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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mueller Report in, wall going up

Info Wars reported, "The Pentagon has approved a plan to spend an additional $1.5 billion to build 80 more miles of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News Friday.

"Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan approved the re-allocation of funds, which were originally earmarked for support of Afghan security forces and other projects, to help pay for the wall along the southern border."

I heard nary a peep of protest from Democrats.

They are defeated, vanquished, and bewildered. It was not supposed to end this way. They bet everything on that Mueller Report, hoping not only would it undermine Donald John Trump's legitimacy as president, but also cover their tracks as they used the National Security apparatus to spy on The Donald and his campaign.

But President Donald John Trump was undeterred in his quest to cut regulations, appoint honest judges, get NATO allies to increase defense spending, rewrite NAFTA, end the health insurance mandate, cut personal taxes, cut corporate taxes, and build that wall.

And now the report is in. It's empty. Democrats are helpless to stop him.

They could not even find a judge among the hundred or so district judges Obama appointed to stop the Pentagon from securing the border.

Jerrod Nadler, the buffoon who heads some useless House committee, backed down from subpoenaing Mueller when it dawned on the congressman that Republicans could cross-examine Mueller.

Democrats are reduced to going after President Trump's tax returns. They know there is nothing there. Lois Lerner gave them to Democrats the day The Donald went after Obama's birth certificate.

But they need, desperately, to find something -- anything -- to stop the man.

They cannot because they are lower on the food chain.

So another 80 miles of the wall will rise this summer. And there may be indictments of those who spied on President Trump.


  1. Keep on making America great again, PDJT! And keep up your great work, DS!

  2. Pull our troops out of Europe. We can reallocate those funds and secure our border three times over.

  3. The Democrat Party needs a total rebuild. Trannies, fags, dead infants, MS-13, and pussy hats ain't cutting it.

    1. I shouldn’t be laughing (don’t get cocky, kid) but I am!

  4. We desperately need a "Damned right button".

  5. The politician creature had, until the blossoming of this miracle of world wide communication, aka, the internet, practical, effective dominance over the nation's populace's media propagandas of the day.

    That, combined with the political infections of our nation's educational systems, aka, public schools, plus the same political infections dominating the entertainment industries, resulted in effective control influence over the nation's election voters and, thus, the election results.

    The internet fucked that all up for the politicians.

    No more exclusive control of supply of information.

    No more choke point to funnel narrow political propagandas down the throats of the citizens.

    No more meager crumbs of only the poisonous nature of the politicians' lies.


    Blew the whole thing up, this control of communications between each and every citizen, inhabitant and living persons world wide.

    So, nothing the political creatures can do will return to them their former capabilities to propagandize with wanton abandon.

    The media is finished as an effective tool for liars.

    The entertainment industry is on it's way to the same mooted fate.

    The education cabals are facing extinction for all but the honest, honorable, practical and real life factually valuable providers of knowledge, skill and elegant quality of integrity.

    These are the days of the stirring of the pot, the seperating of wheat from chafe, the practical elegance of sorting out the wasted nuts, the Darwinian principle applied to each and everyone, by each one to himself.

    Full measure honesty.

    Full measure honor.

    Full measure individual responsibility.

    Full measure respect and appreciation.

    This is MAGA.

    This is Constitutional Republic.

    This is America.

    1. Did I do the math right? I got $18m+ per mile. Even for a government project, that seems a little over the top.

    2. Basic roads run a million a mile.

  6. They can use several of Nadler’s belts to build many miles of the wall.

  7. Does anyone know actually how much wall has been built? All I can find are Dem/Media talking points that say nothing has been built at all.