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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Americans want the FBI investigated

File this story under: Obama lied, the FBI spied.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the FBI knew the Russian Dossier was BS when the agency used it to spy on Donald John Trump.

And Americans want to get to the bottom of Obama's misuse of America's spy apparatus.

Scott Rasmussen reported, "64% of voters believe the FBI knew a controversial dossier was unreliable when they used it to obtain a search warrant against President Trump’s 2016 campaign. A national survey found that skepticism is shared by 86% of Republicans, 64% of Independents, and 47% of Democrats."

49% of Americans want this investigated.

Only 29% are opposed.

A plurality of Americans now believe the Obama administration's spying was illegal.

Rasmussen said, "35% of voters believe the FBI illegally spied on the Trump campaign while 33% say it did not."

Public support for investigating the Obama administration's FBI gives Bill Barr protection from the upcoming barrage of Fake News about him that AP, CNN and the broadcast networks will unleash to protect Obama because that is what they do: protect Obama.

Obama was not an innocent bystander. He was a nasty man outraged by President Trump's entry into the birther nonsense. Obama wanted revenge!

However, from 1991 to 2007, Obama claimed to have been born in Kenya. Only when someone pointed out the Constitution requires being a native American did he admit the truth. Worst constitutional law professor ever.

Politically, none of this changes anything. President Trump's supporters will not budge and neither will the resistance.

But investigating Comey and company will pump up President Trump's supporters while the indictments and convictions will cause his detractors to stay home.


  1. Expose Obama's college records and overturn every law and executive order he signed as illegitimate.

    1. Exposing his college records where he may have been enrolled as a foreign student would prove interesting and should be done. If Trump's financial records are not allowed to be kept private as a judge has ruled, Obama's college records should be open since his enrollment may have been fradulant. Good for the goose .. . .
      Revoking all laws Obama signed would disrupt the rule of law and many other aspect of our government. Even possible anarchy as faith in the rule of law might disappear.

    2. Faith in the rule of law has been gone ever since the Plame game. Maybe longer.

  2. Thanks amr.
    I've been trying to point that out in past.

  3. Let me state emphatically that I do not want the FBI investigated. I want them disbanded.

    I want certain current and former FBI agents and directors arrested in the dead of night and transported to Gitmo via extraordinary rendition where they can be waterboarded until they tell the truth.

  4. Did he admit the truth? Governor Abercrombie claimed he could not find a copy of the birth certificate.
    Or was this HiLlARy's peepee dosier on Barry?
    Frankly, I believe that Barry was born in Kenya, but with his mother being American does it matter? McStain was born in Panama. The matter that really counted, and the one lost in the noise was that Barry was Adopted by Lolo Soetoro and may in fact still be a citizen of Indonesia. That right there would have mattered, is he legally Barry Soetoro, or Barack Obama? in either case, he is still a SCoaMF and the worst president EVER.

    1. I doubt Obama's white mama was really his mama at all. This plan to make a black man a Manchurian Candidate prez was cooking a long time. No doubt there were more little black boys selected than just Obama but he showed more aptitude so the rest were eased out or just kilt off. Er, I mean, aborted.

    2. Native Born has always meant being born of citizen parents. You could be born on the moon as long as both parents were American citizens. His weren't. Three times in the 1800s the supreme court disqualified candidates for that reason.

    3. McCain being born in Panama is comparing apples to oranges.. McCain's father was active U.S. Military stationed in Panama and McCain was undoubtedly born in a U.S. Military hospital like thousands of other American's are every year.
      Obama however has no rights to claim the same standing.

  5. That so many believe (know) there were dirty tricks that were played by the FBI and Sotero’s gang shows the power of the internet, OAN and some on Fox News to get the truth out.

  6. A gov't entity in Az concluded after an investigation that the bc copy presented was not legitimate.

    And yet we don't get to have an investigation. If we did have one no judge would allow it to receive the documents. And here we sit watching a judge let the democtrats have private documents when they have no reason at all to get them other than they are curious.

    Just the millionth reason why i hate the United States Govt with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.

    1. Is there a single country on the planet whose own government is not Public Enemy Number One?

      - Gary B

  7. Federal Law determines citizenship at birth.

    The law at the time of O’s birth required that if a baby is born on foreign soil with one parent a US citizen, then that parent must have spent a required number (I forget exactly the number) of years physically present in the US after their 14th birthday in order to confer US citizenship at birth. A requirement O’s mother did not meet (Ted Cruz’ parents did meet this requiremen).

    So, yes, his place of birth mattered. Because, unlike Ted Cruz, if born anywhere outside the US then O was not, and still is not, a US Citizen at all.

  8. I have maintained for years, that Obama claimed status as a "Foreign Student" to gain preference for acceptance to Harvard and Columbia.
    Lying is second nature to Obama.