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Friday, May 17, 2019

Abortion "boomerang" will hit Democrats

UPDATE: Mea culpa. The Alabama law is not a baby's first heartbeat law. It limits abortion to the first six weeks. I have fixed it.

ORIGINAL POST: Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune wrote "Alabama's abortion bill could boomerang on Republicans."

His argument is this will turn women voters into Democrats. He offered no proof.

I disagree. I have proof.

Republican Terri Collins wrote the law, which bans abortion after a baby has a heartbeat at six weeks.

Chapman wrote, "Tragic as her legislation would be for Alabama women, it should be a political boon for Democrats in 2020. Independent voters and moderates can’t ignore the ominous threat to reproductive freedom. They have to realize that the court may give carte blanche to legislatures in Alabama and elsewhere — making it imperative to elect abortion rights supporters at every level."

So Chapman believes women will be so horrified by banning abortion this early that they will magically turn Democrat.

But polls show that most Americans are OK with Alabama's law.

The Hill reported, "More than half of registered voters believe that laws banning abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy are not too restrictive, according to a new Hill-HarrisX survey.

"The May 10-11 poll found that 21 percent of registered voters said that such abortion bans are 'too lenient' while 34 percent said they believe they are 'just right.'

"Forty-five percent of respondents said they believe the laws are 'too restrictive.'"

That's a 55-45 split on banning abortion at six weeks.

In fact, 21% said such a law is too lenient.

While I get that polls are as good as flipping a coin when it comes to predicting elections, they do have a purpose in showing public mood.

Chapman's hope that abortion will turn the tide for Democrats has been a rallying cry since the 1960s, but it has not happened because abortion kills a baby. There is no joy in it. The few celebrities who have tried to celebrate it have sad personal stories.

For example, Chelsea Handler said she had two abortions at 16. She also told of becoming an alcoholic later.

There is a happy ending. Her anger at President Trump finally sent her to seek mental health, where she realized that her problem was that she never got over her brother's death when she was a child. I wrote about this earlier.

Democrats embraced abortion and are stuck with it. Which brings us to the woman who signed Alabama's abortion ban into law, Governor Ray Ivey.

Like me, she became a Republican in 2002. She had spent 23 years in Alabama Democrat politics after joining the cabinet of Democrat Governor Fob James in 1979.

And like me, the party had left her. One reason in my case was abortion. I suspect it was the same in her case. I suspect it is the case for many, many Democrats who switch to the Republican Party.

Maybe Chapman is correct. Maybe the abortion law will boomerang on Republicans.

I doubt it, but if it saves the life of even one baby, then it will be worth it.


  1. Pills like Yaz have made abortion, theoretically, unnecessary. (I’ll leave alone the moral debate about that particular product, except to say that it produced blood clots in one of my direct reports when I was working.) There are NO happy endings in an abortion - EXCEPT for the Dr. Mengele’s at PP who make a tidy profit selling body parts. Mr. T should, and likely WILL, defund PP and then we’ll see if the murderers can go it alone. Whether it’s the climate, procreation, or biological gender, LibCommies want to trump God. Very bad move.

  2. I think that abortion becoming infanticide turned the tide. Once infanticide becomes legal the next step would be old people or ugly people or who ever they deemed unworthy of life. So, Alabama heart beat law won't hurt the Republicans. Infanticide will hurt the dems!

    1. Old folks vote and we don't need abortion.

    2. My thoughts too — but that doesn’t explain the wild swing from Northam’s “a discussion would ensue” about caring for a newborn survivor of abortion to actual bills outlawing abortion after 6 weeks passing both houses and governors signing them.

      That’s quite a swing. Just an amazing turnaround.

      Of course in Illinois there is some bill pending that goes entirely the other direction — I need to do some digging on what it actually says, because (again) of course the news stories are filled with quotes from leftist lunatics about how great the bill is, and zero facts or details.

  3. This new pro-life momentum is very interesting -- where did it come from? After decades of pushback on abortion with little impact, suddenly real legislative progress is happening. Why?

    The most obvious answer is the viral video of Gov Northam of Virginia. There must have been some organic grassroots support building before that though...

    Anyway: YAY!! Very pleasing to this guy.

    1. Me thinks that technology has also played a big role. Seeing the baby clearly at such an early point in The pregnancy had to have a major impact on women.

    2. I can respect only two positions on abortion.

      1. Abortion is murder even if it is due to rape or incest.

      2. Choosing to have an abortion is the right of the woman to decide -period

      My own position, not even respected by me is that abortion should be permitted if the fetus is not viable or maybe if there is no heartbeat detected.

  4. The clock is ticking on a Supreme Court challenge to Roe v Wade, and we couldn’t really say or believe that before.

  5. Fight for what you believe in. Unless it might cost you elections, in which case you should lie about what you believe in.

  6. FYI on the Illinois bill:

    What a disgusting group of politicians in this state. Makes me ill. But hey, at least the state pensions are $200B in the hole, and they want to raise taxes to infinity to pay for it!

  7. The Alabama Legislature's plan for a Supreme Court showdown is a crap shoot. It may be a Forlorn Hope, but certainly worth a try. The minions of Moloch are in full cry. We'll see how goes the campaign.

  8. Two quick corrections:
    AL's current governor is Kay Ivey.
    Fob James was/is a Republican.

    Other than that, great column (as usual).

    1. Yes; great column! Yay, Kay! The left says, "If you see Kay;" however they are missing the States Rights point and that the Alabama pols are representing their constituents. So sad, too bad. The lefties tell us what to do? Get bent. " Mona Charen, Townhall: Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., tweeted in response to anti-abortion legislation passed by the Alabama legislature: "I refuse to believe that these Republican men represent the views of most Alabamians. Their action is both unconstitutional and shameful. The people of Alabama deserve to be on the #rightsideofhistory -- not the side of extremists. Women deserve better." Sorry! Many Ala State Reps (and the Gov) are ladies, yo.
      Fob ... "evolved." Yay, Fob! " ... Fob James served two terms as governor — first as a Democrat from 1979 to 1983, then as a Republican from 1995 to 1999. ..."

  9. This is the national child sacrificial system of Progressives first launched by the rabid racist Margaret Sanger. They've always longed to return to the Roman Greco days of antiquity.

    When flat screens become cheap enough to use them as billboards then playing on them some non stop 4D ultrasound pics inside the womb will drive them out of their wits.

  10. What about a new slogan? OPEN BORDERS FOR UNBORN AMERICANS.

  11. I think when all is said and done, the widespread use of ultrasound made a big difference.

    The feminut lie about a clump of cells died right when a woman could see that little person.

  12. This push for restrictive abortion is in response to the Democrats legalizing "infanticide." We must protect future generations.

  13. Abortion on demand for nothing more important than convenience is evil, a spawn of Satan.

  14. I read the bill not believing the MSM reports and, unless I somehow missed it, all abortions are banned except for the death of the baby before birth or the mothers survival. The bill is in understandable English unlike Federal bills. The Missouri bill is a heartbeat bill.

  15. Seeing "The Silent Scream" documentary back in 1984 totally snapped it for me.

    It's available on the web now at .


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