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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Alfred E. Buttigieg

President Donald Trump proved he is not homophobic by treating the gay mayor like he treats any political opponent.

Like dirt.

Our beloved president bestowed upon the gay mayor an honorific (some would say horrific) title.

President Trump told Politico: "Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States."

The gay mayor has arrived. He joins a presidential race that includes Sleepy Creepy Joe, Pocahontas, and Crazy Bernie.

Low Energy Jeb and Little Marco feel his pain.

The Donald took a very clean shot at the gay mayor, one that attacks the gay mayor's most striking vulnerability; he is naive.

President Trump is very good at pointing out an opponent's weaknesses. With Pocahontas, it was her ridiculous insistence that she was an Indian, which was a lie she used to get ahead in life.

With Jeb it was his lack of enthusiasm. I never saw a man as unhappy running for president as Jeb was.

Whether the gay mayor is mortally wounded, voters will decide. But I would suggest that the best way to lose the tag would be to come up with a policy -- anything -- that would offer the rest of America something other than the nifty, neat opportunity to elect the first gay president.


  1. Barack Obama was already America's first gay president.

    1. Yeah, with Obama we got a twofer.

    2. Nope! Barry Sotero was a threefer.

      First Black President
      First Gay President
      First Muslim President

    3. Actually according to another theory, Obozo was a three-fer ANOTHER way:
      + First Black President
      + First Muslim President
      + First Tranny President

      According to some, "Barack" was originally female and "Michelle" was originally male (we call "her" Mitch around here).

    4. Don't forget, with Obama we also got the first tranny First Lady.

  2. Gee, Don, you really missed the mark on your opening shot.

    "Like dirt"?

    Seriously, your weak humility is showing.

    When has our MAGA President ever treated anyone "like dirt"?

    That is question.

    Do you have an answer?

    1. Only Rosie O'Donnell.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. After Trump responses to his adversaries, they feel like dirt

    4. Nope, t doc, that wasn't dirt.

      That was bulls eye precision, with iron sights, no scope needed.

      And dreamy hits the sweet spot, paraphrasing the, If the shoe fits, where it, adage.

      So,xDon, what say yee?

  3. I always thought he looked like Howdy Doody.

    Or one of the "safe" homosexuals on Will And Grace.

  4. Well, maybe Trump missed on this one- because not only is Alfred E. Newman older & wiser, but also far better looking, than the little Mayor of South Bendover.

    Alfred's certainly better known, and has more accomplishments to his name too; he was investigating Spy vs. Spy long before Buttglug was even a speck in his daddy's eye!

  5. What did Alfred ever do to deserve so odious a comparison?

  6. Policy? He don’t need no stinkin’ policy. He’s gay.

  7. I knew Alfred E. Neuman when I bought his magazine for twenty-five cents. (Now it's $5.99. Yikes) Pete Buttigieg is no Alfred E. Neuman

  8. Buttigieg has nice teeth. How bout that smile too. It is a hard decision between Buttigieg and Trump but I hope America gets to vote on it.