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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Obama empowered Pence

Democrats are sobbing uncontrollably because Vice President Michael Pence and his Indiana Mafia are now running America's medical industry.

Who put the President Trump in charge of the nation's health care?


One of the reasons you do not want to give the government too much power when you are in power is that someday you will not be in power.

Democrats thought they would rule the nation for another 40 years.

I am serious.

But the American people had other plans. Now Donald John Trump has all those powers Democrats gave Obama.

Politico reported, "How Mike Pence's 'Indiana mafia' took over health care policy. Behind the scenes, Pence has developed his own sphere of influence in an agency lower on Trump’s radar: Health and Human Services."

Lower on President Trump's radar?

DHHS has the biggest budget of them all.

It spends $2.7 trillion a year -- almost four times our military spending.

Why do reporters all think what they know is some sort of secret to everyone else? Of course DHHS is on President Trump's radar.

Politico said, "Sweeping new protections for religious health care workers and an overhaul of family planning programs to effectively cut out Planned Parenthood represent something unusual in the Trump administration: a clear spotting of the fingerprints of Vice President Mike Pence.

"From topics ranging from trade to the president’s scorched-earth attacks against the Mueller investigation, Pence has been the loyal foot soldier while often appearing uncomfortable amid the administration’s biggest fights."

Scorched Earth?

Again with the Hitler nonsense. Why is the Washington press corps saturated with drama queens?

The story did not delve into health care. Just abortion. There was nothing about preventive medicine or reining in drug prices or expanding PPOs. Nope, just abortion.


Washington crazy.

Washington media crazy.

But if Pence has the power to reduce abortion, it is because Obama gave himself the power to mandate birth control coverage.


  1. It's obvious now that the Democrats equate abortion with health care and that nothing else matters to them. Obamacare was nothing more than a false-face for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand whenever it was demanded. Oh, and for providing medical care for millions of illegal aliens as a reward for them voting Democrat.

  2. I will happily and definitely vote Pence in 2024...but there will NEVER be another Prez like Mr. T. Ever.

  3. I think scorched earth was first used by the Russians against Napoleon.

    Reminds me of the poster where the anarchist screaming for more government is facing the more government in the form of riot police. Nothing about it makes sense. Especially the anarchist screaming for more government. It's like being someone coddled by an urban cocoon who pretends to be so concerned about "the environment".

    The biggest problem I see with health care right now is its domination by megacorporations, like university medical systems. This has been facilitated by rules set up to destroy small community hospitals by giving a premium of around 35% or more to urban hospitals for the same services, a premium that goes up when the satisfy a few bullet points on an inspection making it a lower level trauma unit (that doesn't provide any more services than it did before, by the way, maybe even less).

    All of this centralization means you have trouble making appointments and even worse difficulties getting questions answered. You may even be talking to someone in the state capital when you are scheduling an appointment, rather than a secretary who would be better at figuring out good times. And when you call in with a question, chances are you are talking to a call nurse in another state that the corporation has contracted with. How soon until the divert the calls to Manila or Hanoi? They speak pretty good English.

    Capitalism has its uses. But destroying local health efforts should not be considered one of them.

  4. The party of abortion is going to abort themselves.

  5. Pence is a smooth operator, and Trump trusts him to git 'er done!

  6. The press gasps and faints like little girls when the President exercises his administrative powers in perfectly ordinary ways.

    The press acts calm and detached when Democratic Presidents exercise their authority in unprecedented and profoundly unusual ways.

    Mostly their shock and dismay is just for display, but at some level they are upset because the glorious Greater Day of Economic and Social Justice has been postponed now for at least another generation.

    And they may not live to see it.


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