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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Spinning Mueller's nothingburger into impeachment

The Mueller Report cleared President Donald John Trump of all the false accusations and lies the media and Democrats have thrown at him for more than two solid years.

Now these losers want to spin no evidence of any wrongdoing into impeachment.

USA Today is leading the charge.

The newspaper shamelessly publishes columns by windbags who are big on talk and small on facts.

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor of note, wrote, "I've warned that impeachment talk is dangerous, but the time has come."

As Carl Sandburg said, "If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell."

Tribe pounded the table again and again.

He wrote, "In its extensive discussion of the constitutional issues implicated by special counsel Robert Mueller's 22-month investigation, the report asserts that Congress has the authority to apply law 'to all persons – including the President.' Specifically, Congress may 'protect its own legislative functions against corrupt efforts designed to impede legitimate fact-gathering and lawmaking efforts.' The authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of power, the report finds, is essential to 'our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law.'"

Those are nice platitudes, but where is the proof that Putin and President Donald John Trump got together to rig the election?

There is none. It is like the time Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's vault and found nothing.

But Tribe insists that there is indeed a treasure inside that empty vault if Congress keeps looking.

He wrote, "Congress must uncover the full facts of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, the ways in which that interference is continuing in anticipation of 2020, and the full story of how the president and his team welcomed, benefited from, repaid, and obstructed lawful investigation into that interference and the president’s cooperation with it. Equally important, Congress must seize this opportunity, while the report remains a locus of national attention, for the American public to see and hear for itself the firsthand witnesses to the president’s criminal behavior, and to weigh and rally around an appropriate path forward — as they did in the wake of Watergate."

The Watergate comparison is interesting in that it took 26 months from the attempted spying on a political opponent in June 1972 to Nixon's resignation in August 1974.

Mueller spent 22 months investigating.

A reasonable person would conclude that no evidence means there is no crime.

And a responsible newspaper would reject Tribe's argument as conspiratorial nonsense that is not very interesting.

But it is USA Today and it published Tribe.

It also published a similar opinion by Barbara McQuade, another Democrat operative/law professor, who wrote, "Mueller report offers road map on obstruction. Despite Barr, Congress may use it."

She argued that an innocent man complaining of a witch hunt is obstructing justice.

USA Today also published radio Talker Tom Nichols, who wrote, "Mueller report: Donald Trump failed us as commander in chief."

Nichols opposed America electing Donald Trump president. He is not pleased with that. And so we must impeach! impeach! impeach!

This is the theme at USA Today which runs rant after rant against President Trump without leavening it with a column from a supporter of the president.

Instead it ran "Mueller report: A corrupt, unpatriotic president, a stark impeachment choice for Dems" and "Mueller report offers road map on obstruction. Despite Barr, Congress may use it." and "Mueller investigation shows that if Donald Trump didn't break the law, he surely bent it."

In journalism today, there is no other side of the story. There is only one truth as divined by John Podesta and David Axelrod.

The 46% who voted for President Trump don't matter, which also means the 100% who have Donald John Trump as president don't matter either.

I should be surprised that they have not accepted the fact that Mueller found nothing, but then again they still haven't accepted his election.


  1. "Unhinged Russiagate conspiracy theorists now harassing Robert Mueller at Easter Mass".

    I did say the Left would turn on Mueller when he didn't deliver.

    1. They are totalitarian now, if you're not totally with whatever idea they came up with 5 seconds ago you are against them. Michael Moore voiced what the AOC klan is projecting already, Nancy Pelosi is just an old rich white woman. Guess what? Fat ass fake friend of the working class Michael Moore will be next months old rich white male.

  2. Trump does need more indictments to help the news folk talk about something real, rather than more Trump-hate impeachment fantasy. Orgasmic as that may be to the nearly childless Trump-haters.

  3. I do hope Trump asserts Executive privilege over the material that Mueller was provided as a member of the Executive branch during the investigation. And also attorney/client privilege in McGhan talking to Congress.

    Just to avoid setting a precedent that would impede future Presidents. After, Mueller has reviewed all that material as a Special Counsel over 22 months of full time work.

    But mostly, I just want Trump to do it to troll the Dems in Congress, make them go to court to seek the material.

  4. Someone said this, and I think I paraphrase: If you are going to kill the king, you had better not only wound the king. They tried to kill PDJT's Presidency and failed. It will not end with "Better Luck Next Time."

  5. I felt your apology to Bungling Bob was a good step, as the initial reports of the report were a clear "no collusion" finding. (Volume 1?) However, I'm beginning to believe it was premature as we see the innuendo, hearsay, and who knows what all contained in Volume 2. I think "Crooked Bob" may be, in fact, the proper appellation for him after all.

    1. I believe Don was being...polite, only. Mueller is described well by Louis Gohmert here:

  6. Not that I would have advocated for “peace in our time” absent LibCommie war drums anyway, but go ahead, make my day. Beastwood’s makin a movie about what a buncha pukes y’all are, media. Your Time Is Gonna Come.

  7. I hope Conrad Black is onto something.

  8. Impeachment to remove is impossible but to damage is the real goal. This tactic of damage without removal has been a success from their point of view because Trump passed no permanent laws and has made no permanent political allies, except his voters, who they think they can flip or corrupt. In the meantime Trump has made their own money men richer than ever. Why do the Rinos or fools like AOC have to do anything except show up and claim credit for good times? The NYT columnist who has pushed every lie about him as revealed truth tweeted "Haha" when her shit sheet admitted the dossier was a lie. She will get a nice bonus for click production, that is her fallout. Payback is taking the house and Senate then running roughshod with laws like permanent tax changes and some entitlement reform to leave them no job security for a decade. This is what they really fear, really.

  9. Rosenstein recommended Comey's firing to Trump.

    Trump fires Comey.

    The very next day, the FBI starts an obstruction investigation on Trump.

    Nice, huh?

  10. at want point do the Democrats realize that they are enacting everything and more than Russia could have ever hoped to come out of 2016 and going into 2020....the Democrats have multiplied any effort Russia has done or could have done 1000 times...with most of the media being complicit, aiding and abetting...

  11. Tribe is a sick man. So are most of the liberals/communists/democrats. It’s just that some are more sick than others.

  12. I dont think precedent for future things that may or may not happen should be any reason to do something now. There is plenty of precedent for any future president to assert executive privilege with or without anything Trump does. Trump should stick to his gut like he has, he's come out about 90% positive because of it. That's better than any conservative whom has "preached" their conservatism over the last 100 years easily.

  13. Tribe and McQuade are not Congressmen.

  14. Tribe has never gotten over the fact that Stephen Breyer got the SCOTUS seat that Tribe believed was rightfully his.

  15. In the Leftist/SJW mind, the fact that there is no evidence of collusion is proof that there was collusion. Paging Franz Kafka.

  16. There is no crime in anything the person who is president does executing duties described in the Constitution, even if those things are motivated by personal interests. This is getting bizarre, but not unexpected.