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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Obama's spies are running scared

Bill Barr's testimony flashed the light on the cockroaches, who are scurrying for cover now. Obama's attempted coup could send some of his henchmen or his henchmen's henchmen to prison.

Others also want to cover certain parts of their anatomy, which is why the New York Times ran on Thursday, "F.B.I. Sent Investigator Posing as Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016."

By investigator, they mean spy.

The story began, "The conversation at a London bar in September 2016 took a strange turn when the woman sitting across from George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, asked a direct question: Was the Trump campaign working with Russia?

"The woman had set up the meeting to discuss foreign policy issues. But she was actually a government investigator posing as a research assistant, according to people familiar with the operation. The F.B.I. sent her to London as part of the counterintelligence inquiry opened that summer to better understand the Trump campaign’s links to Russia.

"The American government’s affiliation with the woman, who said her name was Azra Turk, is one previously unreported detail of an operation that has become a political flash point in the face of accusations by President Trump and his allies that American law enforcement and intelligence officials spied on his campaign to undermine his electoral chances. Last year, he called it Spygate.

"The decision to use Ms. Turk in the operation aimed at a presidential campaign official shows the level of alarm inside the F.B.I. during a frantic period when the bureau was trying to determine the scope of Russia’s attempts to disrupt the 2016 election, but could also give ammunition to Mr. Trump and his allies for their spying claims.

"Ms. Turk went to London to help oversee the politically sensitive operation, working alongside a longtime informant, the Cambridge professor Stefan A. Halper. The move was a sign that the bureau wanted in place a trained investigator for a layer of oversight, as well as someone who could gather information for or serve as a credible witness in any potential prosecution that emerged from the case.

"A spokesman for the F.B.I. declined to comment, as did a lawyer for Mr. Halper, Robert D. Luskin. Last year, Bill Priestap, then the bureau’s top counterintelligence agent who was deeply involved in the Russia inquiry, told Congress during a closed-door hearing that there was no F.B.I. conspiracy against Mr. Trump or his campaign.

"The London operation yielded no fruitful information, but F.B.I. officials have called the bureau’s activities in the months before the election both legal and carefully considered under extraordinary circumstances. They are now under scrutiny as part of an investigation by Michael E. Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general. He could make the results public in May or June, Attorney General William P. Barr has said. Some of the findings are likely to be classified."


The target of this attempt to infiltrate and cripple a political opponent's campaign, George Papadopoulos, tweeted, "I agree with everything in this superb article except Azra Turk clearly was not FBI. She was CIA and affiliated with Turkish intel. She could hardly speak English and was tasked to meet me about my work in the energy sector offshore Israel/Cyprus which Turkey was competing with."

The story is an indictment of both the direction of American intelligence operation under Obama and the quality of its work.

Obama turned our international spying around to spy on Americans. Instead of checking to see what the Iranians, Red Chinese, or North Koreans were up to, Obama spied on Donald John Trump and other private American citizens.

And his spies were inept.

Papadopoulos was not fooled. He did not bite on the bait.

The New York Times has known about this for a long time. Obama gave the newspaper access to transcripts of unconstitutional spying on Americans, and we have known that since January 20, 2017, when the Times did a front-page story about it.

The American press which markets itself falsely as some sort of constitutional check and balance on the president (it is not; that is the job of Congress) not only looked the other way from Obama's massive abuse of power, but participated in it.

Obama and his corrupt cronies would have been safe if they had just left the White House peacefully,

But nooooooooooooooooooo.

He had to try to ruin President Donald John Trump with Obama's Russian Dossier. Obama was so clever that he triggered an investigation of The Donald.

But that backfired when they could not find an iota of misdeed by President Trump. Instead, we have learned that Obama hired henchmen to pee on the Constitution.

And that, my friends, is why today there are those in Washington who are sweating bullets because they may land in prison for carrying out unlawful orders. They are only mid-level creeps. But at least there will be some justice.

Mollie Hemingway wrote, "So long as anti-Trump operatives controlled the FBI and DOJ, this type of leaking and concealing of information worked well. Most major media outlets have chosen to ignore the spying scandal in favor of non-stop anti-Trump advocacy. That left actual fact-finding and truth-seeking to a small group of media outlets and a handful of elected lawmakers tasked with oversight of the nation’s spy agencies.

"When William Barr took over as attorney general, it was the first time in years the agency had any real political accountability. Trump’s first attorney general recused himself from overseeing anything related to the 2016 campaign, and his deputy who took over is alleged to have been involved in a conspiracy to oust the president.

"While Barr was adamant that Mueller’s special counsel probe be unimpeded and his report fully published, he scared the anti-Trump forces in and out of government when he said spying on opposing political campaigns is inappropriate. His public vow to examine whether the widespread spying operation against Trump and his affiliates was lawful and appropriate sent shockwaves through an organized anti-Trump political operation that had completely controlled the narrative until recently."


One final note: A corrupted FBI served many well. Democrats used it to shake down billions from corporations who Chuck Schumer's lawyer, Preet Bharara, sued and settled as the U.S. attorney for Wall Street (Southern District of New York). The money went to tax-exempt groups Democrats control in a money laundering operation that would give drug dealers pause.

If you want to know why Facebook and the rest are cracking down on conservatives, it is simple. They fear a return of Bharara, this time as attorney general for the next Democrat president. They are capitulating now because they have nothing to fear from President Trump.

Or so they think.


  1. Heard Papadapoulos on a podcast, he was saying Mifsud [or was it Halper - my memory...] paid him $10,000 to help out. Papa thought that was fishy so left the 5 in his attorney's safe in Cyprus (where it still is today). When he arrived back in DC, the FBI boys expected him to have the $10k on him, and he had not declared it....they could not find the cash, but 'detained' him anyway, for no stated reason, since Reason #1 was inoperative.

  2. "Obama and his corrupt cronies would have been safe if they had just left the White House peacefully,

    But nooooooooooooooooooo."...

    Remember when the worst that happened during a transition between administrations is when Clinton staffers removed all the Ws from the White House keyboards? Good times.

  3. The $10,000 guy was Charles Tawil.

    "Mr. Papadopoulos.
    I think it was May or June. Probably May.
    So then Charles Tawil -- this is the point I'm making. I am in Greece on a vacation with my then-girlfriend. And I have friends of mine there telling me, do you realize you're being watched? I said, what do you mean I'm being watched? And they said, look behind you. And I noticed there were agent-type American-looking, just people I think were following me abroad.
    And then Charles Tawil comes to Greece and begins to talk to me about doing some sort of business about political consulting, and it was very ambiguous.
    Mr. Meadows.
    So how did Charles know you were in Greece?
    Mr. Papadopoulos.
    He had reached out. I told him, I'm in Greece. And he's like, okay, I'll come meet you there. Because I though, you know, we could possibly have --

    Mr. Papadopoulos.
    We go to a hotel room where Charles is saying, I'm going to take care of the hotel for the night. He's like, Come in my room, and he hands me $10,000 in cash. And at the time, I was incredibly confused. I was intimidated. I didn't know what really was going on, except that I started to feel that I was being set up."

    "After I leave him and I travel back to Greece, I've flown into Athens Airport probably 20 times in my life. This was the first time that there were about 20 dogs sniffing for money. And fortunately, they didn't smell the money and I got out. I emailed him and I said, I want you to take your money back, because I really don't know what this is all about and I'm not comfortable, something along those lines. And my money is in Greece, it's in a safe or with my lawyers, and you're free to come pick it up. Oh, I don't want the money back."

    "Mr. Meadows.
    What was the money for originally?
    Mr. Papadopoulos.
    It was supposed to be for some sort of government consulting that I really didn't understand. That's why I said, come take your money back, because I don't know what you're paying me for, and you paid me cash, $10,000 cash.
    I get to Greece. I tell him, take your money back. A couple days later I fly to Dulles and I'm arrested. And my understanding is the agents were looking for that money when they arrested me, and that's --
    Mr. Meadows.
    And the money was in Greece?
    Mr. Papadopoulos.
    It's -- and it's still in Greece. And I believe, I believe, I don't have evidence about this, but I truly believe that those are marked bills. And there's a reason I've kept that money safe, because I would certainly like to know if that money would potentially be part of some -- an operation. I'm happy to share it with you and you can -- or, you know --"

  4. We have 17 intel agencies which include the military. The FBI and CIA should be dissolved asap. States can take over the FBI functions and the military can handle national security itself.

    All the CIA does is provide front groups for international corporations to exploit 3rd world nations especially oil producing ones. Venezuela is but the latest example of regime change

    In 1953 Iran was a DEMOCRACY. When Iran nationalized their oil industry it was to revoke their deal with Royal Dutch Shell a British conglomerate.

    The Brits ran to the CIA of course. FDR's nephew Kermit led the coup and a tyrant dictator, the Shah, became the Brits puppet who promptly restored their oil contracts. By 1979 the Iranians took revenge and its been downhill ever since 1953.

    This spreading democracy is BS and a cover for secret coup d'etats. The CIA has toppled so many foreign nations that Wikipedia has its own page devoted to chronicle them.

    All of which is how the CIA now controls the illicit drug trade around the world.

    1st they invented LSD and their agent Timothy Leary spread this drug on college campuses almost everywhere. They were experimenting with mind control the psy op was called MK Ultra.

    Then they hooked thousands of soldiers during Vietnam using the infamous Golden Triangle. Google it.

    Next came the 1975 Church Committee investigation which disclosed, among so many others, how CIA had over 400 reporters planted all over the media who knows how many they have today. They use this to craft and control narratives around all major issues.

    Then came Iran Contra where Ollie North traded drugs for arms and covert operations world wide.

    Finally we move into Afghanistan where the Taliban had all but eliminated opium production in their jurisdiction. They install Karzai as puppet Afghan president whose brother was a notorious opium smuggler.

    Today that nation purportedly produces 90% of the world's heroin. With our troops protecting the poppy farmers. I'll never forget Geraldo Rivera's report on Fox about that fact in full color standing beside the troops among the poppy fields.

    Toss is Fast n Furious by Omama where the goal was to decide which drug cartels would triumph in Mexico. Its easier to control and share the profits with them that way.

    No small wonder the Deep State is in charge. Only cutting their budgets relentlessly will keep them in line. Its impossible to drain the swamp without slashing their budgets.

    As Chuckie Schumer said on TV the spooks have six ways from Sunday to go after their political enemies. The last 3 years the nation has that clearly.

    1. Thank you. Very interesting information. Good job putting it together into a timeline.

    2. Finally, an intelligent Anonymous with an excellent post!

      Thanks, that all fits together nicely, though it's not good news. Our gov't agencies badly need to be reined in or shut down!

      And I'd advise you to stay anonymous, it might be healthier for you; you know too much to be safe these days.

  5. Papadopoulos has some good awareness about what was going on and may end up being an unsung hero in this whole sordid affair.

  6. I'd heard him tell that story too. Failed set up.

  7. Papa gets cuffed at the airport and sent to the federal pen because he was a couple days off on when he met Misfud.

    Yet the criminals who set him up–including Weissman–are a couple of years off on when they started spying on Donald Trump?

    (As head of the Fraud Div., somehow Weissman was getting Counter-Intelligence briefings from Ohr. Explain that.)

  8. I Grew up with the typical cia/fbi stories,Dad being in military 30 years was an Honorable guy. Retired with typical honors yaddayadda.
    I never heard him say anything good or bad about the two,but allowed me to understand healthy suspicion.
    As time moved on,I understood.
    If there is any of 17 to be dissolved, or a massive declassification and re-built it would be the fbi/cia.
    Anybody who doesn't understand just how big they have crippled this Country,either they were not listen,or don't care. Either way, just stay away from me.We can certainly get along without. a new agency? Only under
    strict supervision.

  9. "They are capitulating now because they have nothing to fear from President Trump." Quite the contrary. The NYT article is reframing the 'spying' as a patriotic effort of the greatest importance, kept secret so as not to damage Trump. They are busy virtue-signaling, and any inditements will be cheap political tricks on the part of that low-life Trump. Sadly, it might work in 2020.

  10. BREAKING: Rep. Steve Cohen’s KFC stunt fell flat when it was discovered that all 11 secret herbs and spices were actually plants working for John Brennan, according to NBC Celebrity Chef Dick Chmeller. DEFROSTING…

    via Manufactured News Network: “MNN–Where Merely Fake Would Be An Improvement!”

    1. LOL, merely fake would indeed be an improvement!

  11. Obama's DOJ under Holder spied on 20 or so AP reporters. Journalist Steven Rosen was accused of espionage against the U.S.

    Obama's CIA under Brennan spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  12. I'm old enough to remember Watergate. The things Tricky Dick and his henchmen, Plumbers, etc. did were kiddie games compared to what Barry and his boys did to Trump.

    Nixon was a rare bird - corruption and competence rarely go together. But his henchmen and the Plumbers were bumbling idiots.

    The Obama administration was thoroughly corrupt and thoroughly incompetent - top to bottom.


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