Americans make better products than the Chinese? Like, for example, dog treats.

      Lastly, saying Big D is like AOC is like saying you and James Holzhauer are about equally smart.

    2. “Protective taxes are just another form of wealth redistribution.“
      Yes, tariffs redistribute wealth to the American middle class whereas free trade has transferred wealth to the wealthy. Free trade outsourcing redistributes the wages of Americans to stock holders.

    3. So its good to know most here are against free trade and liberty. Good to know.

      A temporary job is a steel worker, a miner etc. His job is in jeopardy.

      As for me I am thankful China has a trade surplus. My clothes cost me less today than 25 years ago thanks to free trade. Not to mention electronics.

      Meanwhile education and health care skyrockets because both sides let DC run it all. They are monopoly markets.

      You folks here at not that much different from progressives. Genuine freedom, which existed before FDR and Wilson, scares you. So you cling to your social security, medicare, and 'free' education.

      With $200 trillion in off the books debt DC is bankrupt. Which is why DC must run trillion dollar deficits to keep it going. Meanwhile Surber cheers away as Trump is spending more than Omama each year.

    4. Everyone is in jeopardy while the government tries to run our lives. Or is that ruin? Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose -- until Trump's policies turned this country around, at least for now and until 2025.

    5. There is no such thing as free international trade. Managed trade, yes, and managed against the US. All that was done on the backs of Americans.

      What you call free trade is a Unicorn. It is also financing one of the greatest enemies the country has ever had. So, stick with you cheap clothes. Perhaps they will let you take some of them to the prison camp when they frog march you away.

    6. 2018 tariffs on washing machines raised washer and dryer prices by about 12%. The annual cost to US consumers is about $1.5 billion, and the tariffs bring in about $82 million. As intended, the tariffs created about 1,800 new jobs—but even after accounting for the tariff revenue, each new job created costs American consumers “roughly $820,000 per job created.”

      Prison camps? Seriously? See how you live in utter fear. Its really sad to see. Patriots never fear genuine liberty.

    7. Surber is taking press releases as gospel much like all reporters do. Remember the Foxconn press release?

      “Nearly two years ago, President Trump stood in the East Room of the White House and announced that Taiwan-based Foxconn — a major supplier of Apple technology — was going to build its first U.S. manufacturing facility, outside Milwaukee.” Trump said at the time: “This is a great day for American workers, and manufacturers, and for everyone who believes in the concept, and the label, ‘Made in the USA.'” I bring this up now because Wisconsin residents are still looking for the 13,000 jobs that were supposed to be created.

      Tariffs create minimal jobs at tremendous cost to everyone else. This ain't the 19th centurty anymore. But it makes the small minded folks feel good and that's all that counts.

    8. I meant by temporary jobs those that will be replaced by robotics within ten years.

      How much? Look above at the example on washing machines! It always works out like that. A few thousand benefit and 300 million pay.

      Like AOC...he assumes something to be true and argues from that presupposition. Such as tariff policy and Israel where he wants to gather all the jewish folks to be slaughtered in the great tribulation.

      He presumes God favors a nation of Israel. He never proves it from the bible does he. And AOC presumes the world will end in 12 years and proceeds to make policy on that. That is what I meant.

      Finally if anyone today criticizes Israel suddenly they are a racist. Its ridiculous and similar to criticizing black crime rates. Both sides do it all the time its silly.

  4. The question is whether China sees us as a sleeping giant or a senile giant. I suspect they believe the latter but fear the former.

  5. Kudos to US House Rep TX-1 (R) Louie Gohmert. He was a consistent supporter of US produced steel, telling President Donald J. Trump the US needed to keep a domestic steel industry if we were to maintain our safety (in times of war) and security (to continue to produce Oil Country Tubular Goods for US oil & gas wells).

  6. “Free trade” = cheap Chinese-made crap that breaks every 2 years and cannot be fixed or isn’t worth fixing because hey look more cheap Chinese-made crap is on sale!

    No thanks. More stuff != better life. In fact less stuff = better life.

  7. President Trump already has the Chinese buying U.S. soy beans, rice, and pork. Why not steel? It may turn out to be cheaper to buy it from us, and of better quality, instead of paying to subsidize their steel industry. - Elric

    1. Not only cheaper...but the foodstuffs we sell them won't be laced with poisonous material--like the Chinese have been known to do with the baby formula they produce for their own kids.

  8. Isn't endless casting the same as Continuous casting?

    If so, nucor built the first continuous casting and rolling mill in Indiana in the 80s.

    Still,i am very happy to see the investment.

    John Henry

    1. I don't know if the difference is semantic, or there is a difference in the process. Like you, I'm glad for the investment.

  9. People in The media, government and Hollywood don’t deserve to be sent to China. Venezuela for them.

  10. " the outset of secession, which was the Pussyhat Resistance of the day."

    Just a thought. I'm not sure about this analogy.

    Though the Confederacy was undoubtedly attempting to perpetuate a great evil, many among the rank and file fought with extraordinary bravery and tenacity. Misplaced, fine, but to deny its existence is unscientific historically. If it had've been otherwise, the Union would've marched into Richmond with a week.

    TO compare the Pussyhatters to Johnny Reb is far, far too much of a stretch.

    If you want to call them the twelfth carbon of the Southron soldier ... the one that was only ever readable in a general sort of way (and man, am I dating myself there) ... well, okay.

  11. We are building a project that is funded by the feds and have to comply with the Buy America Act (BAA). It is amazing that there are some items (cabinets, lockers, furniture, electronics, and more) that we are unable to procure due to non-compliance with the BAA. It is amazing how much we rely on foreign made steel. Glad to see the US making a comeback.