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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

First they came for the guns


  1. "Remember that prosperity can be only for the free,
    and freedom is the sure possession of those alone
    who have the courage to defend it."


  2. Had the Beast prevailed in '16 we'd already be halfway to confiscation. Hell, we'd already BE Venezuela.

    1. No.

      We would be resolving the conflicts between:

      1. Law enforcement employees who choose to honor our Constitution and law enforcement employees who choose to dishonor our Constitution.

      2. Ditto #1 for all others employed by all other governments, state, county, city, township, village, etc.

      3. Ditto for politicians, of both established parties.

      4. Ditto for all businesses, especially corporate in size.

      5. Ditto for each and every American, citizen and legal immigrant.

      The resolutions of these inherent conflicts between Constitution complient and Constitution prohibited would be as bloody as the treasonous require them to be.

      Have no doubt that MAGA would prevail, as MAGA is Constitutional Republic of States United.

  3. They should have started shooting before the confiscation. The left want us unarmed and at their mercy too. Anyone who doesn't see that by now is stupid or a part of it.

  4. But they're socialists, so they only mean all that in the nicest possible way.

  5. Hillary has done one good thing. She has finally gotten American to check out other cultures and languages. I know this because I see a message in Greek all over the place.

  6. Oregon's trying but they have to come and get
    them first..
    That would've been the difference with Hillardly...

  7. Sad for Venezuela but a valuable lesson to the rest of the world.

  8. I read somewhere this morning: "You can vote your way into Socialism, but you have to shoot your way out."

  9. Venezuela is bordered by Colombia and Brazil.
    If it comes to warfare, let them be the ones to help fight if anyone is to do so.

    We can provide them with beans & bullets, but no conventional US forces should get in the shooting zones. (I do leave room for Special Operations Forces to operate where needed, but only after others are directly involved.)