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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

9th circuit looks flippable

Democrats are squealing about "court packing" as the Senate today approved the 40th circuit judge nominated by President Donald John Trump.

Obama got 55 approved.

Of course it took Obama eight years to do it, while President Trump is in his third year as president.

Also, three nominees are waiting on deck, with two nominated for the Ninth Circuit.

The good news is the Ninth Circuit now looks flippable.

When we inaugurated Donald John Trump as president, the 9th consisted of 18 Democrats, 7 Republicans.

Today's confirmation of Kenneth Lee makes it 16 Democrats, 10 Republicans and three vacancies. He has nominated Daniel P. Collins and Daniel Aaron Bress to fill two of those vacancies.

This means by the end of summer, President Trump likely will have appointed seven of the judges in that circuit. These are the judges who overrule Hawaiian judges that Obama appointed.

Democrats used the judiciary to pass laws such as the legalization of abortion rather than Congress because congressmen do not wish to risk their jobs by upsetting the American conservative majority.

Finally, Republicans are working to end this. Mitch McConnell stopped judicial appointments in the last two years of Obama's miserable presidency, hoarding their vacancies for a Republican president.

Donald Trump is delivering.

We won't agree with the judges on all their decisions, but at least Americans have a chance of reining in a rogue judicial branch of government.


  1. Cocaine Mitch has been at his best concerning the judiciary. He is still bought and owned by the Chamber of Commerce, but on this incredibly important issue, he has been a Giant.

  2. Flip Wilson on the 9th Circuit ... that could've worked.

  3. The screams of court packing mean the donks plan to do just that to reverse our President if they win the oval office and control of congress in the next few terms.
    Heck, they'll do it a century from now if we keep them out of power that long.

  4. If the idiot GOP had split the 9th then we would already have the 9th plus the new circuit.

  5. Here is a great site to follow the progress of taking back the courts with young, conservative, Constitutionalist Judges...

  6. And here are the Judges of the 9th Circuit...

  7. A wise man once said, "Elections have consequences."

    If the Dems don't like it, they need to go out and win some elections.


  8. The best part: President Trump nominated judges that the good Senators from California do not like and will not endorse. - Elric

  9. I've been making this point from the beginning. If you look at both records, you can see Mitch "Molasses" McConnell is doing Trump no favors in the judge department. Nor with other appointees that allow Obama holdovers to continue to resist.
    There are 62 Judges pending and 144 vacancies. It seems obvious that Mitch "Trump's expectations are excessive" McConnell has made a deal with the dems to only confirm Trump's Judges at the same rate as Obama's were.


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