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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Conservatives have won humor

One cultural victory for conservatives is humor. We have it. The Marxists don't.

Consider for a moment The Babylon Bee "Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire."

Its recent offerings include "Republicans Drop Support For War With Iran After Learning Unborn Babies Would Be Killed" and "Bunch Of Backward Hicks In Alabama Among First To Ban Most Barbaric Practice Known To Man."

While the site is conservative, it plays its comedy down the middle.

Then there is Our President Donald John Trump. Unlike his cowardly predecessor, President Trump can give as good as he gets.

The 2011 Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump was brutal with Gilbert Gottfried calling him the 20th hijacker.

Obama would have melted if anyone said that about him.

I trace the end of liberal humor to July 21, 2008, when New Yorker depicted Obama as a Muslim and his wife as Angela Davis.

The left howled forcing the editor to explain himself.

After eight years of Obama we now know why. The satire was too accurate.

Last week, Adam Sandler returned to SNL. He was funny. He got in digs on The Donald. Sure. Why not? He is the president.

But Sandler also got digs in on Democrats.

That is how you do it.


  1. Milquetoast comedian, milquetoast jokes, milquetoast response. What you see is what you get. Not as bad as other comedians, but still a lousy one (IMO) and an even worse actor (again, IMO).

  2. Humor? Their cover was spot on. Did the left not get it? or was that what they wanted?

  3. True humor comes from a place of love. The "humor" we see today comes from a place of hate.

  4. And the commie left is MORE than happy to allow us the victory of 'having humor' while they don't. Because the victory THEY seek, the only victory that matters to them
    is POWER! and complete control over every aspect of everyone's life. And while we are busy celebrating our victories in memes, humor and "gotchas"
    they will be consolidating their grasp on power and rolling out the planned pogrom to eliminate all who opposed them.

  5. Hilarious memes all over the pro Trump corner of twatter. Have you seen mini AOC over there? All this winning puts people in a great mood and they get funny as hell!!

  6. The Master Roaster was always Groucho. This is how it's done.

  7. There is not a funny bone left in the Democratic Party, they are dry, ugly mean and angry communist children who cannot have their own way for once in their lifetime.

  8. Its just a matter of time until Twitter bans the joke "That's not funny!".