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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Democrats jumped the Barr

After this, no Republican should ever fear a Democrat again.


  1. Between Barr, Mnuchin, and Candace Owens there was much fun watching Congressional testimony clips on the 10th.

    1. That it was.

      Add in Rep. Matt Gaetz’ takedown of Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff -

      And Rep. Thomas Massie ripping John Fraud Kerry on the global warming scam -

      PDJT has changed the game.

  2. Who needs viagra?

    This is getting to be a boner catalyst that rivals Pam Anderson in her teens.

    Hot Diggity Dawg!!!!!

  3. It wasn't "spying". It was "unauthorized surveillance ".
    Yet people say the Senate is fundamentally unserious.
    Yet people say the Senate is full of morons.

  4. Like I said, this is shaping up to be the best entertainment of my lifetime. Even the warm-up act is fantastic.

    - Gary B

  5. Steve in GreensboroApril 11, 2019 at 9:46 AM

    I thought Maxine Waters grilling of the bankers on the student loan crisis was pretty amusing.

    1. That was classic! The most ethically compromised member of Congress asking bankers what they're going to do about student loans that were nationalized 10 years ago.

      Dems promise lower health care costs if they nationalize all medicine but are wailing about the cost of college and student debt after nationalizing college loans.

      Amazing their heads aren't exploding.

    2. Too empty to explode,but if they implode, the vacuum will suck half of Maryland into the Potomac.

    3. And D.C. I know Maryland wouldn't like it but D.C. sucked into the Potomac? Sorry, Maryland, I have my priorities!

  6. I love mad max.
    Its people like mad max strutting their "peculiar" qualities that assure 6 more years of trumponomics.
    And I fantasize about..ted Cruz on supreme court...Dan Crenshaw in 2024.

    People like mad max could make my dreams come true.