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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Iran and Red China want to win the 2020 election

In recent days we have seen Red China break off trade negotiations and Iran try to bomb the hell out of Israel through its Hamas brigade. Iran also seems to want a war with the Saudis.

This is calculated chaos aimed at winning the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Their plan is to bring back the Obama Age to the USA. Readers now know this to be true.

What we know now that we did not know a month ago is that the stepson of Obama's secretary of state and the son of his vice president stand to make billions in deals with Red China upon the election of Sleepy Creepy Joe next year.

I went over this yesterday. They set up an international hedge fund when daddy was elected vice president. It quickly was worth $2.4 billion. Daddy and stepdaddy served on the Senate foreign relations committee, where they obviously cut deals for themselves.

This hedge fund explains John Kerry's meetings with Iranian officials. There is money to be made there, too, regardless if we lift sanctions under a Democrat president.

Democrats have sided with Iran for some time with Eric Holder arranging the pardon of Marc Rich, the billionaire international fugitive from justice who ignored an embargo to sell Iranian oil. Through an ex-wife, Rich paid Clinton a million bucks for the final day pardon.

Of course, Republicans traded arms to Iran to perpetuate its war with Iraq when Reagan was president. But that was for policy, not personal gain. Presidents should not sneak behind the back of Congress, and vice versa.

Ted Kennedy begging for Russian help in the 1984 presidential election should have gotten him expelled from the Senate. Then again, Chappaquiddick should have as well.

But this is not your yaketty neighbor's Democrat Party. The party now is openly anti-Semitic through its Muslim Twins in the House. Indeed, thoughts of the Holocaust calm them down. 9/11 is just something someone did.

We know this because the party defends the Muslim Twins because they and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the party's future. The refusal to condemn is acceptance. Republicans abandoned David Duke, Todd Akin in 2012, and even Donald John Trump in 2016. Democrats cannot bring themselves to call their own out.

But the Muslim Twins serve as fronts for Democrats because they are immune from criticism, at least in the eyes of Democrats.

However Hillary labeling Trump supporters as deplorable vaccinated them from future name-calling. For example, if Mayor Pete calls us homophobic, we can say, that's nice. And then ask him to explain his policy on international trade.

The original Axis of Evil -- Iran, Iraq, and North Korea -- skirted the real threat in all this: Red China. North Korea was its stand-in under Bush 43.

President Donald John Trump has succeeded in peeling North Korea off although Kim Jong Un backslided in February. The Donald is a patient man. 2021 is not that far away.

Our threats today are, in order, Red China, Iran, and Russia. They are in cahoots with the Democrat Party.

They have always wanted to destroy the American economy.

Now more than ever.


  1. A few things to keep in mind.

    The Lefties today, now that the Soviet Union's brushfire wars are gone, don't have the cutthroat militaries and terrorists like the VC, Baader-Meinhof, PLO, the Sandanistas, or the Weathermen to spread fear anymore, so they've allied themselves with the Moslems.

    Hell's Harem is the new Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

    Way too many people with dirty deeds all the way up to the Choom Gang and the Ozark Mafia. And it wouldn't take to many indictments and convictions to poison what little is left of the Democrat brand in 2020.

    Remember what Sun Tzu said:

    Kill one, impress a thousand.

    1. Hmm. Great quote. Accurate. This is why heads were placed on spikes. One year after his death, Parliament exhumed Cromwell's head, put him on trial, and hung him from dawn till 4 p.m.

  2. Maxine Waters' HairMay 15, 2019 at 12:19 PM

    Biden can't lose,, he's just gotta' win!


  3. Mine eyes have seen the glory...

    For the first time in my adult life, I am seeing a strong, proud, and ORGANIC effort by the Friends of Don T to present the FACTS. It will be interesting to see how many people say The Hell With The Democrats as The Swamp’s pus-filled chancres begin to pop and relieve the pressure of the infection, but it’s gonna be a godawful stinking smelling mess. God bless Mr. T, and God Bless The United States of America.

  4. The Iranians, like the Chinese, are going too far with their actions. The IRGC General who defected recently is the source of the military response we've taken and the evacuation orders for Americans in Iraq. We have their entire set of plans and are working to counter them as I type this. Fact is that Iran can't stand up to a short and intense bombing campaign that will occur if they step out of line.

  5. I'm not so sure our adversaries want to destroy our economy. They may prefer to weaken our abilities while still profiting from it. We are the goose that lays the golden egg. - Elric

  6. I would put the Democrat Party as the number one threat, myself.

  7. President Kushner ... I mean President Trump seems to want the United States to fight Israel's wars for them. I mean, that's what we elected him for, right?

  8. Don, you said Republicans abandoned Trump in 2016? I think Kasich and Jeb! were the only 2 primary candidates who openly did not support Trump in the general election. I am pretty sure the other 14 said they would be voting for Trump. Over 90 percent of Republican voters (including myself in what became a crucial state in Michigan) voted Trump in the general. I voted Cruz in the primary and had no problem with the choice of Trump over Clinton. What happened with the never-trumpers is that those idiots LEFT the Republican party.

    They are all alone. Can't believe anyone is still paying attention to never-trumpers. I know all about the problems with many Republicans in congress like Romney, Ryan, Flake, etc... who have undermined Trump, but they are not the majority. 100 percent of Democrats in congress undermine Trump. About 30 percent of Republicans do. I have no problem ripping on a Republican politician by name for voting with the Democrats, but that is a far different thing than condemning the whole damn party. I won't be condemning anyone for voting against the future $2 trillion dollar Porkulus II infrastructure bill. This kind of crap is why I went for Ted Cruz in the primary and still have no regrets about it!

    Let's put it this way. Without Republicans, Trump get's in 2016 double, maybe triple the votes that Ross Perot got in his first presidential run. Speaking for myself, I feel closely allied with the other groups that voted for Trump (the Reagan Democrats, Independents, people who voted for the first time ever, etc...)

    In my view, these non-republican people are the "Trump backers", the most loyal supporters of the President. The Republicans like myself are more focused on the poisonous danger the Democrats, Deep State, Socialists, Eco-Fascists pose to the country. Trump-backers are growing fond of ripping on Republicans any time they see a crack of daylight between their guy Trump and traditional R voters. Democrat strategists are clever enough to see this opportunity to try and split this coalition apart ahead of 2020.

    So I will say to the Trump-backers: What is more important to you? Winning in 2020 or making sure to tell all those loser Republicans that they are losers, even though they voted for a winner?

    Eric W.


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