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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Bill Barr may be Trumpier than Trump

A reader pointed out to me the Trumpiest moment in Attorney General Bill Barr's cross-examination by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Barr put in his place Dick Blumenthal, D-Stolen Valor.

Via Thomas Lifson, the transcript.

Blumenthal: "Did you make a memorandum of your conversation?"

Barr: "No, I didn't."

Blumenthal: "Did anyone, either you or anyone on your staff, memorialize your conversation with Robert Mueller?"

Barr: "Yes."

Blumenthal: "May we have those notes?"

Barr: "No."

Blumenthal: "Why not?"

Barr: "Why should you have them?"

This reminded me of the fight scene in "Blazing Saddles," when Slim Pickens tells Dom DeLuise (who played a sissy movie director): "Piss on you, I'm working for Mel Brooks!"

And piss on Democrats. Barr is working for President Donald John Trump.

That is how it works.

Congress has oversight of the president, but Cabinet members and everyone on down serves at the will and pleasure of the president, who is elected by the states through the Electoral College.

I would like to hope that I cleared up the confusion, but that is not my hope because confused Democrats entertain me. They are still stunned by the 2016 election, which shows how much we got it right.

"Why should you have them?"

That is a good question that they cannot answer.

He could have been a nice guy and released the notes, but why? When was Washington ever nice to us?


  1. A question for someone who watches more TeeVee and online videos than I do (which means if you've watched one in the last six months, you've got me beat): What specifically is Barr reacting to in this gif? Thanks in advance.

    1. Da Nang Dick was asking if Barr or any of his staff made notes on their conversation(s) with Mulehead.

  2. Barr may be Trump's best appointment. Already the NYT is helping to build an entrenchment of palusible denial for the FBI to protect Generals Zero and Lynche from his marauders while Queen Pelosi has ordered a frontal assault by declaring him illegitimate. They must fear him for some reason. Probably a good one too.
    I saw the exchange discussed by Don. Blumenthal looked like a snipers bullet had just passed through his helmet when Barr said what he did. I personally have never seen any one like Barr in action for Trump. He is worth several armies of Rinos. He will definitely stand the hazard of the die.

    1. Think they fear him because they do not know how much he knows about their misconduct. Their reaction is a hint of how bad their skulduggery was.

    2. Piglosi made a tactical error today by stating that Barr lied to Congress. The almost immediate and angry reaction from the DOJ spokesman tells me that San Fran Nan has poked the bear. Don't poke the bear.

  3. 7 million candela and 170+ decibels.

    Not surprising Donald "Flashbang" Trump has left the Democrats still stunned in 2019.

  4. Mittens Romney shuddered at Barr's retort. Absolutely shuddered.

  5. This is a situation where the Dems should ask
    the question-"why is AG Barr not afraid of us?"

  6. The month of May in the key of Q. They have it all, so they have to taint the messenger to taint the message. Unfortunately the message will be slow, sure and like lightning. The 30 month campaign to wake normies is almost over, now comes Huber time.

    Spin Drift

  7. Barr appears to be the right man in the right place at the right time. Right on.

  8. Dick Blumenthal AND former Senator Tom Harkin lied about their war record. Neither have/had any integrity since they did not resign when caught as the editor of a Hawaiian newspaper did when caught doing the same thing some decades ago. As a veteran with 5 generations of family members serving including 2 of my children, I get very angry about this and even more so when I hear them unjustly accusing others of lying.


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