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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Vegan lesbians learn you need more than a gimmick

Handsome Her, the lesbian vegan cafe that charged men 18% extra because men earn more than women, shut down after two years. It was located in Brunswick. a northern suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

The gimmick received worldwide publicity but that did not save the enterprise from folding on Palm Sunday after nearly two years in business.

As a commentator at the Evening Standard said: "Seems like  relying on the sisterhood for support got them nowhere, as they're having to close down. Although they weren't exactly worked to death opening for 5 hours a day."

The lesbian vegan cafe is far from the only establishment in the hospitality industry to charge men more than women. Ladies Nights include half-price drinks for women. No one much cares.

But rather than emphasize on its food, the cafe concentrated on its politics.

And management did not seem to work well with others.

In its "A Handsome Farewell" Facebook post, the establishment's staff settled a few scores.

The farewell said, "We strived to bring lesbianism back into fashion. What, you didn't know it was out of fashion? Well for many of us, it is. It wasn't that long ago that it was illegal to even publish the word lesbian (fun fact, it was only first published when the 'Gay Mardi Gras' became the 'Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras'). Now we have a resurgence or resentment for the term (and identity) and lesbians are being erased from queer culture, whereas gay male culture lives on, strong and unscathed. We were taken aback to find that many people in the LGBTIQA+ community have as much aversion to us using the word 'lesbian' as the men's-rights activists who get a kick out of trolling our lesbian events. Lesbians are lovely and they deserve representation, and we are proud to have created a space for women who love women to celebrate their culture once more."

Food was not mentioned in the farewell. Instead there was a lot of talk about events.

The farewell said, "We have been proud to host an array of inspirational causes and events such as Reclaim the Night, One Girl, V-Day, Invasion Day, Sea Shepherd, Waste-free living workshops, discussion nights, film screenings, book launches, the list goes on."

And the lesbian vegans went out of their way to make the place as customer unfriendly as possible.

The farewell said, "We tried to demonstrate ways of doing business more ethically and responsibly by abandoning take-away cups, single use straws and napkins, by shopping locally and supporting women owned businesses."

The reason restaurants use straws and paper napkins is customers want them. Honest. Straws and paper napkins also are cheaper; reducing costs is a good way of making a sustainable business.

Men did not do them in. Not putting the customer first did.


  1. Between the two, vegan and lesbian, I'd put the blame on veganism. Lesbians don't necessarily object to men or others having sex with them. On the other hand, vegans don't eat meat or animal byproducts, and loath anybody who does.

  2. Bob Dylan said it years ago...'Everybody wants you to be just like them'.

  3. Toxic masculinity is the reason our ancestors weren't eaten by wolves.

  4. if a man had been running it the 18% increase in income might have made a difference!

  5. "the lesbian vegan cafe"

    The last thing you want to do is spend the entire evening wining and dining a couple of chicks, then get back to your pad and find out they're vegan.

  6. What sex are you? What race are you? What sexual preference are you?
    Capitalism doesn't care. Goods and services for sale. You got the money, they make the sale. Happy with the transaction? You’ll buy more and tell others. And once again, I finish with the one-problem quiz I’d give to my high school finance students on their first day...

    Why does a business exist?

    A) To provide jobs
    B) To provide health care to its employees
    C) To make the world a better place
    D) To make kwon

  7. Lesbianism as a fashion? Straight couples reproduce. Most of their offspring remain straight. Homosexuals do not reproduce unless they engage in heterosexual behavior. They increase their numbers by recruitment.
    I have found that most lesbians are extraordinarily hateful toward men. Penis envy run amuck.
    As Paul said, they have given up the natural use of their bodies for that which is unnatural. Spend your life running away from GOD and you will not be forced to spend eternity with him.

  8. LGBTIQA+?

    I wish they'd figure out who they are and have done with it.

  9. I will gladly be banned from every vegan restaurant in the world starting right now.

  10. Espresso with a danish. Would you like an extended diatribe on the evils of the patriarchy with that?

    Seems not.

    Brunswick,incidentally, is not just a 'northern suburb' of Melbourne. It's a inner city former working class suburb that became fashionable about twenty years ago. A place where the yuppie/hipster demographic would be sizeable. If you can't find enough cucks and male masochists in Brunswick to keep an enterprise like Handsome Her running, you sure won't find then anywhere else in Melbourne. It's not like people will be travelling cross city to dine there.

    I'm only surprised it lasted as long as it did. I gave it six months at most.

    1. The fact that it was only open 5 hours a day says alot about the proprietors' true agenda.

  11. A review (sorry, I don't remember where it was) by a male customer complained about the surely attitude of his waitress, her lack of attention and the poor quality of the food. No mention was made of the extra cost for being a male.

    If this was typical service for the restaurant, I am really surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  12. I would never (patronize lol) go to a café like this, but if I was at someplace that charged me 18 percent more based on a PREJUDICED concept of race, sex, religion, political affiliation, etc... here is what I would do: Pay for the food and consider the 18 percent extra charge as the tip.

    You get zero tip. I'm willing to bet more than a few fellows figured this out as well and the waitresses were quitting after 2 or 3 days.

    Eric W.

    1. Yeah, the few fellows that actually patronized this disaster.

  13. that's why you never ask a lez to make you a sandwich...they can't even do that!

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  15. 3:03.
    View it.
    Love it.

    (Portlandia Rules)

    1. Vagina pillows.
      My new real thing for today.

    2. OMG, it's too real! I've met people like that.

      So if that's any indication of Portland- I'm never ever going there!

  16. There so many reasons why this "business" was doomed to fail. The first that springs to mind is it was run by clueless fools w/a grudge.


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