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Friday, May 31, 2019

Never Trumper shows his ignorance

Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner, a wannabe Bill Kristol, said President Donald John Trump's tariff warning to Mexico is "mindbogglingly stupid."

How difficult is it to boggle the mind of a Never Trumper?

They are liberals who cannot cut it, and so they pretend to be conservative to make a buck. He's a down-market Jennifer Rubin.

Klein's argued against slapping a tariff on Mexico to get it to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.

He wrote, "First, in the most direct way, raising tariffs on Mexico will mean a tax increase of up to 25% on American families and businesses purchasing any products from Mexico, one of the U.S.' leading trade partners. In 2018, Americans imported $346.5 billion in goods from Mexico, so on that basis it would amount to a nearly $87 billion tax increase. It also will punish industries that will be affected by inevitable retaliatory tariffs."


A tariff is a voluntary tax. It is easily avoided by buying an American-made product. That is why every Republican president from Lincoln to Reagan supported protectionist tariffs.

Klein wrote, "Secondly, this threat comes as the Trump administration was jump-starting the approval process for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that Trump previously touted as a major trade victory, but that has yet to be officially ratified. This will surely disrupt that process."

It is nice to see a Never Trumper side with him on NAFTA, which was a terrible deal that saw our manufacturing jobs cut.

Klein wrote, "Thirdly, the whole justification for the previous administration's tariffs has been that they were all part of a broader strategy to negotiate better trade deals. Yet in this case, Trump is trying to lump trade in with cracking down on illegal immigration, which is a separate issue even if it could be argued there is a relationship between the two."

Of course the two are linked.

Mexico has traded welfare cases for jobs with the United States ever since the Reagan signed the immigration reform of 1986, which promised enforcement but delivered nothing.

Klein wrote, "Fourthly, it's difficult to see how this would facilitate containing illegal Mexican immigration. The surest way that Mexico has to reducing the desire of Mexicans to leave for America is to improve the Mexican economy, which would be immensely more difficult in the midst of a trade war with the U.S."

That was the argument for NAFTA. We went from 3 million illegals to 11 million under NAFTA. So this is the opposite of the surest way to reduce illegal immigration.

Klein wrote, "Fifthly, it's unclear what the metric will be for determining whether 'the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied.' Does that mean no illegal immigration from Mexico? A reduction by a certain percentage? I suppose we'll have to leave that to the White House staffers tasked with translating Trump's insane tweets into official policy language."

President Trump is negotiating, which is why "the metric will be for determining whether 'the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied" is unclear.

His critics always inform us that his strategy is unclear, as if that is a bad thing.

Have they never played poker?


  1. Have they never played poker?

    Yes--to lose.

    Besides, a tariff is a tax and taxes are the price we pay for civilization i.e, government, and government is just a name for the things we do together.

    So its all good.

    1. ps It will be fun watching the President make Democrats argue for tax cuts. It's like Christmas.

  2. So Surber loves tax increases just like liberals do. Sure you can avoid the tariff but you will still be out the money by paying more for other like products.

    Duh! So Americans will end up paying more regardless. That will destroy jobs because they will have less money to spend. Or save.

    Protectionists are economic imbeciles. They cannot understand the Bastiat logic of economics. They have taxes they love and liberals have theirs. True conservatives reject raising taxes on anything.

    1. So, buying American may cost more, but, it will create American jobs. Stopping illegal immigration will help control welfare costs, so it is still a win win. Buying American at least gets you something. Paying welfare and all the other benefits illegals get you nothing but crime.

    2. And libertarians are idealist radicals that love theory more than they love their fellow Americans. Tariffs have ALWAYS been a part of the United States system of government.

    3. I will speak for Mr. Surber and say that he (and I) vastly prefer voluntary taxes to mandatory taxes. A tariff is a voluntary tax imposed when free trade is a one-way street. The country club wing of the GOP loves for America to believe in free trade for its imports, but the worker-hating wing of our party (and the entire worker-hating Dem party) gets the vapors at the idea that the USA insists on other countries playing by the same rules. What you call "free trade" is really cowardly unilateral surrender. POTUS Donald don't play that game.

      Capice, Anonymous 10:31AM?

    4. Wah. Wah. Wah.
      Imbecilic rant alert.
      I guess all the prior presidents who had the temerity to protect American jobs were economic illiterates.
      Never trump douchebaggery noted

    5. Hey ignoramous,
      Show me the nation that has no tarriffs you douchenozzle. You cant you lair.
      You hope others are as ignorant as your blather. Are you that dumb or are you just a scum sucking liar?
      Every nation in the world employs tarriffs, but we are supposed to keep no or low tarriffs cuz wwii happened and we have been helping the world ever since

    6. I'm guessing from your retarded comments that you like substandard foreign made garbage vs American made products. If you were to buy American,100% of your dollar would stay in the U.S. when you buy foreign, it doesn't come back except as kickbacks and bribes also known as donations to the Clinton's.

    7. None of you get it at all! Tariffs do NOT create net new jobs.

      They do create jobs in the protected industry
      They do cost jobs in all the other industries.

      People are being COERCED into paying more for a product. So that extra money is what COSTS JOBS

      But because none of you can follow that reasoning you are economic imbeciles blinded by your ideology

    8. Those of you who really want to learn something new, which I suspect is about zero, can try to follow the economic logic of Bastiat.

      But face it people you love for DC to pick winners and losers. Just like the liberals do.

    9. Here's a little game to play, for those who play games:

      Factor #1 - cost, aka price, for given goods or service.

      Factor #2 - wage earned, per hour.

      Select any goods or service & any wage paid per hour.

      Move decimal point one space to the left of amount.

      That will give current price of goods or service & current wage paid per hour at approximately 50 years prior.

      Example for retards:

      Rent for average apartment current = $1,200 per month.

      50 years prior = $120 per month.

      Wages paid current = $26 per hour.

      Wages paid 50 years prior = $2.60 per hour.

      The question: how many hours of earning must the example work to pay the example rent?

      Compare the price of many items and the wages earned currently.

      The honestly retarded will find this game painful to their retarded brains.

      The dishonestly retarded will find this game painful to their bungholes.

      The adequately not retarded will enjoy just how many items cost no more, some even less, currently than 50 years prior.

      As for economic philosophies:

      Fuck you, pay me works only as well as the force you have to make it happen.

      Everything in this world of meat is based upon the force that is sufficient.

      Might may not make right, but it makes it happen, whatever the it is that sufficient force makes happen.

      The retardeds presume force is found in their voices.

      This is one of the many definers of retardeds.

      Debate and masturbate are synonyms in retarded ville.

  3. We all have our hopes about things but this case we will have to see if tariffs on Mexico have any real effect. I would guess a small one that is short lived. Mexico is a corrupt society where drug cartels are feared by all government authority, as well as huge sources of wealth for these same people. Also the illegals puring pouring into this country send massive amounts of money back to Mexico, enough probably to cut tarrif effects considerably. If the American people want to solve immigration they will need to give Trump a strong hand in the Senate and the House. He is really their last hope. Will they do this in 20? Probably not but even though hope is a prodigal I still have some.

    1. The states could easily stop the illegals from coming. Just stop the welfare for them. Easy peasy huh.

      We're all programmed into thinking only DC can solve this. And the illegal immigration is at ten year highs Trump is doing little including pretending to build da wall. LOL suckers.

    2. The current anymouse spouting it's perspectives is currently hitting puberty.

      Puberty, as is known, distorts the perception of adulthood.

      Before puberty, the child has an honest clarity, albeit underinformed, on just how huge an asshole some to many adults are.

      Upon successfully surviving puberty, the now adult fully understands and appreciates how assholes are formed and chooses to be not a child, nor an asshole, but an adult.

      The puberty failures to adulthood either choose asshole being or retarded child extension.

      Successful adults face the world as it is and refuse to be turned into the assholes the world as it is is determined to turn everyone into.

      Failure adults either cling to pretending the world is not as it is or embrace being the asshole the world succeeds in turning them into.

      The 7 Deadly Sins are the primary qualities the world uses to turn child into asshole.

      Nothing new under the sun.


  4. Of course the simplest way to stop illegals from entering from Mexico is to shoot them dead. Stack 'em like cordwood and there is your new border fence.

  5. Tariffs are a VOLUNTARY tax but paying the cost of tens of millions of illegals medical and education and having working Americans wages lowered by unskilled labor is a COMPULSORY NEVER ENDING TAX!

  6. This will be GREAT....effectively better than closing the Border or calling out the US Army to secure the ENTIRE border - get Mexicans to pay us until they stop the cartels, and in the meantime, the TARIFFS/TAXES will fund building out the ENTIRE 2,000 MILE WALL!!!
    WIN-WIN-WIN - I'm not getting tired yet PDJT!!! Lovin' it BIGLY....

  7. I doubt that even Bill Kristol ever wanted to be a Bill Kristol wannabe.

  8. > He's a down-market Jennifer Rubin.

    And she's up-market??!!!!

  9. Aliens - legal and illegal - ship $138 Billion to their "sending countries" from our local economies Every. Single. Year. That is 64% of our Agriculture GNP ($213 Billion last year) - more than half what our nation earns from farming.

    I say, crank up the tariffs until Mexico's & all of South America's corrupt "patrons" find it economically sensible to keep their citizens at home instead of sending them up here to earn money for the cartels.

    1. Tax the money sent by illegals abroad instead of tariffs, IMO. Any legals sending money can get a tax refund after showing legal status. Just as states collect sales tax from businesses, companies, as with Western Union, can do the same.

    2. There is a downside to that thinking. Hitting remittances a) hurts the poorest Mexicans who b) have no power except to c) destabilize Mexico. Tariffs hurts power players who have AMLO's phone number.

  10. A typical foul mouthed libtard afraid to use their name . Looks like you swallowed a lot of scum to post drivel like you do. Are you sure you are not some pimple faced snot nosed teen? Go ahead fool. fire back some equally ignorant garbage to further prove your T D S

    1. Afraid to use your name??? Seriously? Like you are using your real name? Does that make hair grow on your chest because you use a name?

      Do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

    2. I knew you fu ing idiot would have to respond. LOL. Just another smart arse that won't just shut up and piss off.

    3. I just wish the anonymouses (anonymice?) would use some sort of tag so I can keep track of which one is which. Sometimes it's hard to follow the discussions.

    4. Jeez, Danny, content!!!!



      Strung in sequences.

      It's not that difficult.

      Why, you could post as an anymouse!!!!

      And your comment, whatever it may be, could be read and understood!!!!

  11. that comment was in reply to that douche bag annoymous

  12. Maybe Congress will get off the pot and do what they have as their priority; protecting America's citizens. 2993 people were killed by illegals in TX between April 2008 and Oct 2014. As of July 27, 2018, there have been 2,372 U.S. military deaths in the War in Afghanistan over 17 years.

  13. I'm not surprised at the Libtards and never-Trumpers, but Don's readers seem like a pretty intelligent bunch. Trump uses financial pressure for geo-political ends, and it works. Would you rather a shooting war?
    Thanks to the Media and Logan Act violators, foreign countries get the idea that Trump is powerless or at the least temporary. This is bad for America. Meanwhile Mexico can't survive very long if these tariffs go into effect. They have a choice-the illegals or their economic survival. I don't expect the tariffs to last long. The bigger question is whether China will stop leaning on North Korea or the Mullahs in Iran will survive prior to the 2020 election when they expect regime change in America.

    1. The Beast reports that Obama officials are coaching Iran how to beat Trump. They say their secret meetings with America's enemies are "normal".

      They're right about that, anyway.

    2. My President's button isn't on a shirt.

  14. Easy. If a never-Trumper is agin it, I’m fer it.

  15. IIRC, tariffs are computed at the producer's cost (wholesale, for want of a better term), not how much it costs to buy at Wal-Mart (retail). Hence, a 5% tariff wouldn't raise the retail price 5%.

    It's like in the '60s. LBJ put a 10 percent surtax on imported items. I was looking at an import, 1500 bucks sticker, and it had itemized on the sticker 80 bucks for the surtax. So the 10 percent was on the 800 bucks it cost when made in Germany, not what it cost me to buy it in Texas.