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Saturday, May 18, 2019

An out-of-touch press

I read the headlines in the newspapers and on the national TV channels online and I wonder just what country the reporters are covering.

Certainly, it is not these United States of America.

Remember Mr. Magoo? The nation's newspapers and TV outlets are extremely myopic and misinterpret what they see.

The big story at CNN this afternoon is "Flynn contacted GOP Mueller critic while cooperating with special counsel."

America does not care. The Mueller Report came in and vindicated President Donald John Trump. Now the nation wants to find out who started this nasty rumor, and was it all an excuse for the Obama administration to spy on The Donald.

New York Times has an interesting way of spinning this with reversal of fortune for those who tried to turn the FBI into the KGB. It ran, "Barr Again Casts Doubt on Russia Inquiry's Origins, Aligning With Trump's Attacks."

Then again Russiagate was Watergate with Lawrence O'Brien investigated instead of Richard Nixon. (O'Brien was the DNC chairman whose apartment at Watergate they tried to bug.)

The New York Times is losing its grasp of reality. It ran a column, "Impeachment Is a Form of Hope."

Nancy Pelosi has expressly said no to impeachment because the country has said no.

The Washington Post had a big scoop, "'It's entirely inappropriate': Trump shot a political video on Air Force One."

The story might have legs if the Post hadn't blown its credibility in the first 30 days of this presidency. I remember all those "senior officials" at the State Department resigning in protest of President Trump's foreign policy. It turned out Obama appointees resigned as is normal in the transfer of power.

It's an obsession. The Hill reported, "USGA investigates after golf scores ‘erroneously’ recorded for Trump."

What? Cheating in golf? Next you will tell me there is betting as well.

Which brings us once again to just how out of touch newspapers are. In 2016, only 20 newspapers endorsed Donald John Trump who won the presidency.

Not one paper in West Virginia did. He carried the state by a record 43 points. One newspaper endorsed Evan McMullin as a protest vote but West Virginia did not count how many votes he received.

Contrast that with 2004 when 208 newspapers endorsed John "Do You Know Who I Am?" Kerry, while 194 endorsed President George Walker Bush.

Kerry the Loser received 10 times as many endorsements as President Trump.

Indeed, the score was Hillary 243, Donald Trump 20.




The good news is the number of newspapers is in decline.

The better news is we don't need them. Decades of bias and prejudice have rendered them useless. Power corrupts. Newspapers now are corroded and rusted out.

And nearly blind.

Where should we go for news? American Greatness just reported, "How the FBI Broke the Rules Using Christopher Steele."


  1. The story in the link at American Greatness has it very wrong. The FBI was not duped into acting by Steele.
    There was a much bigger orchestrated plot. How else to explain the attempted entrapment of George P. by coordinated cia fbi operation that preceded the Carter P phase.
    FBI was in on the plot. It was them that slipped a brief about the Steele dossier to the president elect to move the story into the msm.

  2. I would like to see the players in the media prosecuted for their rolls.

  3. Golf scores? I appreciate the laughs its really comedy hour with the media. Frankly I don't think they are obsessed they are telling the haters what they want to hear. Its clickbait generated traffic for higher ad rates.

    When Trump is gone they will take a huge hit. He is the only one propping them up in a twist of irony.

  4. I remember when the press assured us that Jeb! Bush was the frontrunner in 2016. He had the money, the endorsements, the political machine, and the family name.

    What Jeb! didn't have was votes. Nobody online (except the press) was hardly even talking about him. When he did get mentioned, it was in conjunction with comments like "No dynasties" and "If you put a gun to my head and told me to choose between Jeb! and Hillary I'd tell you to pull the trigger."

    And that was before Trump joined the race.

    Back in 2008 the press told us that Romney would do well with the religious right because he was a devout Mormon. Hello? Most Christian sects do not even consider Mormons to be real Christians. They don't hate them or persecute them, but ask a devout Baptist and he'll tell you that Mormons are going to Hell along with all the other false religions. (The church I grew up in wasn't too sure about Catholics either.)

    How could the press not know this? In 2012 the Democrats started spreading smears about Mitt's "weird" religion, just as I expected them to do if Romney had won the nomination in 2008.

    They smeared McCain instead. They called McCain a Nazi, a racist, an out-of-touch rich guy, they said he was senile, they accused him of cheating on his wife, they said he called his wife a cunt in front of witnesses (none of whom came forward) and they questioned his patriotism and his service in Vietnam. (8 years later they slammed Trump for doing the latter.)

    The only reason the press didn't get even nastier to McCain in 2008 is they were too busy making up lies about Sarah Palin.

  5. I and many of my fellow Americans realized the press were whores many years ago. They will do anything for DNC money. I have despised them for years.

  6. What country are they reporting on? Easy. The country they want the gullible and feeble minded to believe we live in. They are making use of, on a GRAND SCALE, Goebbels admonition about when you lie tell BIG lies and tell them often to everyone. Eventually the lies will become truth.

  7. When it came to golf, that honorable old game, the greatest foot wedge player in the freaking history of the WORLD was Vilehelm Jaifferson Clintoine. He’d spend a whole damn round in the woods - doing WHAT? - and then record a 78 or somesuch. “I have never worked harder in my life...” 100 Dollar Bill didn’t just grab pu—y; he had it stationed for him around the course.