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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Alyssa Milano learns the futility of boycotts

Abortion laws protect states from California because of the boycotts such laws bring.

However, boycotts have their limits because few people really want to make sacrifices anymore.

Boycotting the NFL was easy peasy for me in 2017. I'm a Browns fan. They went 0-16. Boycotting the NFL was a good way to avoid the agony of defeat while signaling my virtue.

This season, I am watching every daggone minute of every game no matter what. It is the Giants fans' turn to boycott.

The truth about boycotts nowadays is that Americans only boycott companies they don't use.

I am all in on any boycott of Starbucks, Target, and Netflix because I don't use their products anyway.

But I will continue to go to Tudor's Biscuit World no matter what. If you boycott, that's more Mary B's for me.

Which brings us to Alyssa Milano's call for Hollywood to boycott Georgia. How quaint. It shows she is gullible and out of touch.

At 46, it has been more than a decade since her last TV series ended. She had a good run at it, but child stars either get into directing or they get out of the business. She still gets steady work but she is rather out of touch.

Because Georgia now is Hollywood. In 2016, Georgia surpassed Hollywood in TV and film production, ending a 95-year reign after those fur merchants moved their nascent movie industry from New Jersey to California.

The Washington Times reported, "Filmmaker Ron Howard was as appalled as the next Hollywood celebrity about Georgia’s newly signed fetal heartbeat law, but he won’t relocate the shooting of 'Hillbilly Elegy,' slated to begin next month.

"Instead, he and his Imagine Entertainment partner, Brian Grazer, said they would boycott Georgia as a production center if the law takes effect as scheduled in January — in other words, after filming of the Netflix movie starring Amy Adams will have wrapped up."

Ron Howard is all for boycotting Georgia once he's done making movies there. And he will go back to boycotting Chick-Fil-A once he finishes ordering a sandwich.

Milano overlooked one aspect of Georgia's rise in film-making.

Director Lexi Alexander tweeted, “The Georgia film industry has a MUCH larger number of Black filmmakers and Black crew than in any other State in the US … so I find these suggestions a little careless. Who are you punishing?”

Tyler Perry definitely is not leaving Georgia.

The Motion Picture Association of America said in a statement, “Film and television production in Georgia supports more than 92,000 jobs and brings significant economic benefits to communities and families. It is important to remember that similar legislation has been attempted in other states, and has either been enjoined by the courts or is currently being challenged. The outcome in Georgia will also be determined through the legal process. We will continue to monitor developments.”

Nothing political. It's business.


  1. I would expect this stupidity from Alyssa Milano, but I'm disappointed in Ron Howard and Brian Grazet.

  2. I haven't seen anything about the black employment rate before this, but I can't say I'm surprised. Sooner or later with these lefty virtue signalling exercises, an inconvenient fact pricks the balloon and lets out all the hot air.

  3. Alyssa Milano the "Don Quixote" of Hollywood.


  4. The heck with Ron Howard. I'll watch Clint Eastwood reruns.

    1. AMC had a Clint Eastwood “Dirty Harry” marathon a couple of weeks ago, man was that entertaining!!

      Forgot how much I liked them. For me, Clint Eastwood is a great artist and a true American hero, a real original, on a par with James Stewart and John Wayne.