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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Obama spied on many others

William F. Marshall is doing a great job as senior investigator for Judicial Watch, which is following up on Jimmy the Weasel Comey not only letting Hillary off the hook but destroying evidence that would allow this administration to lock her up.

Marshall asked the question, "Why Did the Anti-Trump Conspirators Throw Their Lives Away?"

He wrote, "Why would people who have reached the pinnacle of success personally, professionally, reputationally, and financially -- at least as measured by most Americans’ metrics of success -- be willing to throw all that away in order to ensure that a person they personally did not like was not elected president?"

He went down the list of the people who obeyed Obama and lied to spy on President Donald John Trump, even going so far as try to infiltrate his campaign.

These were not rogues as Nixon's team of "plumbers" were.

Obama's KGB had the best and the brightest. For example, Comey had been Bush 43's deputy attorney general and later general counsel for Lockheed.

What Marshall overlooked was the casual way they obstructed justice and abused the nation's security apparatus. That shows that spying on President Trump was no big deal to them. They had done it before. You manufacture an excuse to get a FISA warrant to spy on a political opponent and you are in.

Susan Rice regularly got the transcripts of domestic espionage -- demanding the names of people. She called it unmasking. I call it treason because her effort was to thwart the Constitution.

She kept this up after we elected Donald John Trump president.

CNN reported in September 2017, "Former national security adviser Susan Rice privately told House investigators that she unmasked the identities of senior Trump officials to understand why the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York late last year, multiple sources told CNN.

"The New York meeting preceded a separate effort by the UAE to facilitate a back-channel communication between Russia and the incoming Trump White House.

"The crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, arrived in New York last December in the transition period before Trump was sworn into office for a meeting with several top Trump officials, including Michael Flynn, the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his top strategist Steve Bannon, sources said."

That is a lie.

She did not need to know this.

She could have called the crown prince and asked him.

No. The woman who made up lie after lie about Benghazi was spying on our president to bring him down.

That she was so casual in disclosing to the press the unmasking of political opponents showed a trust of the press built on an on-going symbiotic relationship that was at least a decade old, going back to when Obama first ran for president.

Indeed, Rice and company shared their unmasked transcripts with the New York Times for a front-page story on Inauguration Day.

Obama plotted with CNN to plant that memo about the Russian Dossier on President-elect Trump, which would eventually lead to the Mueller witch hunt.

I am pretty sure they did this to Mittens and others. Heck, they may have done this to McCain. And while we comfort ourselves in the knowledge that they are out of power, are we really sure this does not continue today?

And what if they spied on Americans on behalf of foreign governments? John Kerry continues to be friends with Iran. Hmm.


  1. There is a simple explanation for why they took the risks they took. These filthy animals lead such dirty lives chock full of casual criminality that they assumed that spying on candidate Trump would yield enough to derail his election.

    When they found nothing, they doubled-down looking for anything to stop President-elect Trump from taking office. They failed again.

    There is no punishment I can think of that would be too harsh for what these filthy animals deserve.

  2. "...spying on President Trump was no big deal to them. They had done it before. You manufacture an excuse to get a FISA warrant to spy..."

    Or in this case, to justify the illegal spying and wiretapping you've already been doing for years.

    1. Gipper, I would say that due to their casual illegal spying for many years, they became sloppy and obtuse plus had everything going their way for too long. Now they will finally be held accountable and pay for their sins.

  3. Government attracts Machiavellian types because it is one of the best places to use those skills for their own interest. Those types tend to hire people with a flexible moral compass in order to launch even more advanced schemes. Rinse and repeat for a few decades and your have a thoroughly rotten institution.

    From what I can tell, Mueller is the one that managed to seem act respectable and professional without actually living up to the ideals. He had some shady behavior starting when Ashcroft was attorney general, the Whitey Bulger affair and then engineering wholesale shakeup of the FBI leadership by requiring people to work in DC who previously could serve out their careers in locations around the country.

    1. Don't forget the "dream team" he put together for his "investigation". He knew about Strzok and Page, and only fired them AFTER the text messages which he had to know about got leaked. The whole team of lawyers he put together were Democrats and Hillary supporters. His tactics with the arrests and charges were for optics, Manafort was brought in for crimes the FBI knew about and overlooked till he was useful in tarnishing Trump.
      Mueller was also one who signed off on the Uranium One deal even though he knew about the Clinton cash for play deal, where Clinton got tons of money from the Russians for "speaking fees", and donations like crazy to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. That would have been automatic to kill the deal. He let it pass... I'm sure out of the goodness of his heart.

    2. After reading your post I am mindful of the hundreds of (former) DOJ and other (former) government lawyers who signed that letter saying that President Trump should have been indicted for obstruction of justice. Those lawyers have, for their own political desires, perverted our justice system to the point where it is unrecognizable. AG Barr stated unequivocally that the president did not commit the crime of obstruction, and Mueller said he did not indict for that same reason. The non-exoneration was inserted into the report Weissmann wrote as a sop to the Democrats to allow the House to continue their harassment of the president.

  4. "John Kerry continues to be friends with Iran." Sedition charges and the Logan Act -a 1799 law that calls for the fine or imprisonment of private citizens who attempt to intervene without authorization in disputes or controversies between the United States and foreign governments - should be in play against him, period! This vet was disgusted when he acted against US interests while in the Navy and "negotiated" with the North Vietnamese. Then with 3 minor injuries got out of the Vietnam War due to a little known policy after his and other Swift Boats were assigned direct combat roles. He should have been court-martial after his actions with North Vietnam, IMO.

    1. That John Kerry was appointed and confirmed as SoS tells you all you need to know about 0bama and his administration.

    2. John Effing Kerry is a disgrace. At least he married into money, though. Twice. And he knows how to avoid taxes on his yacht.

      Kerry was just one more middle finger to America by Obama.

  5. Although we are all upset with those involved in this coup attempt, and although there HAS to be justice and consequences, it is also true that this is a personal tragedy for these people. Yes, they were part of the "best and brightest", by one scale of measuring success.

    I think one of the reasons these "best and brightest" went astray is that they were particularly poisoned by one aspect of Democratic ideology. Meaning, the Democratic party has deeply embraced a disrespect for their fellow man. The Democratic ideology/substitute religion has become a vehicle for people to feel good about themselves (or valuable) by feeling superior to their "stupid, racist" fellow man. Democrats become entrenched in a concept of themselves as smarter, more moral, more "correct". This breeds an arrogance, an assumption that their thinking process and actions are "righteous". They stereotype non-Democrats in such a negative way that they have nearly fully closed themselves off from ever hearing a point of view that does not reinforce their Democratic belief system.

    In this state of mind, even these so-called best and brightest were dumb-- they were unable to maintain a healthy, balanced perspective. It was always dumb to think that some group of people are smarter and know better than other groups of people.

    Hard to articulate this, but I believe it all stems from this poisonous modern Democratic characteristic of disrespect of their fellow man. This also comes from a disregard of spirituality. If they were more spiritually grounded, they would not have lost hold of the basic qualities of respect for their fellow man, and some degree of humility about themselves. By drifting away from these moral qualities, they brought this tragedy on themselves.

    And if they got their sense of value from their relationship with God, they would not have needed to get it from feeling superior to their fellow man.

    There is a way back for them, but it involves some character transformation.

    1. It is not all that complicated, larry.

      Do not do to another what you want not to be done to you.

      No deity required as source code.

      Courtesy in perspective = mutual agreement to not be duplicitous.

  6. The spying was going on in News agencies as well. Don't forget that came out even though it was barely talked about by the Pravda media.

    I still believe a lot of the power that the Clintons were able to get in the various agencies stemmed from Filegate, where Hillary had all those FBI files. She could use the information from those to get further information.

    With all this it makes me wonder even more about Roberts turning tail on Obamacare. I guarantee you Obama's regime wouldn't bat an eye at spying on the Supreme Court either.

    And this all makes me rather uncomfortable about Scalia's death and the insane way the whole follow up had been handled. Knowing they pulled this crap off, it isn't a stretch that they did other nefarious deeds.

  7. The basic idea behind the ruse of "investigating" and then trying and convicting in kangaroo show trials of one's political adversaries (not even necessarily opponents, but anyone who might take up some political oxygen that would ordinarily be theirs to breathe) goes back to the days of the French Revolution. Many many many of those guillotined were merely accused and summarily executed on the basis of made up accusations involving the conspiracy of the accused with the evil Pitt, or with the Austrians. The same thing was being done here with the figurative social summary executions of those in the Russia Russia Russia gambit. The idea was to create a public frenzy of fear which would allow for things to get done in a manner outside normal channels or any established rule of law.

    The French did this with the revolutionary tribunals, and on our side many on the so-called right (actually neocon-leaning conservatives who most likely approved of things like the Patriot Act) were hoping for "military tribunals". And a lot of these types are still talking about the unsealing of thousands of sealed indictments gathered up under Sessions/Huber, which I find hard to believe (grand juries don't go about work like this without a single leak).

    My take is that we are going through a kind of mini-Thermidor in which the apparatus of the Obama administration has essentially managed to foul up the cogs of the wheels of justice, if not control them, way beyond the installation of the Trump presidency. And like in the original Thermidor, although thousands were murdered by the revolutionary government, the retribution will be relatively tiny, and many of the perpetrators will be active in the governments we have after Trump is gone.

    If you read Tocqueville, you get a sense that he realizes that what we call civilization entails the progressive centralization of government power up to the point that the centralization can no longer be borne and a collapse occurs. Having a great love for what we call civilization means that he, Tocqueville, laments the consequences of progressive civilization. His entire oeuvre is about finding some median point where an arrest can take place and what progress has been made can be preserved. This is the basis of conservatism in a nutshell. I think what conservatives need to get beyond is the lamentation of loss of civilization at the point where it is poisoning itself and realize that so-called "dark ages" are actually times when things are good for folks like us, and that calling them that is something liberal historians do for propaganda purposes.

  8. It's simple...Rules only apply to the little people and Republicans. Until Trump, the Leftists controlled the messaging. Trump's Twitter has changed that.

    First, they were certain Hillary would win. When that didn't work, they were certain that the Special Council would find something. Mueller found nothing so now they are left hanging. Their last hope is the House Judiciary Committee and tax returns. That last bit of rope is wearing thin.

    Expect fireworks soon.

  9. When the true history of this is written, Sotero will be dirtier than a babies diaper and reek even worse.

  10. The simple answer to why they would do these things is that Hillary (I'm with stupid) was supposed to WIN!!!! None of this would have come out if ze (zer?) would have won.

  11. It's called hubris, for explication of which see ancient Greek tragedy. And remember the dog that helps loudest is the one that got hit.

    1. And I'll always be grateful to Victor Davis Hansen for pointing out that Hubris ALWAYS invites Nemesis!

  12. Wrote this on another Disqus thread:

    Why do the Dems/progressives/MSM insist beyond all reason, and continue to insist, even after the release of the Mueller report, which cleared President Trump of “collusion/obstruction”, that Trump is guilty, that Trump is “hiding” something?

    In a word, projection.

    They simply can’t believe that President Trump would not act as they themselves act, and are convinced the evidence just has to be there, and simply needs to be uncovered.

    We are blessed with the most open, honest, and transparent President in a long, long time. Which is why we love POTUS Trump.

    They (dems/progressives/MSM) are guilty of collusion, obstruction, falsifying testitimony for political ends, and simply can not fathom that Trump would not do the same.

    Hang them all.

  13. Remember, Comey's "higher authority" surfaced when the AG Ashcroft under W was in the hospital. W wanted Ashcroft's blessings even before reauthorizing the domestic surveillance program.

    Comey, who was Deputy AG, and Mueller ran physical interference stopping White House officials from getting a signature. They put the DOJ against the White House.

    So, it's not exactly just a Democrat thing.


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