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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Chicagoans should be outraged

They slaughter more than cattle in Chicago.

They kill mothers without pause.

WGN in Chicago reported, "A 24-year-old woman shot as she held a baby on the Northwest Side Tuesday morning shielded the child with her body, police said, and later died from her wounds.

"According to police, the woman, identified as Brittney Hill, was holding her 1-year-old baby girl as she spoke with acquaintances on the 1200 Block of North Mason Avenue Tuesday morning. Then around 8:50 a.m., two men exited a silver Chevy Impala and fired shots at the group.

"The first shot struck the 24-year-old in the upper torso, according to police, and she sought cover behind cars parked nearby with the baby."

Why do Chicagoans tolerate this carnage?

Police solve only 17% of murders in Chicago. That is a license to kill.

This is what Chicagoans accept as normal.

If stating that upsets you, then you need to get your priorities straight. The murder of Brittney Hill is an outrage that should rally Chicagoans to stop the killing. Now.

Pretend her name is Trayvon Martin because she looks like one of Obama's daughters.


  1. National Guard-Federalized. Throw out the City Government. Put Armored Humvees on the streets. .50cal turrets. Bradleys as needed.
    Start Mass arrests of Gangbangers,Drug dealers. Let the citizens arm themselves.
    Marshal law for six months..
    Then rebuild..

  2. The cycle up there is something: someone gets shot and killed, police investigate and nobody saw nothing, same people complain that cops not doing their jobs.

    Rinse, lather, repeat. Wonder when she'll start blaming all the deaths on Indiana.

  3. Do I even have to ask the race of the shooters?

  4. I'm just gonna hazard a guess here, but could it be that the shooters weren't "White Hispanics"?

  5. I'm amazed, when watching cop shows on TV, when the cops say "that's a known drug house," or "he was known to police as a ((pick a version of perpetrator))."

    Why, if it's known to the police, isn't the situation or person handled by arrests?

    1. Oh, for more info about Chicago homicide, check out

    2. Because the cops arrest them, and the system releases them. Most times the perp is back on the street before the cop gets done with the paper work.
      DA's drop charges or plead down cases because the case load is an outrage. Then there is the matter of witnesses, and victims who choose to not show up for court.
      Judges then pass out light sentences, usually probation. I know one gal who got probation for accessory in a murder.
      Probation??? What a joke. The agents are over loaded. The criminals know what days to expect a home visit.
      We hear and complain a LOT about police abuse. It happens. Part of the problem is they are frustrated with the system which is staked against them. That motivates them to lie, plant evidence, and et rough with people.
      We need to reform our system in a lot of ways. Mandatory death penalty for all first degree murders. Optional for second degree murder. Sentences should be decided by the judge. frankly, the jury should decide guilt only as far as did the accused commit a crime, then the judge should weigh the evidence and determine if it should be 1st, 2nd murder, or manslaughter. and impose sentence based on that.
      I am opposed to life sentences. If a person cannot be adequately punished in twenty years, make them dead. No use in having caged animals to amuse the public and spark fits of outrage that these vermin are treated like the rats they act like.

  6. The white Democrats who run Chiraq don't care how many blacks die.

    1. Unfortunately, the black democrats don’t seem to care either since they are getting their piece of the action.

  7. "Why do Chicagoans tolerate this carnage?"
    Because they're predominately bl--k.
    (File it under "The Emperor Has No Clothes.")

  8. Some cooperation with the police from the victims might help raise number of murders solved. They like it this way otherwise they would raise children who do not commune with criminals! You are known by the company you keep and the hours you keep. My parents made it clear eons ago the impact of poor judgement.

    1. Be a witness may get you killed. No police protection usually and no ability to carry firearms. The SCOTUS ruled that the CCW laws were unconstitutional. Chicago relaxed them but required a safety course that per my last check was not available, so no CCW permits.

  9. These are democrat voters. Just think of these murders as post birth abortions.

  10. The relationship between the murderous drug gangs and the Democratic party ruling clique is well-known. The Party uses the gangs to harvest votes, and the gangs get protection and their front groups get taxpayer bribes through 'violence prevention outreach programs'' of which there are dozens. The people continue to vote for all of this. So let them lose their souls. All of them.