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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Pillsbury said it best

On Thursday, I posted, "Chairman Xi misreads America." My point was the communist leader of Red China made the mistake of believing the American media ("they misread us because they believe our Fake News media").

On Friday, Michael Pillsbury made the same point. Unlike me, he is an actual expert on Red China. He has advised the president in his trade negotiations.

Pillsbury is the American Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse reported on a Lou Dobbs interview of Pillsbury.

Sundance wrote, "Pillsbury notes how the Chinese analysts likely fell into the trap of believing what most western financial media were saying about domestic opposition to President Trump’s policies."

Now the reasons for that miscalculation likely center on Red China's influence in the Democrat Party.

Come on, for many years the top Democrat member of the Senate Intelligence Committee was Dianne Feinstein, who had a Chinese spy (or minder) on her staff for many years. The Obama administration gave Red China all it wanted.

Xi and the rest figured since the Democrat Party controlled the media then the Democrats must control the government as well.

However, the view that the president is an anomaly is a dangerous one in that for all his bluster and entertaining style, President Trump is a serious man whose supporters have a loyalty that rivals fans of the Cleveland Browns.

Never Bet Against Donald John Trump.

American critics of the president are beginning to see the light.

The Week reported, "'China wasn't ready for this trade war,' said Yi-Zheng Lian at The New York Times, and Trump seems to have the upper hand. Almost any deal risks a serious loss of face for Chinese President Xi Jinping. He is 'widely seen as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao,' but on his watch China has earned a reputation as 'a nation of patriotic thieves' eager to steal its way to world dominance. Any concessions China 'is likely to make won't be mere tokens,' and Trump will inevitably be the one bragging."

Believing America's Fake News media left them complacent -- and flat-footed. Given the number of Maoists in the ranks of the reporting class, I enjoy that.

The longer Red China delays the inevitable, the higher the price for a trade agreement will be.


  1. Any politician that supports globalism should be run out of office on a rail either figuratively or literally.

    Globalism as practiced and defined today is nothing but anti-Americanism. It guts America's manufacturing, puts millions in low paid service jobs, makes millions more with no jobs, and yanks money out of our economy.

    Sad thing is many, I mean darn near most, American multinationals desire this to circumvent foreign tariffs and gain minor profit advantages.

    Even worse, these corporations and companies justify their disgusting behavior with higher, short term stock prices that Americans in 401ks and the like ... like.

    Trump is truly trying to reverse a vast ship in a sea that is puhing him forward.

    1. I think not only PPresident Trump has the helm he's got Engineering to get the
      engines in Full Reverse. It will take time, but we have Big Panda (that is the Panda suit hiding the Dragon) by the short curlies .They need US more than we need them.. Trump knows this..

  2. Remember how awesome the "service" economy was going to be when they started closing the factories?

    1. The "service economy" is just another version of the old joke that we will make a living taking in each other's washing. Except they really believed it.

  3. “Any deal may risk Xi a serious loss of face”. The longer there is no deal, the more damage to the Chinese economy and Xi is risking an even more serious loss of face.

  4. The Tree House is a 'go to' place for me. Fascinating. I think he has SpyGate and the ChiComs completely covered. Real inside baseball stuff. VSGDJT

  5. I chuckled reading that, "Xi and the rest figured since the Democrat Party controlled the media then the Democrats must control the government as well." They may just have influence with the Democrats.
    My experience, when on a jury where the lawyers for the anti war veteran were Maoists as we found out after the trial, open my eyes on the extent of the ideological penetration of the Chinese in America.