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Monday, April 08, 2019

Old: Russian Collusion. New: Tax returns

The Democrat Party has taken the results of the 2016 presidential election well.

2018: You just wait until Mueller finishes. President Donald John Trump is done.

2019: You just wait until we get those tax returns. President Donald John Trump is done.

The Week reported, "Democrats in the New York state legislature will introduce a new bill that would allow the president's state tax returns to be released if Congress requests them, the New York Times and NBC News report. Although it's Trump's federal tax returns that House Democrats are trying to obtain, the Times notes that his state filings would likely have a lot of the same information."

That is unconstitutional as the Constitution says, "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."

Democrats know this. They don't care.

There is of course nothing incriminating in President Donald John Trump's tax returns. If there were, he'd be in jail by now.

I doubt that there is anything embarrassing in them.

This is just another attempt by these goons to harass President Donald John Trump because they cannot stand that Real Americans rejected the witch and her continuation of their incremental socialism.

Their Reich was supposed to rule for 40 years.



  1. I wonder if you are aware of just how spot on "incremental socialism" and "Reich" are?

    The Dictatorial, Anti-Democratic and Socialist Character of Interventionism

    Many advocates of interventionism are bewildered when one tells them that in recommending interventionism they themselves are fostering anti-democratic and dictatorial tendencies and the establishment of totalitarian socialism. They protest that they are sincere believers and opposed to tyranny and socialism. What they aim at is only the improvement of the conditions of the poor. They say that they are driven by considerations of social justice, and favour a fairer distribution of income precisely because they are intent upon preserving capitalism and its political corollary or superstructure, viz., democratic government.

    What these people fail to realize is that the various measures they suggest are not capable of bringing about the beneficial results aimed at. On the contrary they produce a state of affairs which from the point of view of their advocates is worse than the previous state which they were designed to alter. If the government, faced with this failure of its first intervention, is not prepared to undo its interference with the market and to return to a free economy, it must add to its first measure more and more regulations and restrictions. Proceeding step by step on this way it finally reaches a point in which all economic freedom of individuals has disappeared. Then socialism of the German pattern, the Zwangswirtschaft of the Nazis, emerges.

    von Mises, Ludwig (1947). Planned Chaos

    Zwangswirtschaft - a form of socialism roughly translates "compulsory economy"

  2. And of course President Trump will fight them over it. Why? VecBeca it drives them crazy, keeps them in a tizzy, and like a cat chasing a laser beam, he is baiting them to run into another wall.

  3. If you think Obama didn't give Hildabeast every tax return Trump ever filed before he came down the escalator, you probably think Bruce Jenner is a girl.

    1. True, but they need to get them legally to use any info that might be in there.

  4. They need everything they can get to sling at him in 20 because they can feel defeat coming. For once Romney was right when he called the tax return ploy "moronic". He was even insensitive enough to say it to a full blooded member of the Moron tribe. Trump has a good legal team so he will do the best he can. The Democrats are really bent on torching the Constitution and installing some socialist creep to rule in an Obama puppet monarchy. Only Trump stands before them. What will happen after he is gone?

    1. Pompeo 2024 ...
      or somone else Trump has in mind..
      He is not leaving his work to be dismantled by Beta O'Rourke or Buttigig...

  5. Enough people in power (legal and illegal) have wanted Trump's head on a plate for decades.
    If they haven't found anything by now, they're for sure not going to find anything damning with another look.

  6. More distraction of offense to avoid the Nunes referrals for actual deep state crimes.

    America needs indictments for the crimes that have been committed.