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Monday, April 15, 2019

Mueller can ignore Congress

The Daily Beast reported, "Schiff and Nunes: Mueller ‘Must Brief’ Intel Committee — And Turn Over All His Materials."

I am OK with Bob Mueller testifying in public or in private

But turn over his materials? Get bent. Mueller is part of the executive branch, not Congress.The president is at the top of his chain of command, not Congress.

In fact, Mueller reports to Rod Rosenstein, who in turn reports to Attorney General Bill Barr, who in turn reports to the President of the United States, the Honorable Donald John Trump.

At any time during this investigation, President Trump could have canned Mueller — without cause because Mueller serves at the will and pleasure of the president, just like any other non-Civil Service employee in the executive branch of government.

The court ruled that even the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a will-and-pleasure appointee.

Thus the paperwork created by Mueller and his boondoggle staff is subject to executive privilege.

The Daily Beast reported Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff and Republican Ranking Member Devin Nunes sent a letter to Barr, Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray — Trump appointees — demanding “all materials, regardless of form and classification, obtained or produced by the Special Counsel’s Office in the course of the investigation, including but not limited to any addenda or annexes to the full report, or separate intelligence or counterintelligence-related reports; scope-related materials regarding the investigation’s parameters, areas of inquiry, and subjects; investigative records and materials.”

That's nice.

The president will decide whether to release the material. He can release all of it, some of it, or none of it. He can let Barr or Rosenstein, or Wray, or even Mueller to decide.

Congress has the power to investigate the tin-foil-hat Russian Collusion conspiracy — which holds that the 2016 election was really filmed on a sound stage in Area 51.

But nope, the special counsel belongs to the executive branch, not Congress.


  1. Digitize all that they asked for. Encrypt the digitized copy. Send it on over. Along with a note. "Anything else you would like?"
    They will probably want the encryption key.

    1. That’s too easy. Once you brute-force a portion of it - the rest is a cakewalk.

      I was going to suggest a far more secure method to encrypt the data, but i’ll save it for better uses....

    2. I like the digital part- but I'd suggest that the Executive extends a digit and tells Congress to sit on it!

      Then he can invite them to rotate!

  2. Trump should drag it out about 17 months, then let them have the whole nothingburger just before the election.

  3. No matter what is "turned over" the communists will preach conspiracy and betrayal to chum their dissapointed brood with the fake meat that makes their colorless cells glow, down there in the sunless deep.
    The public has moved on. Trump is raising money hand over fist, most of it in small donations, causing the money men to reassess their own bets, so far off the mark last time. Trump should heed Don as I'm sure he will, and give Congress the finger, just like their heroine Omar does to her slaves when calling them to worship.
    Sail on, sail on,leave them eating each other, down in the dark, chomp chomp, donkey chomp

  4. I have no idea what Trump has planned for that little Schitt. I do know, it's going to be great and I'm going to love whatever it is.

  5. Phuc hu has spotted the play. Let them obsess over trying to get unredacted copies in the court system and then let them have the nothing burger before the election. The fact that Trump didn't even ask to see it before it is released is all you need to know how worried he is about what's in it.

  6. I wouldn’t trust Schiff with the menu from chick-fil-a, let alone this material.

    Strange to see Nunes and Schiff collaborating on anything.

    1. It is from the Daily Beast after all. They don't get more leftist than this lot.
      I also did a double take when I saw his name in there as well. I do not believe one word of it.

    2. I would imagine that Nunes would want whatever Schiff For Brains gets so that weasel couldn't make up his own "facts" without rebuttal.

      They know that Schiffty is a leak machine, so I doubt there is comfort in giving him the unredacted version.

  7. It strikes me that now that the "investigation" is over, Mueller has no authority over the material in question. Nor should he have access to it.

  8. I thought most of Mueller's materials had been long turned over--by way of NYT and WaPo?

  9. Apparently, Trump provided a lot of material to Mueller, a part of the Executive branch, with the proviso that it not be released without White House approval as it was covered by Executive Privilege. Mueller agreed.

    So Congress can go to court to overturn Executive Privilege to obtain documents provided to the Special Counsel, an element of the Executive Branch, thus setting a precedent as well as an argument for future White Houses to not cooperate with Special Counsel investigations.