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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Joe Rodham Biden

Gropey Joe is now Sleepy Joe as people have begun noticing his campaign events are like grandpa's teeth: few and far between.

His schedule makes Low Energy Jeb! look like a house afire.

The Washington Post reported this weekend. "Here's former Vice President Joe Biden's agenda for the holiday weekend, according to his campaign: 'Joe Biden has no public events scheduled.'

"Those seven words are becoming familiar for the Biden team. Aside from a campaign swing right after announcing his candidacy, Biden has kept his head down while his rivals rush from state to state to state. Even when he has held public events, they have included only a handful of questions from voters or reporters.

"The light public schedule reflects the unique position of his campaign, advisers say: With near universal name recognition and high favorability ratings among Democrats, the former vice president does not need to introduce himself to voters like nearly every other candidate. And as the leader in early polls, he can attract media attention without splashy events.

"But there are risks. Voters in the early primary states -- especially Iowa, with its caucus system that rewards on-the-ground organizing -- want to see the candidates personally and often. And there is the danger that Biden's schedule could reinforce a word President Donald Trump is already using to describe his candidacy: sleepy."


The reason Gropey is now Sleepy is that he also is Dopey and Grampy. The man is not too bright and often shows it in his off-the-cuff remarks.

Age also is wearing him down. I attribute this to decades of working like a government worker.

The Senate's Tuesday-through-Thursday work schedule, 40 weeks a year is a sharp contrast to Donald John Trump's nearly 50 years of 12-hour days, six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The Biden campaign for 2020 is a lot like Hillary's 2016 campaign. He does minimal campaigning but spends a lot of time schmoozing with rich donors. He is the piper prepared to play whatever tune they call.

Not having him campaign has an advantage. Rebecca Katz, a Democratic strategist (whatever that means), told the Post, "The more people see him live in 2019, the more they realize he might not be the guy the remember from 2008."

The wheels are greased for Biden today (subject to change) just as they were greased for Hillary in 2016 campaign. I suspect the super delegates and DNC will carry him over the finish line out of loyalty to Obama.

Biden passed the Grope Test when a candidate said he touched her inappropriately and sniffed her hair while campaigning for her as vice president.

That story died as quick a death as Governor Blackface's scandal did when Democrats realized if they took him out, they would also have to take out the lieutenant governor and attorney general which would leave a -- gulp -- Republican as governor.

The bottom line is, Biden is in the driver's seat for the nomination, and he is asleep at the wheel.


  1. Memo to Joe Mama: You can hide, but you can’t run.

    1. Wait, what was I saying? I am a YUGE Joe fan and tell everyone I know that I’m voting for him, no question, in November. Oh, my bad. November of NEXT year.

  2. No speaking equals no gaffes.
    Good advice when your candidate is an idiot.
    Also, they may not want to get too heavily invested in someone likely to be attached to Obama's spying. Sucks to have to say you weren't trusted enough to be included in the biggest conspiracy ever. Or that you were.

    1. It's more than gaffes. There's a reason Trump gave him the 'sleepy' nickname. a reporter noticed crowds at his past rallies went to see Uncle Joe, and left with an impression he was Grampa Joe.

      I'm continually amazed at Trump's instinct for his opponents' weaknesses. The 'sleepy' nickname is one example.

  3. History would be made if a Rose Garden campaign was able to be won without access to the Rose Garden itself.

  4. I question those pundits who say that Slo-Joe has the black vote sewed up because of their loyalty to Obama. Exactly what appeal does an old white man have for today's black voters? What has he actually done for them? If he is actually the Dem nominee he will carry the black vote because that's how they are conditioned to vote, but not with anything like Obama level numbers.

  5. Low Energy Jeb Biden drinks a bottle of Geritol a day and still his campaign is folding up like a cheap beach chair. His campaign staff needs to trot some early teen girls in front of him to re-energize him pronto.

    1. Yeah, either that or tell him to go swimming.
      He is infamous for swimming in the nude when female Secret Service agents are on duty. They even have a code word for the male agents to come in and replace the female agents:
      Cobra! Cobra! Cobra!

  6. I'm so disappointed. Bernie Sanders says stuff should be free, so everywhere I go I ask if the product is free like Bernie said and those damned capitalists make me pay. I wonder if those people with Poncho Beto bumper sticker are getting all the free stuff.

  7. People show up expecting Uncle Joe and instead find they have Grandpa Munster. No wonder they're staying away in droves.

  8. He's laying low so he doesn't have to take questions about sonny boy and his Ukraine and China dealings (along with the cocaine issues).

  9. They're trying to keep him safe, legal and rare.