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Saturday, May 25, 2019

NYT blows Obama's cover

Plausible deniability was what they called protecting Nixon from the shenanigans at the Watergate apartment complex. Obama thinks he has such protection in his spying on President Donald John Trump.

The New York Times just blew Obama's cover.

The newspaper fears President Trump's release of FISA warrants against him and his staff because it will expose the truth about Obama's spying.

David E. Sanger wrote, "Barr’s Newfound Power Could Prompt Clash Between Justice Dept. and C.I.A."

Buried in the report is the admission that yes there was spying on President Trump's campaign.

The argument is that exposing the truth will expose the spies.

Sanger wrote, "But it is the human source that particularly worries some former and current intelligence officials. Long nurtured by the C.I.A., the source rose to a position that enabled the informant to provide key information in 2016 about the Russian leadership’s role in the interference campaign.

"John O. Brennan, the C.I.A. director under Mr. Obama, would bring reports from the source directly to the White House, keeping them out of the president’s daily intelligence briefing for fear that the briefing document was too widely disseminated. Instead, he would place them in an envelope for Mr. Obama and a tiny circle of aides to read."


So in addition to doing his official job of spying on America's enemies, Brennan was doing this little political favor for Obama that was too hot to be in the daily briefing. He just left it in an envelope on the desk, just like money on the dresser.

And of course spying on Obama's political enemies was Brennan's actual job. They did not bring him in because of his administrative skills. He was Obama's Clemenza. Leave the envelope. Take the cannoli.

We shall see if the Rule of Law applies to Obama, but if it does, that is evidence of a conspiracy to spy on a political opponent.


  1. I bet Brennan and Obama are shitting bricks over this one. Chances are that was in the "off the record" stuff so the reporter could understand the situation, and somehow it made it into print. Layers and layers...

  2. I have read on different DC blogs that Brennan "took care" of things for Obama too. Inconvenient things. ... like people who knew about his frequenting bathhouses in Chicago. A LOT of folks in his former congregation came up dead. The things I'd read all said Brennan was behind those.

  3. The Church Committee hearings discovered in 1975 that the spies had over 400 agents working for the media: operation mockingbird.

    Of course, they promised never to do that again.
    Uh huh.

    Even just as bad the Reece Committee hearings were ended in 1953 once their findings became so explosive that nobody wanted them to see the light of day.

    Reform isn't possible. All domestic spy agencies must be ended. Cut their budget to zero and let the multi national corporations pay. The spies have been working for them all along.

  4. As usual they are lying thru their teeth when they say Russia hacked the DNC. If true why has no law enforcement agency taken possession of the evidence: the DNC computer.

    They never did examine such computer thus I can only conclude they are lying. Bill Binney, the former technical director of the NSA, insists there was no hack. He and many others have tested this conspiracy theory and found it impossible.

    For a fantastic view into how the NSA spies on us all just google

    A Good American: a compelling documentary featuring Binney and why he resigned in disgust in 2002.

    1. Think how important this is! After the Election, with Trump 10 days from taking office, Obama (with Comey next to him) expels 33 Russian Diplomats BECAUSE THE DNC SERVER HAD BEEN HACKED. We now know (because of Mueller's report (exec. summary pg.2, vol.1) that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE of this. NONE.

      So Why was Obama expelling people over a claim that the DNC made, sans evidence?

      The NEXT DAY, the Russian Ambassador call's the incoming NSA (Flynn). Of course they talk about this subject.

      And this staged event, based on no evidence is the perjury trap that Mueller snares him in (despite Comey and Strozk both having stated Flynn did not lie).

      And Trump's actions over Flynn's behavior are what they are claiming obstructed justice.

      So, a staged expulsion, based upon no evidence, setup a faked trap, over collusion that never happened, and hacking of which there is no evidence, to accuse Trump of obstructing Justice over things that were not real in the first place.

  5. Espionage is a necessary evil-for international/security/technical affairs.
    But, domestic spying is not. The CIA,FBI,
    etc. Spend too much time on domestic spying
    on the Deplorables. Outfits like CAIR/MoBros/Antifa/Soros go Scot free. Brennan is a Moslem. Under 0 we were and still aren't safe..
    Daniel Patrick Moynahan who was a CIA/OSS
    operative. wanted to do away with the CIA
    for good reason.

  6. "They" will NEVER let anyone touch Obama. If Hillary can manage to stay above the law...Obama never has anything to worry about. Evience is lost and destroyed; activist Judges interfere at various levels of the process...witnesses "commit suicide" or fall victim to "random violence." I'm afrad Obama's regime marks the start of the Age of Accountability in America. Every one of them will walk away. Well...the ringleaders. I hope I'm wrong.

    1. Yes, I agree. A few Pissants will be ponyed up, maybe Crapper, Brennan and Comey, but the REAL villains, will escape.

  7. I think the designated indictee went up a few rungs and it's Zippy, not Trump, who needs to worry about what can happen to an ex(thank you, Donald)-President.

    Blacks stopped liking him early, now Hispanics don't.

  8. Brennan conducted spying operations on every, single opponent/enemy of 0bama, as did Mueller and Comey. Bet. You. Money. The unnoticed and unreported fly in the "declassification" ointment is the FISA Court report on FISA 702 database abuse. That was a very big deal which isn't getting much play, even in the more conservative websites.

    1. I wonder what "Mittens" Romney will say, when the evidence is provided that 0bama SPIED on his sanctamonious rear-end too! Hmmm?

  9. Given that the article pretty much outs this source already, I assert that the source doesn't actually exist. The entire story is fabricated by Brennan.

  10. Page was an FBI asset until they tried to set him up and he became an agent of a foreign power, Russia.

    Papadapolous was set up, entrapped.

    Flynn had issues that many in DC have. Heck, Clinton's chief of staff paid a fine. Miscommunication, purposeful or not, cause a "lie" to the FBI and, after bankrupting him and going after his son, Flynn pled.

    FBI passed in prosecuting Manafort till Mueller.

    So, yeah, the CIA planted a spy or Brennan made it up.

    So, yeah Obama knew. Betcha he liked it, approved it, and directed it.

    It's the Chicago Way. Get dirt on an opponent and force him to tap out, take a dive, give up.

  11. Clinton had his White House staff bugged by the NSA. I know this to be true.
    Obama was undoubtedly involved in every aspect of falsely accusing Trump from the beginning, just like the French Army Command was in accusing Dreyfus. This was known to Comey and undoubtedly through him Muller because Collusion was never taken seriously by M. He would not have applied for FBI director if he had believed it. He realized unmasking Obama would have been dangerous for him personally as well as the cause of great politcal turmoil in general so he never mentioned or even interviewed him.
    The process however took a long time because The idea was to produce an obstruction narrative for later legal use as well as to damage Trump's legislative effectiveness by delay and suspense.
    Probably another goal was to provide election aid to the Democrats who for sound political reasons were expecting to take the House. To these ends, Muller's team recruited humiliated and hostile media barrons hungering for revenge and profits by gorging their collared slaves on leaks and lies for free. The eager director for this play was Weissmann, who despises Trump and whom Muller allowed free reign in digging, spreading, and even reporting irrelevant hearsay in his final report.
    The NYT wants now to protect Obama from failed miscalculation by blaming his trusted help. 'As Kennedy had been in the Bay of Pigs' Obama was betrayed by high ranking expert lieutenants, deputy apparatnik Brennan Clapper Comey et al. And of course, all of them white devils too, for the NYT and its readers a not unimportant narrative There was nothing O could do. Be was struggling to save the country while looking through a glass darkly.
    Below it all was the Evil One, V Putin, spreading dis info just as the NYT always said he had been, snaring the righteous Saint Hildegard and pious Cardinal Steele in his evil toils. Yes,all except Trump, in whom he was confiding daily, to whom he had been supplying heavy arms all along to aid his White Supremacist take over of out there Walmart land, Trump, His eager Archangel, Him with that feiry hair, whose Dark Tower on Fifth is now guarded daily by Four helmeted badasses dressed out in full auto, covered in clips, that One. The horror the horror.

    1. Russian propaganda was well known and practiced when they were the USSR.

      I don't buy Putin is evil. Sorry, but $100k of facebook ads for both candidates is not serious.

      Hacking is a big deal, but between the Pakistani Awan brothers, Chinese spy as a driver, Hillary's unsecured email system, and clicking on a link by Hillary's chief of staff installing a trojan, the Dems make it easy to be hacked. Heck, the Executive computers were infiltrated and shut down in 2014 by foreign hackers.

      Also, if Obama was involved in, approved of, or even just knew of this effort to first stop Trump's campaign and then overthrow the US government, then Obama is not this tragic figure that had no power and thusly could do nothing.

  12. No proof that The One ever opened those envelopes. Plausible deniability.

  13. And let's not forget Lisa Page's September 2, 2016 text to her lover boy, Strzok, "potus wants to know everything we're doing." Obama was definitely in the loop at a minimum.

  14. Legality should have nothing to do with any of this. Doesn't everyone realize, that leftists are morally superior beings?
    They believe in "peace and love" and of course "Mother nature."
    Therefor, America's eeeevil laws do NOT apply to them.

  15. We often see, with regard to the political intrigue of the past decade or so, references to "the Chicago way."
    But remember, Obama may be from Chicago, but Hillary is from Chicago, too.

  16. One commie looking out for another.

  17. Please look to the Quiet Ones. The new path to collusion story does not start in Russia but in Rome. The previous regime had the Italian Intelligence service plant Cankles e-mails on a on a Trump server in the days that Mueller was appointed, the Ten Days in May. The plant was stopped by the good guys but the fingerprints are still there. Note all the Italian Intelligence service heads who have resigned or have been fired in the last two weeks.

    Spin Drift via Neon Revolt

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