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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Hillary Trumpenfreude tastes like Chardonnay

"The Trumpenfreude is strong with this one."
-- Obi Wan A Second Term For Trump.

The list of excuses for Hillary blowing a billion dollars and a 15-point lead just grew.

Her minions now blame Jon Stewart for her loss, as if being too drunk to stand on 9/11 did not have anything to do with her 30-state stomping.

The New Post's Kyle Smith wrote, "In the middle of last week, Huma Abedin must have bustled over to Hillary’s place with a lovingly bound copy of the latest in cutting-edge academic research, a report that says Jon Stewart’s retirement is ACKSHULLY the reason Donald Trump won. We’ll all be able to hear more about this in Frau Pantsuit’s next memoir, '7,573 Other Reasons I Lost That Totally Were Not My Fault, You Ungrateful Pissants.'"

This is brilliant.

The paper ("Did Jon Stewart Elect Donald Trump? Evidence From Television Ratings Data") by Ethan Porter of George Washington University and Thomas J.Wood of Ohio State University, said, "The transition at The Daily Show spurred a 1.1% increase in Trump’s county-level vote share."

Melissa Locker wrote, "The researchers believe the effect was not to due to Stewart’s ability to change voters’ opinions about subjects, but rather his ability to get out the vote and help people realize how important it is to exercise that right. According to the researchers, Stewart’s departure had a noticeable impact on voter mobilization, which they believe 'wielded unique influence over voting behavior.'"

Locker is a true believer.

She wrote, "While late-night comedy may feel like a laugh, it turns out it can have very real and meaningful effects on presidential elections. Perhaps Jon Stewart will come out of retirement before the 2020 presidential election."

Meanwhile, Smith reminded us of what Dennis Miller said: "They could have passed out a big sheet of paper that had two boxes on it, one that said ‘Hillary’ and one that said ‘not Hillary,’ and I was gonna put my X in the ‘not-Hillary’ box, OK?"

He spoke for millions.

63 million to be exact.

ACKSHULLY more if you count third-party votes.

And so we have added another line to Hillary's listing on The Trumpenfreude List.


  1. They have some nerve calling that late night drivel "comedy".

  2. These nasty, no longer funny comedians affect jaded hipster lemmings in big blue cities, only a few of which Trump took anyway. His was an electoral win based on personal trust by many hoping for the non millennial dignity of a job. There was also a strong desire to give Obama, as well her and her arrogant media supporters, reconstructive smash mouth. She lost because she couldn't hide her true selfish self. It was Trump's true self that got him elected. More academic "science" fit only for the shredder.

  3. Aren't Stewart and his like somewhat overrated in their influence? I mean, he pulled about 1.5 million viewers on an average night. In a nation of well over 300 million that's insignificant.

  4. Jeb! Bush? Is there anyone more toxic in politics today? Possible exception of the blackface governor Ralph "Coonman" Northam of Virginia. But even the Bush Family friend Hillary isn't quite at Jebbie's level of toxicity.

  5. Stewart quit when the jig was up on his interviewing techniques. If you were going on his show you had to understand that you were the patsy and he would control how you were to be perceived. It was getting harder to find people willing to put up with that. Otherwise, it was simply a boring echo chamber.

  6. NeverHillary 2016.

    Trump 2020. Great job so far! (And no interns in blue dresses with special DNA spots.)