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Friday, April 05, 2019

Why Hispanics approve of Trump

On June 16, 2015, Donald John Trump entered the 2016 presidential race. His extemporaneous speech had one key moment that separated the experts from reality.

Trump said, "When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people."

The people on press row delighted in hearing this. They helped him win the Republican nomination because they figured Hispanic voters would hate him and elect Hillary.

That was odd because it assumes that all Hispanics are the same, that Puerto Ricans and Peruvians are interchangeable.

But Donald Trump knew something the experts in Washington not know. Many Hispanic people want the wall.

Now, nearly four years later, President Trump's job approval among Hispanic voters is at or near 50% in three polls.

Steve Cortes, who helped the Trump campaign's efforts to secure Hispanic votes, gave three reasons why so many Hispanic voters approve of President Trump.

First, they benefit from the robust economy he triggered.

Second, they agree with him on social issues. Many Hispanic voters know there are only two sexes, for example.

But third is immigration.

Cortes wrote, "Leftist politicians and their media allies wrongly assume that Hispanics espouse softness on immigration illegality.

"In reality, a 2018 YouGov/Economist poll detailed that only 20% of Hispanics support the practice of 'catch and release' of families crossing our border illegally.  Indeed, Hispanic Americans often suffer the worst, most immediate consequences of porous borders.  Too often, Hispanic workers must compete against unfair, illegal labor.

"In addition, dangerous illegal aliens largely terrorize Hispanic citizens.  The tragic tales of MS-13 savagery, for example, normally involve Hispanic victims like Carlos Rivas-Majano, one of 27 people killed by the gang on Long Island, N.Y., in just the past three years.

"While elites like wannabe-Hispanic Robert Francis O’Rourke pontificate about open borders and tearing down existing border walls, the actual on-the-ground consequences flow to people with names like Hernandez, Cabrera, and Cortes.

"Hispanic Americans have suffered too many totally preventable losses, such as slain Arizona police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza and young Los Angeles mother Sandra Duran, both murdered by illegal aliens living in America despite multiple prior arrests in the United States."


The people of Washington benefit from illegal aliens. California gets three extra congressional seats out of the deal. The people who fund the Chamber of Commerce get cheap labor. Pedophiles and perverts get fresh meat. The drug industry thrives. Open borders are good for the vultures in the nation's capital. The police protect Kalorama mansions from MS-13 at night, while allowing illegal aliens in to work as landscapers and nannies during the day

But the people who must live with the problems of open borders want it closed. Now.

Donald Trump is their only hope.


  1. I know three different Hispanic people. all came here and jumped through
    all the hoops and are good, decent law abiding people.-and MAGA...
    The Dems want to hur them, too..

  2. I know some people who got in and got citizenship under suspicious circumstances who voted for and still support Trump. They are productive people who realize that the ones who are walking across the border now are going to have to be supported by their tax dollars. (Believe it or not, most of those who get in this way don't cheat on their taxes. They don't want any suspicions coming their way at all if they can help it)

  3. I figure, give or take a few points either way, that the almost 50 per cent of Hispanic voters who approve of President Trump are legal Hispanic voters, while the ones who disapprove are primarily illegal alien Hispanic voters.

    Also, don't forget that besides the cost to taxpayers to educate illegal aliens' children, provides medical care, and subsidize their food and housing, the taxpayer is being bled dry by the billions of dollars going to "charitable" organizations that provide interim housing, legal, and placement services to illegal aliens. It's a scam worthy of a RICO suit, and another reason Congress is refusing to do anything.

    - Elric

  4. Of course those illegals settle into heavily Hispanic sectors of the community, and those folks are the ones who bear the brunt of any bullshit they bring with them. Why would they want that. That's like when Obama went on his little spree releasing convicts before their time was up; he wasn't releasing them back to my neighborhood. No, they're back in the inner-city that they terrorized before getting locked-up. Who needs that...

    1. That's a great point, Hoss- and my Hispanic friends here in CA agree with you.

      One friend named Luis hates the illegals with a passion, just because people who don't know him often assume that because he looks Hispanic that means he's on the side of the illegals; nothing could be further from the truth, and he's solid MAGA!