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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

New York wants job losses

Ashe Schow wrote, "Democrats continue to insist American cities should increase the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, even as the progressive cities that have done so have been a model for the job losses that will come as a result of the policy."

She cited a study by an industry group.

It's all true but bear in mind: Democrats want job losses.

Theirs is the party of misery.

They gain power in bad economic times, which is why they do all they can to hobble the Grand American Economy. They are horror stricken by the thought of making America great again -- and so they lie about MAGA being racist and Islamophobic and sexist and deplorable in 12 ways.

The loss of jobs in New York are of little concern to New York Democrats who mainly fall into three categories: filthy rich, on welfare, or government workers. The $15 an hour wage -- which is $30,000 a year for full-time workers -- has no effect on them.

While the restaurant industry says the $30,000-a-year minimum wage will cut jobs, the fact is many restaurants will simply switch to illegal aliens and other off-the-books people to fill their staffs. One reason all these chefs oppose President Donald John Trump is that many fancy restaurants hire illegal aliens.

Unemployment turns workers into wards of the state. Democrats created many programs to keep people unemployed and dependent on government for sustenance. The recipients will do all that they can to hang on to their food stamps and rent subsidies.

Democracy dies in dependency.


  1. Illegal immigrants are the modern equivalent of indentured servitude with the unfortunate difference being they have no actual contract detailing when the indenture is complete.
    A vast number of whites were brought to this country and died in indentured servitude (50% DEAD before being being freed)
    Most whites did pick their own cotton as either indentured or as sharecroppers, but dont teach the truth when you can teach a big lie to gult trip whites.
    Illegals are the closest to actual slavery libs, dems will call for openly

  2. And somebody pays. That's our job.

  3. Dems want an ever larger sized pool of "poor people". They do not want to solve poverty, they want to promise a more comfy poverty to poor people and make the rich pay more, tho especially the responsible workers pay more.

  4. Votes that are paid for aren't free just like them Dems like them.

  5. The goal is anchor babies who will be able to vote in 20 years. It won't take many to tip a key state or two.

  6. The rush of Illegals promulgated by liberals has a simple basic reason. Next year's Census will determine the NUMBER of Federal Representatives and Electors. Millions of illegals, and the homeless dopers too, will count toward MORE Representatives for Blue States and Cities! UNLIMITED LIBERAL POWER is the end, and no liberal cares about the replaceable unwashed masses.

  7. At some point - when more and more of the wealthy leave -, NYC will implode.

  8. Ever notice how Democrats are nostalgic for periods in history that most Americans would rather forget?

    Watergate was the time of Jill Wine and roses. "The Sixties" were incredible. Even now, AOC is comparing her Green New Deal nonsense to World War II. (Who gets nuked at the end, I wonder?) The Great Depression? Don't get me started. They get positively misty-eyed over it.

    The Dems had one lesson burned into their collective consciousness: bad times for Americans mean good times for Democrats.