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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Divide country, promise unity

Having refused to accept their defeat by the Orange Man three years ago, liberals complain that the nation is not united. Sleepy Creepy Joe will unite us, they say.

I give them points for having gall.

The New York Times reported, "Biden Delivers Call for National Unity at Philadelphia Rally."

Biden said, “They say Democrats are so angry, the angrier a candidate can be, the better chance he or she has to win the Democratic nomination. Well, I don’t believe it, I really don’t.

“If the American people want a president to add to our division, lead with a clenched fist, closed hand, a hard heart, to demonize the opponents and spew hatred — they don’t need me. They’ve got President Donald Trump.

“Folks, I am running to offer our country — Democrats, Republicans and independents — a different path. Not back to a path that never was, but to a future that fulfills our true potential as a country.”

He's not a hater, right?

Biden said, “If you want to know what the first, most important plank in my climate proposal is, beat Trump.”

His sales pitch is to be practical. Actually telling people the crazy thing that you will do won't win the election. You have to pretend to be moderate. You will still regulate cow farts, you just don't tell people.

Regulating cow farts is not far-fetched.

Remember the Obama administration sued a woman because rain washed feathers from her chicken farm in West Virginia into the Chesapeake Bay, or so Obama's appointees said.

Sleepy Creepy Joe has been doing that for nearly 50 years. He believes in incremental communism just like his mentor, Obama.

This is what Democrats have done all my life. His job is to convince President Trump supporters that he is no threat to them and he will calm the waters.

We will see if it works.

But the telltale sign is how Democrats project themselves on their opponents. Sleepy Creepy Joe said, “If the American people want a president to add to our division, lead with a clenched fist, closed hand, a hard heart, to demonize the opponents and spew hatred — they don’t need me.”

Remove the word "don't" and you have what he meant.

I mean, even with Donald Trump as president, his supporters are beat up, harassed, and banned from restaurants, Twitter and Facebook.

Sleepy Creepy Joe will step up the pace.


  1. Sure. Sounds like a tard plan. Here's a tub of water. Take a bath. Forget it came out of the ceptic tank...

  2. The conservative Australian Prime Minister who retained government over the weekend said that the win was a victory for "those Australians who have worked hard every day; they have their dreams, they have their aspirations - to get a job, to get an apprenticeship, to start a business, to meet someone amazing. To start a family, to buy a home, to provide the best you can for your kids. To save for your retirement and to ensure that when you're in your retirement that you can enjoy it because you've worked hard for it."

    Conservatives today are more in tune with the workers than are the Left, knowing as conservatives do that to diss the rich is to diss the ambitions and aspirations of the poor.

  3. The only question I have is: Will Uncle Joe continue to skinny dip if he wins?

    The answer is: OH HELLZ YEAH.

    There is no question photos of Gropin Joe in his birthday suit at the Naval Observatory exist. Her Thighness probably has them. “All in good time, my pretty, all in good time.”

  4. Democrats: "Give us our way, and we can be friends again."

  5. in what world is calling supporters of a potential opponent “dregs of society” viewed as unity. This bumbling blowhard has done nothing to unify this country in the 50 years he has been in Washington.