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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Stable Genius 1, Mugwumps 0

Mugwumps were Republicans in 1884 who opposed the Republican candidate, James Blaine, so much that they helped elect Democrat Grover Cleveland president.

The 21st century's Mugwumps at National Review have the same amount of sanctimony but none of the power.

President Donald John Trump just played them again by proposing that we send people seeking sanctuary in this country to the sanctuary states.

Logic is kryptonite to the elitists.

David French -- who was the Mugwump candidate for exactly a week in 2016 -- tweeted, "Shipping migrants to sanctuary cities? Malicious and foolish. Like it or not, migrants have a right to seek asylum. Punishing them (and fellow citizens) for exercising that right is cruel. And aside from Fox News fist-pumps it will backfire politically."

So living with immigrants is now malicious and cruel.

I thought diversity is our strength.

This was a promo for his piece in National Review, "Donald Trump’s Idea to Ship Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities Is Ridiculous and Wrong."

French immediately showed why Bill Kristol wanted him to oppose Donald Trump in 2016, as French wrote, "We need better border security. We need to reform our asylum laws. And we can only do both things truly effectively through congressional action, but the idea that you can use human beings as pawns to punish your political enemies is not only repugnant, it’s politically disastrous."

The paragraph totally ignores the reality of thousands of people rushing our border. It is like discussing better woodlands management in the middle of a forest fire.

Congress has had 20 years to fix the law. Congress is perfectly OK with a broken law and a broken system because they get open borders with having to admit we have no southern border now.

But the beauty of the paragraph is that French owns himself as he grinds out his self-righteous rhetoric.

President Trump is using "human beings as pawns to punish [his] political enemies."

But if immigrants are a punishment, why not keep them out?

And isn't a sanctuary state the perfect place to send someone seeking sanctuary?

Of course, Mister Mugwump knows these are not sanctuary states; they are states that ignore the law of the land to appease the dozens of different groups that profit from this human trafficking, including the smugglers, industries that get cheap labor, schools that get money by enrolling illegals, and so on and so forth.

What President Trump has done is once again expose French and all the others for their hypocrisy.

French wrote, "From a purely political standpoint, how does this not backfire? It’s remarkable the extent to which he seems to think that if he’s just mean enough, his foes will fold. San Francisco will not cry 'uncle' if Trump starts busing migrants to the city. Instead, I can predict what will happen. Compassion will become an act of resistance, and the city (and broader Bay Area community) with perhaps the most formidable private philanthropic resources in the world would certainly rally to publicly support the men and women involuntarily removed to their town."

President Trump knows he will not carry California, nor does he want San Francisco to cry uncle. The Donald is merely pointing out how phony baloney this sanctuary state business is.

That greatly amuses his voters in the 30 states that Donald Trump carried in 2016.


  1. The fake refugees have been spread throughtout the land with the help of charities and religious nuts at our expense.
    The religious nuts are among the biggest globalists of all.

  2. Mugwumps? A bird sits on a fence with his mug on one side and his wump on the other// Haven't heard it in years but what an apt description of the mugs who oppose Trump.

  3. SF has the highest homelessness in the country and the highest housing costs. Where will SF house all the illegals? Will each homeowner take in a family and Pelosi open all her real estate properties to them free?

  4. It wasn't malicious or cruel when Obama was doing it, though, was it.

    1. Obama invited many many religious organizations to provide the services for a fee to facilitate the invasion.
      Not one religious organization with their grubby mitts out ever notified us of the invasion being implemented, they were too busy raking in dollars hand over fist while selling Americans out ti the globalists

    2. You are so right. Some years ago the wife and I tried our hardest to adopt an American born baby. We went to first one, then a second local social service agency. We widened and widened the list of childhood disabilities and problems we were willing to accept. (I finally drew the line at "child who starts fires"). These agencies played us for fools, pretending there simply were no children to be adopted and all the time pushing us to become foster parents instead. The agencies were receiving money from the State to oversee the foster care system. I happened to come into some money and we adopted a child from overseas.

  5. If Miss French (and I apologize for not knowing which pronouns she prefers) thinks that the populace of San Francisco, Portland, Carmel, Malibu, etc., are going to be so overwhelmingly "compassionate" toward an illegal invasion of their town, then why not enact the whole AOC/Bernie "compassion" agenda?? If these so-called sanctuary cities are able to care for and feed the illegal invasion without (a) busting their budgets and (b) getting the native population not being shown such "compassion" upset, then why not let them have their way?

    Miss French and the NRO desperately want these illegals in this country, both for the cheap labor and the fact that cheap illegal labor keeps the middle class poor and shrinking and resigned to their helpless fate -- unlike the Trump plan for an expanding, better-paid working/middle class -- why not send the illegals to where they are allegedly wanted purely in theory?

    Gawd, I hate these quislings like Miss French and that cuck Jonah and dearest Mittens more than I hate the actual fascists of the Democrat party.

  6. Compassion will become an act of resistance, and the city (and broader Bay Area community) with perhaps the most formidable private philanthropic resources in the world would certainly rally to publicly support the men and women involuntarily removed to their town.

    I hope he's taking odds on that.

    Lefties invented NIMBY.

  7. I remember Obama sending immigrants to red states.


  8. "Everyone knew" is often a comment when some well-known is revealed to be a crook, or a cleric is exposed as a perv, or some such.

    "Everyone knew" Harvey Weinstein and many of his colleagues were slimey.

    Once he was busted "everyone knew" the mayor, or the DA, or the chief of police was on the take.

    So, let's hear what certainly somebody knows: who the Dems and other politicians taking cartel money. Who are acting like wrestling entertainment referees and looking the other way when something evil is going on.

    Where are the news reporters? Where are the legal investigations? Where are the grand juries?

    Why are we being so completely and absolutely screwed, openly and continually?

    When someone is finally identified, don't tell us "everyone knew."

  9. President Trump doesn't expose their hypocrisy, he compels them to expose it themselves.

    1. That's the only useful way to get hypocrites to reveal their hypocrisy. Donald Trump is a master at it. Does that Trump is not a hypocrite? Not necessarily but the President is doing his best to keep his promises unlike too many other politicians. That's the best sign he's not really a politician. Thank God!

  10. Didn't know how resettlement was done, but this link doesn't indicate the Office of Refugee Resettlement's policies are mandated by law.

    Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)
    Based on the National Security Council-led interagency process, the Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) instituted quarterly placement consultation meetings with resettlement stakeholders; including national resettlement agencies, State Refugee Coordinators, State Refugee Health Coordinators, Ethnic Community Based Organizations and ORR technical assistance providers.

  11. If the Dem courts say they have to be in the US, let the Feds send them, and release them, to sanctuary cities -- who claim that illegal immigrants are no problem, and are wanted.
    They want them? Let them have them.
    Other places don't.