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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Boston diversifies its corruption

Massachusetts is a racketeer influenced corrupt commonwealth whose history includes John Hancock, a notorious smuggler, and Joseph Kennedy, a notorious bootlegger. Gangster Whitey Bulger not only used the FBI to take out his competition, but got his brother elected speaker of the Massachusetts House.

Four years ago, Boston promoted Haseeb Hosein as its first Muslim police captain. In 2018, he was the city's highest paid employee, raking in nearly $400,000 that year.

This week, Hosein became the first Muslim police captain to be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into police corruption.

Police Commissioner William Gross told reporters, "It’s an active investigation, it’s an open investigation, and it’s an anti-corruption investigation."

Daniel Greeenfield wrote, "Hossein’s profile appears on 'Boston stands with immigrants' where he claims that, 'As an immigrant I am a living example of the greatness of this country.'"

Swell. I congratulate Hosein for diversifying the corruption in the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts. For too long, the Irish have dominated the payoffs, the kickbacks, and other schemes aimed at monetizing public office.

His paid vacation -- administrative leave -- will cut into his pay because much of it is based on overtime.

But it is Boston, so it is possible he will collect overtime while on administrative leave.

(In the private sector there is no such thing as paid overtime for managers, but then again, businesses cannot force the public to give them money.)

Getting appointed police captain was tokenism.

But being accepted into the inner circle where the money is made and nobody asks questions is a sign that Muslims finally have arrived in America.


  1. Somebody asked questions, that is why he is on vacation. Maybe he can get a staycation in a federal prison.

  2. Guess that “Boston Strong” stuff after the Tsarneov brothers (Joker and Dipshit) made boom-boom was pretty short-lived.

    1. We're still waiting for the little puke to get his well deserved injection.

  3. My wife and I were on a cruise a few years ago where some jerk from Baaston bragged it was the most European city in the country.

    I guess it is.

    And they can have it.

    1. “Boston calls itself the Athens of America, but in my experience it’s more like Beirut.”

      — Pat Riley, Show Time

    2. Is being the most European anything worth bragging about?

  4. Boston PD has corruption that goes back generations.

  5. Mass. State Police also have had a lot of this going on lately.

  6. Massachusetts is a racketeer influenced corrupt commonwealth whose history includes John Hancock, a notorious smuggler

    I never knew that. I did a little research. I prefer to think of a man who opposed the now-useless monarchy of Great Britain and wrenched money from its blood-stained hands as a famous smuggler and patriot.

    Joseph Kennedy, on the other hand, was a genuine scoundrel. It is no wonder Teddy leapt from his loins and that family.

  7. Having self-deported from the People's Republic of Massachusetts I can tell you that the 2 areas Capt. Diversity was in charge of (Mattapan & Dorchester) are absolute diversity laden shit-holes.