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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Who needs Fox News?

Paul Ryan cashed in on his congressional career by joining the board of directors of Fox News.

The channel also hired Donna Brazile, whom CNN fired for giving Hillary questions in advance of a debate. CNN never said how a commentator like Brazile got the questions.

Finally, Fox News suspended commentator Judge Jeanine Pirro for calling out Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic comments.

Well, that is three more reasons why I skip Fox News.

Its strength was neoconservatism.

Then Donald John Trump came along and neoconservatism was dead. Rather than build its commentary around President Trump, the network continued to favor neoconservatism over conservatism.

So I would tune in for the Fox News All-Stars after the inauguration and find whatever President Trump did that day was wrong according to A.B.Stoddard, Stephen Hayes, and Chris Stirewalt, or whoever the panelists were that night.

They became interchangeable and dull. They failed to give President Trump a honeymoon, unlike Barack Hussein Obama. I started finding better things to do with my time.

The once feisty channel that rebeled against the establishment has become establishment. Suspending a commentator for giving an opinion is as stupid as firing a comedian for telling a bad joke.

And yet Judge Pirro was suspended, and Roseanne Barr fired.

The moves by Fox News make no sense unless its purpose is to drive viewers away.


  1. It makes sense if the people running it want to curry favor and be thought virtuous by others in their class.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. ...and to be included in the DC cocktail circuit and get high fives all around.

      - Gary B

    2. See the possibilities, Gee Bee.

      You can do it, if you try.

    3. Maybe they want to lure Acosta away from CNN.

  2. Without Faux News, who would tell the Orange one what to tweet about? Where would he find his revolving door of flunkies to staff the whitehouse?

    1. As 4 you, uniparty hog worm, you just swallowed your binky.

      Gonna be your pleasure when it passes?

      Or will you not feel it at all?

    2. Nonny your biggest mistake is you think PDJT is stupid-just because you are...

    3. Faux News.

      I'm betting you think all the girls in your class have cooties, don't you.

  3. The thirty minutes once a week I watch a news channel, I tune to One America News. For laughs, I used to watch the clown show on MSNBC for a few minutes a day. Can’t dtomach it now.

  4. Now, Don, it is a bit surprising that you, of all bloggers, should not recognize the multi dimensional aspects on this one.

    To observe just a few:

    1. Fox gets an opportunity to attract those voters not totally self rendered retarded by being dedicated to the proposition that the democrat is superior to all others, practically perfect, in every way. Ya know, the Mary Poppins pretenders.

    2. Fox gets to showcase the absurdities of the democrat division of the uniparty hog cabal, something that all of the other msm uniparty hog puppets are not allowed, nor are inclined, to do. Showcase meaning side by side comparison opportunities abound.

    3. The judge got a bit too frisky and feisty and spicy for Fox to achieve the above appearance of flipping to the retarded side of the media, so she is likely pondering both her, and their, next strategical moves.

    4. What better venue for the MAGA minded then to have, in house, at hand and available, the very epitome of democrat duplicitous dumbness in the flesh? Right there, ready, willing and eager to be roasted? (Well, being a dumb, duplicitous democrat means she is ready, clueless in her willingness and eagerness, that she is there to be pooped on!!!! Maybe if they give her Triumph as a co host.......????)

    5. Draw even a bit of the other msm mutts' viewers and hear the wailing lamentations of their talking heads.

    6. Business is business. Let's not go all snob repub conserving conservative here.

    7. True MAGA does not need a reminder of the stakes on the line; not so dedicated MAGA inclined do. This will be the reminder, seeing this democrat, hearing her speak, watching the democrat retard spew and spout the democrat division of the uniparty hog cabal's absurdities.

    8. This is an excellent example of enticing the fools to prove their foolish natures, attract those viewers not yet addicted to the mind numbing binky msm redundancies, and slip a bit of reality into their usually heavily binky juiced eyes and ears.

    9. Fox is providing a service here, on multiple levels. The binky suckling inclined need not torture themselves by watching.

    Show a bit of backbone, buddy, it's just a snake named Reggie!!!!

    1. These remarks don't address Ryan, the prostitute, on the board. Otherwise, some interesting points. We'll see...

      - Gary B

    2. Thanks for the visual of Paul Ryano
      in a miniskirt and fishnet stockings...

  5. I haven't watched TV news in years. Haven't read a newspaper in years. Picked one up the other day. Amazing. They use about as much paper as a couple of toilet tissue squares these days.

    1. And?

      You, by yourself, only you, are gonna keep MAGA alive?

      By not watching the news?

      By not reading a printed rag?

      By not doing anything but casting one, single vote?

      C'mon, T-Doc.

      Ya ain't dead yet.

    2. I haven't either-get my news from the internet. We chucked the TV right after Mittens/Obama debate...
      Mittens threw the election at that point.
      Kind of like Evander Holyfiled throwing a fight against Woody Allen..

  6. One America News is awesome! Just the news though, I'm tired of partisan pundits which they have as well. They cover the world better than the networks.

    1. OANN is forbidden on the COMCAST/NBC platform.. To them, silence is golden

    2. They like their showers golden, too!

  7. You forgot to mention that Fox is kin to the globalism crowd. How else do you grow market share without importing more customers?

  8. Fox Business replaced Fox News for me.

    1. Me too. Unfortunately for Trump it is small in audience share compared to its larger parent. The new Murdock Scion lives in LA where he was handed the remains of a vast empire to run as a billionaire vassal to Disney, its true master, as he himself is now a major shareholder. Paul Ryan is now on the board that oversees Lou Dobbs, his mortal enemy. How that will play out for Lou remains to be seen, but I would bet not well.
      Last night Butt Baier knelt before the newly airbrushed image of John McCain and gave his first on air opinion ever: McCain was and is still a hero. Unsaid, but by clear implication, the President is just a jealous coward to insult His sacred memory. McCain's degradation of honor duty and country to satisfy personal spite just never happened.
      It is a rare event to see the evolution of a new propaganda vortex before ones very eyes. Yet there it is. Soon it will look all the others,its carefully scripted gender neutral animatronic puppets expressing the whim of distant very rich masters, with gravitas and sincerity too, like Barack of sainted memory.

    2. You've stated everything I feel about FOX now!

    3. ...and I feel especially bad for Lou Dobbs.

  9. Used to have cable so I could watch FOX. Dropped cable a while ago and now I dropped my DirectvNow streaming service. I'm retired so I have my internet sites for news. You have to take everything with a grain of salt but there are some out there I trust like the Epoch Times. I like Surber. We are on the same wave length I guess because we are about the same age. Personally I think Fox is heading downward. How far they drop is up to them. More people are leaving cable every day.

  10. after janine i am done with fox...will not watxch donna brazile or the 5 or otnumbered its a bunch of women yap yap and legs and 4 inches heels no thanks plus i an see the difference since roger ailes is gon...same thing will happen to cbs

  11. Fox has gone in the direction the Murdoch boys intended.
    Disneys' buyout for 71B means layoffs are coming, mostly on
    the Fox films side. Streaming content will be more important
    than tv revenues. Vanilla content in Fox tv future seems likely.
    People acting to save their jobs is what is happening.

    1. The buyout did not include Fox Cable Channels or The Wall Street Journal, so it gives Rupert's brain-dead sons more time to focus on FNC and FBC. Fox Corporation has a new board of directors, which includes Ryan.

    2. Disney already has ABC/ESPN so they don't need
      lower value cable channels or newspapers. How
      Fox does now is all up to the Murdoch boys.

  12. I'm appalled at the presence of Donna Brazile on special report today. For years we have appreciated the wise discussions on the panel, even when I did not agree with them. But your decision to add Brazile to the panel lowered the level of discourse and replaced an informed member with a political hack.
    I thought Bret might have been somewhat disappointed over the low level of Ms. Brazile's contributions but instead he made her the favored guest.
    One has to go back years to the presence of Sally Kohn to find such a poor quality panel member.
    I beg you as our news source of choice to be done with Brazile and those who made the choice for her.
    Shame on the decision makers at Fox News.

  13. Let's face it, FOX is now FAUX. Not much to watch anymore. Would like to see new cable QNN; an edgy, All Truth, interesting and informative for all...Go for it. If you don't follow Q you won't understand the 'Letters'.

  14. Actually FNC started its leftward movement during the 2008 presidential campaign. Bill O'Riley conducted a softball interview with Barack Obama. After the election, O'Riley and others at FNC did everything possible to destroy Sarah Palin.

    But, you're right, Don, in that FNC has been very supportive of the neocons and RINOs.

  15. The only person worth watching on Fox is Tucker Carlson. And who knows when they'll give him the ax?

  16. CNN and FNC can lose viewers and it really doesn't hurt them that much because of cable fees. While 90 million homes have access to CNN, less than 1 million watch. But the 90 million pay a monthly fee to CNN.

    The only way to end this is by cutting the cord.

  17. Fox News wants to replace CNN for the least watched Channel news.

  18. Over a decade ago I cut the TV cable; it's done marvels for my blood pressure and peace of mind.

    For a while I wondered what I was missing, but it turned out that everything I wanted to see was on the Internet somewhere, so I don't miss anything but the crap! Not so easy for those who like TV entertainment, but I only ever watched old movies, and there are lots available for free. Try cutting the cable, and stop giving your money to networks you hate!

  19. One America News is ideal for our family. They handle foreign and domestic news straight up, and their opinion content is Trumpian.

    Most valuable for families is their practice of airing brief historical vignettes covering just about everything, and ensuring my kids have some contact with the American past, delivered without guilt or guile. We stream it for $5 a month. Highly recommended.

  20. Fox changed politics. That's what all this is about.

  21. OANN is good, but they rarely update their website. So I watch their snippets on youtube. Right Side Broadcasting is a growing young channel that needs your attention.

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