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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Trump wants to evict illegals

The Housing and Urban Development told Congress it plans to scrap a Bill Clinton rule that allowed illegal aliens to get public housing assistance. This is part of President Donald John Trump's plan to remove bad policies from all prior presidents, not just Obama.

The Washington Times reported we stopped asking more than 20 years ago people if they are citizens or if they are even here legally.

Taxpayers just shelled housing subsidies out, no questions asked. The money goes to landlords, who had no incentive to check whether a renter is legal or not.

The Times reported, "Under the new Trump rules, not only would the leaseholder using public housing have to be an eligible U.S. person, but the government would verify all applicants through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements database, a federal system that’s used to weed illegal immigrants out of other welfare programs.

"Those already getting HUD assistance would have to go through a new verification, though it would be over a period of time and wouldn’t all come at once."

In 1994, California voters changed its constitution to ban illegals from getting welfare. A low level federal judge declared the constitutional amendment unconstitutional.

The state never appealed that ruling.

No governor -- be he Democrat, Republican or Schwarzenegger -- appealed the ruling.

The will of the people no longer matters in California.

Two years later, Bill Clinton flipped the bird to the rest of us.

The Trump administration is flipping itback.


  1. It was just after that ruling that I was threatened with a lawsuit because my rental application asked for residential status.
    When I contacted the state office that deals with fair housing laws they told me I had to accept illegal immigrants.
    That said, I ended up renting to many of them with very few problems. They left the places dirtier than most folks, but always paid rent promptly.

  2. Even without the CA voters determination about welfare, where does a court come from concluding that people illegally in the United States, and in deed CA, are entitled to any benefits except those due to emergencies. Criminals who are shot by police during a crime receive emergency care and more but not welfare while awaiting trial.

  3. Woody Allen is a despicable person, but one thing he said is right. The only good thing to come out of California was the ability to turn right on a red light.

  4. My dose of good news for the day.