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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Chairman Xi misreads America

One of the disadvantages of an open society is everyone around the world thinks they know your business. That is also an advantage because dictators often misread us.

And so it goes with Chairman Xi of Red China.

Chairman Xi -- who banned Winnie the Pooh because people use it to mock him -- is of the belief that President Donald John Trump is handcuffed at home by the Democrat Party. Since the midterm election, in which Nancy Pelosi regained the House, Chairman Xi has reneged on deals already made.

In February, Chairman Xi pulled rank on Kim Jong Un, who then told President Trump in Hanoi it was no deal.

The president is a patient and experienced negotiator. This setback is not permanent. Neither is Chairman Xi's reneging on trade. This is all parry and thrust.

The press of course has been slow on the take.

The Wall Street Journal reported, "The new hard line taken by China in trade talks — surprising the White House and threatening to derail negotiations — came after Beijing interpreted recent statements and actions by President Trump as a sign the U.S. was ready to make concessions, said people familiar with the thinking of the Chinese side."

But President Trump will raise tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods to 25% at midnight tonight. That is up from 10%. The extra $30 billion would be enough to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Make China pay!

I fully understand where Red China is coming from. The communists believe they can wait President Trump out and get a better deal from another rent-to-own Democrat president.

Under Clinton and Obama, the Chinese communists spied on America and ignored our patents and copyrights at will.

To foreigners, President Trump looks weakened by the Mueller investigation.

However history shows that Americans like incumbent presidents. In the last 14 elections in which an incumbent president was on the ballot, the president won 11 times. That gives him a 79% chance of winning.

Karin McQuillan believes the Democrat Party is collapsing in a pile of identity politics and the hidden radicalism it promotes.

She wrote, "Democrats’ decision to change the demographics of our country through open borders is alienating many Hispanic voters. The attendance figures for President Trump’s El Paso rally sent a shiver of fear through Democrats: 70 percent of rally attendees were Latino, 50 percent were Democrats. This month, the McLaughlin poll shows a 50 percent jump in Trump’s approval among Hispanics.

"There are solid reasons for Trump’s rising popularity among this demographic. More American Latinos start small businesses than any other group in the United States. Jobs are booming. Their wage growth has jumped above the national average. They don’t need to read the paper to understand they are competing for work with illegals. They are being terrorized by criminal illegals killing and raping their family members and neighbors. Liberal talking points can’t hide those realities."

She also pointed out many observers believe Ohio is lost to Democrats. That's a pretty big deal as only one president (Kennedy in 1960) has lost Ohio and won since 1892. In 30 of the last 31 elections, the winner of Ohio wins the presidency.

I am not saying Donald John Trump's re-election is in the bag, but I am saying Red China is better off making a deal sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the stock market went bonkers today. A newspaper said, "Donald Trump wiped nearly $1.5 TRILLION off global markets in a single tweet after threatening to double China trade tariffs."

Meh. The market is still worth $34 trillion. Wake me when it hiys $17 trillion. That was where I came in.

Red Chinese should realize that America can hold out one more day longer than they can.

But they misread us because they believe our Fake News media.


  1. A lot of people are beating Trump to the punch. Looking to see where something is made and picking something a little more expensive to keep from having to buy Chinese. Chinese quality has been declining of late, as well. They think we're as stupid as their chairman thinks we are.

    1. Just purchased several sets of bib overalls from roundhouse. American made, little more expensive but twice the quality.

    2. GREAT post, Doc. I’m a sucker for bargains but my wife has been training me to BUY AMERICAN and pay more if necessary. It’s working.

  2. Well, Don, not closing a bad deal is not a setback.

    In any manner.

    It is, at worst, a pause, suspension of the process of making a good deal.

    There are no setbacks for MAGA.

    Only the fake news bullshit of wishing there are.

    Not succeeding, for the time being, is not the same as failing.

    MAGA knows this.

    The increasing de!usional behaviors of the democrats and snootty, snotty rino repubs being a clear indication that they know they are failing in their efforts to appeal to their useful idiots' craving for 'I Want It & I Want It NOW' infantile temper tantrums.

    The Tortoise and the Hare.

    Slow and steady wins the race by finishing, after quick and fervant peters out far from the finish line.

    The democrats are all premature ejaculations.

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  4. The first rule of negotiating with The Donald is, don't waste his time or piss him off.

    How do you piss him off?

    Well, wasting his time is a good way to start.

    There WILL be a price to pay for siding with the Democrats.

    "Only A Trillion", as Isaac Asimov used to say.

  5. The Democrat leaning press organizations are the Right's secret weapon. By being so out of touch with heartland and conservative Americans, they not only mislead foreigners but more importantly they mislead Democratic politicians, who tend to read or watch them exclusively. Which explains why those politicians are so tone deaf to the concerns of the 50%plus of the country who didn't vote Democrat in the 16 election.

  6. The chinese can be shrewd bargainers. I am not sure this isn't typical haggling that goes on. With their economy slowing to a crawl we will see who can hold out longer. Try getting Germany or Japan to buy all of that junk.

  7. There's never been a better time for America to enter the war that China has been waging for at least 30 years. Trump seems to relish this kind of fight. Now will Americans give Trump the room to negotiate?

  8. All lot of America's problems where China is concerned were started when "Tricky" Dick Nixon visited China and was convinced we ought to give them most favored nation status. So began our money to build up their military and make our trade imbalance so out of whack there was no scale upon which to read it. Other things the Chinese have done is to steal every bit of our industrial and military secrets. I mean our stupid betters break their necks to hire Chinese and foreigners to help them do the job of espionage. Changing the subject, I only hope I can live long enough to see the upper crust of American society get on the receiving end of their open borders policy. Forest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does." Our politicians are in the top of that class.

    1. Runonparagraphsfreethoughtexpressionsansnormalpunctuationknownasparagraphsareeasytoread

    2. Lots of us have no problem reading BIG paragraphs.
      Especially when it's not a term paper.

      In this format it's the thoughts that count.
      Put away your red pencil. Nobody cares.

    3. Generally, the Chinese mindset is "If I'm not scamming you, I'm not a good Chinese." Youtube shows videos of large cities that can house millions of people but stand empty. They built one of the largest malls in the world and only a handful of vendors are in it. The Chinese government have been scamming their own people since birth. Why should they treat foreigners any different?

    4. There was rapprochement with Nixon, but no favored nation status until this century. Nixon thought he could play the Red Chinese off against the Soviet Union. The threat of that set Brezhnev's teeth on edge, but it never happened. Sino-Soviet relations were always something of a mixed bag, but tended to be on the negative side as Mao thought the Soviets were Marxist heretics, and only he had the real Marxist gospel.

      Given what the Reds are, we should not be trading with them, at all. They have stated, point blank, that we are an enemy, and all we are doing, through trade, is funding their military expansion.

  9. And is it a coincidence that the United States just seized a North Korean coal-smuggling ship? According to the article I read, one of their two largest?

  10. North Korea fired those projectiles as part of China's trade war. But the press is too busy gloating about it as a Trump failure to notice it happened because President Trump is winning.

    1. You can’t stop a train by walking onto the rails and holding up your hand while shouting angrily. Any moron knows this.

  11. What if the "fake media" is part of the president's deception plan to fake out the Chicoms? Leading them to read Pres Trump's standing incorrectly...thus, making egregious tactical and strategic errors.

  12. Another factor is that the experts & Chinese aren't considering the possibility that Americans might like the tariffs as a whole.

  13. Yep. They need our markets/customers waaaaaaaay more than we need theirs. Trump will need to subsidize farmers until China blinks, however.


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